15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless. Second Amendment Rights…



From ConservativeByte

15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless

She pretty much sums it up.

Check it out:

Link to video


Additional Video re: gun control

Link to video


Amazing lawyer destroys gun control

Link to video



MUST SEE VIDEO – African Americans Against Gun Control Release Powerful Ad Against Democratic Jim Crow Laws. PLUS Democrats and the KKK


What American’s WON’T hear about: Under-reported news of self defense throughout America.

Obama’s lapdog media hides this information from Americans…

Go Here to see reports


If law abiding citizens are deprived of their Second Amendment Right to own a gun; only the CRIMINALS will have guns.

Barack Obama wants to have excessive gun control policies…….YET our own government was involved in the Fast and Furious gun running from the U.S. to Mexico; now drug cartels are well armed.

Inquisition of Barack Obama gun running from Libya to Turkey to Syria to arm Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, yet he wants Americans to believe he has our safety and rights as his top priority?

eagle trust the government?




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