A Marching We will go….A Marching We will go! Lemmings at the Precipice of WW III?



Excerpted from article at Canada Free Press titled:

Lemmings…..At the Precipice of WWIII

A well-connected source just secreted me a copy of the script, and if it plays out as currently written, it’s guaranteed to be a horrible, horrible ending….for the lemmings.

By Doug Hagmann

October 2012


WW III will not ‘START’ with Iran (Not even ‘SORT’ of)

Maintaining the screenplay metaphor, like Bond, we will transit the world before the climactic final scene on that high cliff; but for now, the prelude takes place in and around Syria, not Iran or even Israel.

It is Syria and Russia VS the U.S. and NATO, with supporting actor roles going to the usual suspects; including but not limited to Vladimir Putin, Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and, of course, the late Christopher Stevens. One more thing: please re-read and understand the references contained in this sub-heading, which are critically important to one’s overall understanding of events.

Ambassador Stevens and the Syrian “Red line”

We citizens are befuddled by Mr. Obama’s insistence that members of his administration keep pushing an implausible and mercurial narrative about the events in Libya that resulted in the death of our fellow citizen heroes. The official non-sensible explanations have been easily refuted thus far, yet Presidente’ Obama and his Czarscontinue to push illogical narratives. Why? Is the truth that dangerous? Seems to me that “the only people who don’t want the ‘TRUTH’, are people with something to hide”. What is it that you have to ‘HIDE’, Mr. President?

To better understand what happened in Libya, you must first understand the context in which it took place. Ambassador Stevens was probably at least as valuable as a U.S. intelligence asset/operative as he was a diplomat. He operated the Iran desk early in his career and eventually became one of our top “go to” experts on all things Iran. Mr. Stevens served in countries throughout the mid-east before eventually settling in Syria for several years. He was well known and respected in the region. He also lived in Washington D.C. for several years while serving as the Director of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs. His little black book with the contact numbers for the good and bad actors and their agents had become pretty extensive; but… here’s where the plot thickens. It appears that Mr. Stevens might not have initially entered Libya to stop the flow of weapons, but to help funnel them under the direction of higher ups in the Obama regime. He was tasked with coordinating, overseeing and facilitating the movement of the rebel fighters from across North Africa through eastern Libya.

The troops were armed with weapons from Gaddafi’s extensive hidden arsenals and spirited to staging areas in the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey. If this administration had needed to go to Congress over the last year and ask for money and troops to starta war with Russia, on Syrian soil do you think they would have gotten it? Not a chance, the electorate would never have put up with it, but, this administration’s handlers didn’t need to. They just got creative. Does Iran-Contra come to mind, anyone? All they have done thus far is ask for a few paltry millions for administrative costs to “support the Syrian Freedom Fighters.”

But enough of the charade, let’s be clear here! At this exact moment, we, the American People, are already directly engaged in an all-out proxy war with Russia! This is not and/or will not remain an arm’s length cold war. This is already a hot war with tens of thousands of deaths in the last several months. This administration has taken sides and chosen its “winner,” sending money, arms, logistical and intelligence support to the Syrian Freedom fighters. You know these actors as you’ve seen them on the screen before. Check the credits, their real names are The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. They recently debuted in the theatrical ‘Arab Spring.’ A local hit with recent appearances in Egypt, Tunisia, etc.

False flags already “a-blowin’ in the wind”

Ambassador Steven’s last official meeting is reported to have been with the Turkish consul general. It occurred approximately an hour-and-a-half before he was assassinated. It is interesting that this meeting occurred in Bengazi. Tripoli is the seat of power in Libya, and a meeting of this type could easily and more safely have been arranged there. However, Libya is almost two countries now, think East/West Germany half a century ago. The eastern half is more closely aligned with the radical Muslim Brotherhood powers now in control in Egypt. The border is really a near invisible line drawn by some western powers long ago and has little meaning to the locals. The Turkish Consul General had to meet there, not just with our Ambassador but also the various factions shipping arms to Syria through Turkey. He was looking for assurances that none of the chemical WMDs still left in Libya after Gaddafi’s demise had and/or would touch Turkish soil.

For several months now the U.S. and NATO aligned nations have been ratcheting up the hyperbole of the threat of Assad’s Chemical weapons stockpile. President Obama and Secretary Clinton have threatened repeatedly that if WMDs from Syria’s arsenal are used or their security threatened (in other words, if it looked like the rebel good guy/bad guys might capture a chemical weapons site from Assad’s forces), it would result in an immediate need for extensive UN intervention. In other words, this administration is telling Mr. Assad “heads we win, tails you lose,” no matter what happens we will find a reason to bring the UN and Western troops into Syria. Might just as well accept the inevitable and give up!

But, wait, there’s more! Unlike our other recent adventures in the region chasing after loner states, this one isn’t as alone as you first thought, it has some very mean looking “Big Brothers.” Russia is hosted by the new and improved President Putin along with an additional cast of favorites, China and Iran. Mr. Putin is making it very clear to the west that “we have drawn a ‘deep red line in the sand’ in Syria.”If the U.S. and NATO should choose to cross it, “WW III will start in Syria”.

President Putin is convinced that the next act of this screenplay will contain some variation of a “false flag” event involving chemical weapons. He has not minced words warning Turkey, the little guy caught between a rock and a hard place, not to get involved. The Russian alliance thinks some of the munitions for this false, lying documentary, might have already been spirited from Libya. If I were Mr. Putin, and couldn’t overtly fly bombing missions over my enemies’ supply lines, communications or command centers, I’d probably try to do something covert that exposes my hidden enemies and brings them out into the open.

It is interesting that the death of our Ambassador has brought the Libya/Syria connections into the light of day. Who’d that benefit, is this, ‘The Truth’ that scares the someone(s) with something to hide! Amazing, isn’t it, how accurately those mortars were placed by those rag—tag protesters. Is it possible that our arms-length conflict has now become a little more direct?

Whatever the truth is, Turkey wants everybody off their soil. They want a buffer zone created across the border inside Syria, where the UN, the U.S. and NATO, can care for the refugee population they arecon…iving into this insane civil war.

While the curtain is being forcibly closed on the unfortunate events involving Ambassador Stevens and his associates, the stage is nearly set for the next act. We’ve seen the first glimpse of that act in the last several days, when a mortar was launched into Turkey and Turkey responded in kind. All that is needed now is for a dutiful media to present one image, a video, or some other “proof” that Assad or someone else is using, or has their hands on, unconventional weapons. This will provide the necessary pretext for the U.S. and NATO, to intervene and ramp up the war against Assad. The UN will assist, and the red line will then have been crossed.

Don’t you hate it when your patriotic energy is twisted in a Jujutsu style move against you? Your family? Your country?

It is important to understand that Russia has upwards of 100,000 troops and “advisors” on the ground in Syria and a significant contingent of their navy is parked in the Mediterranean front yard. Consider that against the historical backdrop of Vietnam. It’s too long a conversation for now, but we need to have it soon. Current events have put Russia’s back against the wall, and they intend to come out fighting. Consider what Mr. Obama has done, at the behest of his Sunni Muslim handlers, facilitating “change” in the complexion of North Africa and all of the Middle East. Now visualize what the geopolitical landscape will look like should President Obama’s handlers continue to push their Pan-Arab, United States of Muslim’s agenda. We can’t fight what we refuse to see, or understand what we accept even exists.

Though the Lemming lie was exposed long ago, the tale was so well told, that even today, the vast majority of our fellow citizens still believe it. The voice and words are still ringing in my ears: “remain seated, we will be on the ground shortly.” The sounds and narration lull us to acquiescence. The camera’s shots are well planned and the lighting and focus precise, to date we’ve only seen directly and indirectly the subtleties the directors and editors wanted us to see.

I say “STOP!” the turntables, somebody turn on the lights in here.





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“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels quotes

**Goebbels was Adolph Hitler’s propagandist**



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