Dear Mr. President: That Smell you Smell Is Not Fox News; its your Healthcare Law. **Updated September 27, 2013**



**UPDATE at near end of this post**


Link to Video:



Link to video


A loving note to all the MSM’s.

Quit using the focus words sent out by the White House as the “word of the day”

Remember this?

Conservatives Knew there was Liberal Media Bias; but This is Incredible

But, I digress.

Current word:  HOSTAGE

The only hostages are those you want to enslave under your healthcare law; which is jokingly called the Affordable Care Act.

Premium cost to skyrocket

High Deductibles for care

High co-pays

TWENTY new taxes including a Medical Equipment tax (crutches, sutures, scalpels, etc.

Anyone making over $47,000 per year are the STARTING group which then goes upward…..does that starting point include a lot of UNION members? 

Seniors to lose care; panels to decide your care and treatment. These panels do NOT include anyone with MEDICAL background. Basically to be “bean counters” to figure a Senior’s worth if they are treated (aka “Live/ Lives Curve)?

A note here and Seniors PAY ATTENTION: AARP was behind and supported the passing of this healthcare bill.

Medicare being plundered to pay for other areas of your “healthcare”

A “glitch”, as your system that will leave 500,000 children without coverage.

But, oh as Lady Pelosi stated: We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.

Mr. President we have read your bill, we see the ballooning regulations that Americans and Small Business have to COMPLY to or pay a PENALTY.

Really?  You sir are exempted from this enslavement as is Congress, their staff, your Capitalist cronies, Muslims, Amish, Christian Scientists, (opposing THEIR religious tenets), etc.

Your latest?  Latinos will NOT have to get healthcare before your deadline since the exchanges and online medical exchanges are NOT converted to Spanish.  Really?  You and your Admin. have had FOUR YEARS to rid your wonderful healthcare law of glitches and “addendum’s also known as added TAXES and REGULATIONS.  Your healthcare law has ballooned from 1,200 pages to OVER 20,000 pages of regulations.

Taxes and Regulations are essentially equal to MONEY and POWER.  Or is that your end game after all?

Did you LIE to the American People when you said you wanted to “Level the Playing field”?

EQUALITY for ALL? Why are the Elitist exempt? A Selected FEW exempt?

Mr. President I await your response.



America: YOU are being played by THIS Administration.


**UPDATE 9/27/13**

Link to video


Click link to watch video of interview:

FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper



Ten states where Obamacare wipes out existing health care plans


Click on link below to SEE a list of employers cutting Hours and jobs to avoid mandate.

ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs


Socialized Medicine: Reagan warned about Socialism and Socialized Medicine

Link to video


Voltaire said it best:

Who rules over you Voltaire


Wolves and wise




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  1. appears that the purpose of obama’s/democrat’s law is to collect more taxes and to force those willing to work for a living to pay for those not willing to work??

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