Red Arizona!!! KeyWiki Exposes the Grand Canyon State’s Pro-Communist Politicians


Red Arizona!!! Help KeyWiki Expose the Grand Canyon State’s Pro-Communist Politicians

By Trevor Loudon

March 18, 2013


Red Arizona Communists

Few people would suspect that the Communist Party USA has considerable political influence in Arizona, but unfortunately it does.

The Party is actually comparatively strong in Arizona, because of its former base in the mining industry and more recently its work in stifling opposition to illegal immigration over the Mexican border.

Lorenzo Torres

Lorenzo Torres

For many years, the late Lorenzo Torrez (died 2012) chaired the Communist Party’s Mexican-American Equality Commission – the Party body charged with agitating among Latino communities and getting them out to vote for Democrat candidates.

The Party even has a school in Tuscon, the Salt of the Earth Labor College.

The Communist Party has also managed to heavily infiltrate the Arizona Democratic Party at the highest levels and has close relations with several Arizona elected officials – from Congress members on down.

Congressman Raul Grijalva was elected with Communist support – he has even written an article for the Communist newspaper Peoples Weekly World – back in 1993, when he was a humble Pima County Supervisor.


Congressman Ed Pastor was also elected with Party support and has endorsed at least one Communist Party designed Bill in the US Congress.

Freshman Phoenix Congresswoman, Kyrsten Sinema, has twice endorsed the People’s Weekly World May Day/Cinco de Mayo appeal (2002, 2003), an honor usually reserved for paid up Party members.


Arizona State Representative, Sally Ann Gonzales, spoke at the Party’s Salt of the Earth Labor College in February 2011.

Eva Carillo Dong, of the Governing Board of the Sunnyside Unified School District, has some Communist Party ties, as also does  Adelita Grijalva, (Raul’s daughter), from the Governing Board of the Tuscon Unified School Board.


Great to see Arizona’s children are in safe hands!

Don’t take our word for any of this however. Follow the KeyWiki blue links. Check out the documentation.

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  1. I just joined your blog/site a few days ago. I cannot thank you enough for the thoughtfulness and research that goes into your posts. I especially appreciate the links to the research. It is my opinion that your presentations are far above those of most other sites. Thank you for providing such a truly wonderful outlet for American Patriots. I plan to promote your site at every opportunity. God Bless. P.S. The design in PERFECT!!

  2. Trevor should run for President… and win!! Sending support for KeyWiki, a great informative site.

  3. You always have the very best blog…. I wish that more people would read it. I know every time I do a political piece, about 8 people “like” it… LOL. You put in so much research and time. I do appreciate that and hope you know there are those of us out here who do look to your blog for current news! 😀 Thanks…


    Thank you for your comment. I am but ONE Patriot trying to save our Country. Since the MSM’s are protectionists for Obama, the ONLY way this information gets out is by fellow Patriots/bloggers like yourself that will speak out as I do against the Progressive agenda/current WH Administration.

    By adding my info with links, those that view your blog will tweet/facebook, etc. the information around the globe.

    Then email to your friends and family; ask them to email it to their circle of friends and extended family and so on…..

    With you and I as the light in this dark tunnel, we can navigate the pitfalls/potholes the opposition can throw toward us and we WILL STAND UP.

    “Evil is powerless if the GOOD are unafraid” ~~Ronald Reagan



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