“Victims of Government” Intrusion: Meet the Illinois Man Who has been Fighting Washington Bureaucracy for Nearly 25 Years



From The Blaze:


March 26, 2013

by Becket Adams

In what appears to be the first in a series titled “Victims of Government,” the office of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Tuesday released a video showing how government bureaucracy can wreck a man’s life.

In the following video, the viewer is introduced Steve Lanthrop, an Illinois man who has been battling government red tape for nearly 25 years.

His crime? Accomplishing something Washington wanted done but had put off for years: Converting a local dump into a lake and saving the area from flooding.

Instead of thanking Lanthrop for his hard work and personal investment, the feds have harassed him for more than two decades for turning a wetland into, um, an even wetter land:

Link to Video

“We need to hear more stories like this. Are you paying attention, Republican message consultants? This is the kind of thing that gets to even the lowest-information voter. This is the sort of red-tape spiderweb everyone dreads stumbling into,” writes Human Events John Hayward.

“This is the sort of thing your government spends vast amounts of money on: employing a largely unseen army of bureaucrats and lawyers to spring traps on well-meaning people who make honest efforts to play by the rules, while responding to even the tiniest spending cut proposal by lining up cops and firefighters for pink-slipping,” he adds.

And it appears Sen. Johnson is serious about getting this message out: As the above video show, he has been actively soliciting voters for personal accounts of out-of-control government intrusion.

**All credit to The Blaze and Becket Adams**



Link to video

Published on Jan 26, 2013

Correction: In this original title caption it was reported 39 tons of inventory were confiscated. That number was incorrect. The exact weight of inventory confiscated was 36,420 LBS or 18.2 tons, NOT 39. I apologize for that. I am going to keep this original video up but make sure that correct number is reported per this disclaimer. Thank You.

Morningland Dairy, a family business that has been in operation for over 30 years without a single complaint or report of any illness has ceased today. The over two year battle they’ve had with the Missouri Milk Board ended today with a raid and confiscation of over 250 thousand dollars of inventory seized by the state. As a result of the legal stipulations put on Morningland Dairy which are impossible to comply with they will no longer be able to produce their product.

The real crime they are being persecuted for is producing cheese with raw milk. Whether the state wants to admit it or not that is what their real charge is and that in itself is criminal.

This should be the shot heard ’round the rural world. What has been done to this family is a travesty of justice. Their livelihood has been destroyed. These are good people who ran an honest business. How much more tyranny will we tolerate before we tell the state, Enough!

If we would have had a strong Constitutionally minded Sheriff in Howell County Missouri this would never have been allowed to happen. Sheriff Mike Shannon, where were you? Why didn’t you return any calls or emails? Why did you send your deputies to assist in this theft? We would like some answers.

For more on Morningland you can do a simple search on the search engine of your choice or follow this link.



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