Is THIS why the Far Left and Liberals are Mute about Syria? The “REAL” war for Oil?


Is Putin’s advice for Obama NOT about Assad giving up Chemical Weapons, but a Protectionist move to preserve Oil?

The “Real” war over OIL……


From The Blaze:


September 9, 2013

by Erica Ritz

Glenn Beck returned from vacation on Monday to discuss the one “layer” of the Syria conflict that he says the mainstream media has been missing.

Oil and money.

While the spoken focus of our elected leaders has been on the humanitarian crisis, Beck reminded his audience of Russia’s powerful incentive to keep its access to the Mediterranean through Syria before plunging into the less-examined issues.

“Syria’s important because of the ships, but there’s another reason,” Beck said, “a dirty little secret that the media won’t let you in on this time around, that this is a war for oil, and here’s how.”

Beck explained that there are two oil and natural gas pipelines that have been vying for access to Syria, one of which would go through Iran and Iraq, the other of which would go through Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  The latter was denied by Syria, Beck said, much to the dismay of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Beck then noted that John Kerry said certain Arab countries have offered to pay for a U.S. strike on Syria.

“Wow, the kindness of their hearts!  Or is it the kindness of their radical Islamist hearts?” Beck said.  “It’s all about money and oil.  They want a pipeline, and they are prepared to do anything to get [the pipeline that benefits them] as opposed to [the other] pipeline.”

“By the way, you lose either [way],” he added.  “But it makes a heck of a lot of difference to Russia, it makes a heck of a lot of difference to Iran, and makes a whole lot of difference to all the people we’re cozy with.”

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