Obama….The “I’ll Do As I Want” and You will Bow Down “Leader”. The Soft Tyranny POTUS



Today, the tyrannical President forgets about the Constitution and our nation of laws.

What he hasn’t counted on is that Americans are at the point of ENOUGH.  Then what?


Link to video


Even the PEOPLE of Chicago, the POTUS’ own home town have had enough Of Rahm Emanuel and POTUS.


Link to video


Chicago Activists respond to Obama’s State of the Union speech:

Link to video


Watch Company Employees Learn Of Increased Health Costs

Link to video



Link to video


Link to video




Godfather of Propaganda Edward Bernays

Link to video


Cass Sunstein, former Regulatory Czar for Obama now and advisor at NSA.

Sunstein is the author of “Nudge”. Does he use Bernays propaganda?

Link to video


AND Eric Holder?

Link to video


Illegals marching in Los Angeles in 2007

Link to video




Link to video



allen west obama clear & present danger to U.S.




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