May 4, 2013

It is the man, not the gun, that is capable of committing acts of evil.

That was the message Glenn Beck conveyed throughout his highly anticipated keynote speech at the 2013 NRA Convention on Saturday. He made that case using storied antique firearms as he taught America’s captivating history through guns. Make no mistake, the history behind some of the guns Beck handled on stage will blow you away.

One story about a particular shotgun, wielded by a “naked hippie” shooting birds decades ago, seemed to have the most impact. Beck explained that after receiving a early morning call about the naked hippie shooting birds out of season, police in California arrested the said hippie and confiscated his WWII-era shotgun.

That man turned out to be the notoriously evil serial killer Charles Manson. After his gun was taken away, he then turned to a knife to commit at least nine grisly murders with his cult group.

“Charlie Manson had his gun taken away. Charlie Manson didn’t use a gun. He killed with a knife,” Beck told a crowd of thousands at the George R. Brown Convention Center Saturday. He explained that it is a person’s intent, not what tool he or she decides to use to commit evil.

“We have to admit two things,” he added. “That weapons will always find their way into the hands of bad people, always…but we must declare this: that guns must remain in the hands of good people.”

He told several other stories about antique firearms, including one about a New York police officer whose revolver was found in the rubble following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. While victims were running away from the horrific scene, heroes like Walter Weaver, a member of the NYPD and a lifetime NRA member, were running in.

After the towers fell and the nation mourned, Beck said, responders sifted through the rubble, and only found a small reminder of Walter Weaver. Beck then held up the revolver for the audience to see, calling it “a silent token of liberty.”

But Beck first brought out an antique rifle that was used by the U.S. the “first time we fought Muslim extremists” — the Barbary pirates. Beck said Thomas Jefferson warned that Muslim extremists are not going to go anywhere. The gun was later picked up and used by a Muslim extremist.

“So what is this gun, good or evil? It is nothing! A gun is only a reflection of the people that use it,” he declared.

Glenn Beck Gives Incredible Keynote Speech at 2013 NRA Convention

Beck holds up a gun used in the American Revolution. (TheBlaze/Mark Mabry)

Beck didn’t discriminate politically as he blasted Democrats and Republicans for promoting and implementing a progressive ideology “antithetical” to our Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, he explained, the problem is everywhere — in media, churches and educational systems across the country.

He jabbed a number of celebrities and politicians for anti-gun hypocrisy, including Michael Moore, Jim Carrey and, of course, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Beck said there is a “tough journey ahead” for gun owners in America, proclaiming that “this weekend, I believe, is one of the most important moments in American history and the defining moment for the NRA.”

After saying big government progressives actually believe they can make better decisions for Americans than they can make themselves. “I will not comply!” Beck said emphatically, drawing the first of several standing ovations during his speech.

But the four things Americans need to know for the battle ahead, according to Beck, are: “What we fight, who we fight, why we fight, and how we fight.”

‘Guns Save Lives’

Beck also told some of the many, many stories TheBlaze has covered about good, law-abiding people with firearms defending themselves, families and property.

On April 4, just one month ago in Portland, Oregon, a woman was attacked around 10 p.m. after she had gotten out of her car, Beck told a captivated audience. A man approached her from behind and dragged her backwards by her ponytail. We know what would have happened next but this woman had a gun. She pointed it at the man and “he ran like a little girl,” he said.

He went on to tell the story of a elderly woman in Youngstown, Ohio, who was strapped to an oxygen tank at her home when someone broke the glass on her front door and entered. She retrieved her revolver and warned him to leave, and when he didn’t, she shot him and held him for police.

Additionally, in Texas, attackers sexually assaulted a mother and her daughter, Beck said. The woman’s son is also tied up but manages to get free and grabs a handgun, sending the two men fleeing from the home.

“It happens every day. Every day,” Beck said, “and it seems to me that we are the only major media outlet in the country with the guts to report it. Why? Because the truth has no agenda…guns save lives!”

He went on: “They’re counting on you to be quiet. For our soldiers to come home, to sit down and to be quiet. Not to have the courage like so many soldiers to come home and tell the truth like Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle—or their sweet dear wives who pick up the torch and carry on.”



‘It Is the Man, Not the Gun’

Beck eventually circled back to the theme of his keynote speech.

“It is not the gun or the knife, or as Cain discovered with Abel, a rock,” he said, “but the cold heart filled with error, darkness and coldness. That is the problem.”

He urged his audience to build others up, to teach them, to heal them. He said liberty-loving Americans will work side-by-side together for freedom; white, black, Hispanic or native-American. “It doesn’t matter,” he noted.

“We will work together as Americans not only to preserve our rights, but the rights of our children to be safe, our wives and daughters to not be held at knife or gunpoint by a rapist and our most precious and vulnerable little ones to have the right to survive a simple walk down a city street or God forbid, survive a day public education,” Beck said to thunderous applause.

Beck concluded his powerful keynote speech by quoting Winston Churchill, saying “we will fight your lies and we will counter them with love, peace and equal justice for all mankind.”

As Beck’s final words rang out, the crowd went wild as a noisy fusion of cheers and applause tore through the auditorium. The crowd stayed on their feet for a considerable amount of time, wrapping up a very successful second day of the convention.

After his speech, Beck had one more surprise. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre made his way to the stage and presented him with a framed signature of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.




May 4, 2013

By Jason Howerton

Ethan Sanders, 19, told TheBlaze that the media portrays practically every gun owner as a “criminal lunatic — someone who is going to go out and kill someone.”

Fired Up NRA Convention Attendees Have a Message for the Mainstream Media: Stop Lying About Us

“Owning a firearm isn’t about shooting a deer, it’s not about any of that,” he said. “It’s about defending yourself against other people, specifically a tyrannical government. And they try to paint all of us as some sort of crazy people who just want to start shooting…you never want to shoot somebody, you never want to kill another person.”

And Sanders had a very short, simple message for the media: “Stop lying about us.”


Zeke Emejulu, a black conservative from Houston, told TheBlaze he’s tired of gun owners being portrayed as “a bunch of idiots.”

He said gun owners are smart and are unfairly demonized because the anti-gun crowd seems to think that guns, inanimate objects, “have lives of their own and go on random shooting sprees.”

Fired Up NRA Convention Attendees Have a Message for the Mainstream Media: Stop Lying About Us

“What I would say to the mainstream media is that they ought to live up to their journalistic standards, which presumably includes doing actual research and laying out facts rather than opinion,” Emejulu said. “Get to know what you are reporting about, in-depth, not just enough for a three minute segment…Stop injecting your own preconceived notions of what you think about guns.”


Retired U.S. Marine John Tullous, of Wilmington, N.C., took a three-day road trip to make it to the NRA Convention in Houston, but he says it was worth it. Tullous agreed to talk to TheBlaze because he knew he would not be taken out of context or made to look crazy.

He recalled going to the NRA Leadership Forum — which featured speakers like Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum — and seeing a gaggle of media members huddling together “scared to death.”

“They wouldn’t look you in the eye, they had no integrity. They were absolutely terrible,” Tullous said. “I can’t stand them.”

Fired Up NRA Convention Attendees Have a Message for the Mainstream Media: Stop Lying About Us

If he could tell the media one thing, he said he would ask so-called journalists to show “courage” and stand up for the U.S. Constitution.

Tullous, a true American hero, spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. He served a tour in Vietnam, South America and was involved in “quite a few shooting conflicts” throughout his military career.


Houston resident Mitch Duffy was accompanied by his 11-year-old son, Nolan, at the NRA Convention on Saturday. He said it’s important to teach kids at an early age to respect firearms, but emphasize that they don’t have to be afraid of them.

Nolan said his favorite part of the NRA event was spending time with his dad and checking out all the “awesome” antique and modern guns that filled the massive convention floor.

And again, the topic of the mainstream media’s coverage of gun owners came up. Duffy said the media doesn’t understand who gun owners really are, adding that the Second Amendment should be celebrated and not demonized.

Fired Up NRA Convention Attendees Have a Message for the Mainstream Media: Stop Lying About Us

Take a good look folks, these are the faces of the NRA Convention that the mainstream media won’t show you.



Mom with gun a woman's right to choose




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