Does It Matter To YOU if You Are Free?

October 6, 2015

Does it matter to you if you are free to do as you please? To shop? To talk online or on the phone? To spend your money as you wish? To have a job of your choice? To be able to get into your vehicle and travel as you please? To worship as a Christian without repercussion from our government? To be able to defend yourself against criminals?

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As an Independent voter, I trust NO ONE, especially the MSMs to give you the TRUTH. The propaganda is evident, on display both on cable/satellite as well as on the internet.  The art of Dialectic Process is evident. Only the subverted individual would assume everything they see and hear is factual.  If you have a peaked interest in a topic, research it, vet it.  Do not trust one internet site to give you what you what to see or hear.  Go to at least two or three places to confirm or deny what you are being fed on a daily basis. Be an individual; not a sheep.

An excellent example is here:

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Freedom of religion has been usurped by the Marxism through Faith initiatives.

Preaching Equality and Social Justice at the pulpit. Large religious groups are pushing for ‘equality’ through words and actions.

Another example is this; in their own words…

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Is the Black Lives Matter a movement that is coupled with Black Liberation Theology? Or have agitators/activists infiltrated the original message to a more incited movement?

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Socialism is NOT freedom. 

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Single payer healthcare is not the answer.

What If Buying Coffee Was Like Buying ObamaCare ????

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What does the Second Amendment mean?

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John Lott: Why More Guns Equal Less Crime

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IF you and/or your family is confronted by criminality, would YOU be able to defend yourself and your loved ones? A rape whistle won’t work, a call to 9-11 won’t be able to help for a period of time ( you are the FIRST responder), yelling or screaming won’t work…then what?  Responsibility comes with gun ownership; training and safety first.

Gun Control — No matter what your opinion, you need to see this

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15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless

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Thomas Sowell (former Marxist) Dismantles Leftist Ideology

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Thomas Sowell: Global Warming Manufactured by Intellectuals?

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Individualism vs. Government Control over YOU.

Common Sense

Capitalism vs Communism – Freedom versus Oppression


At this moment, this very second, you have the freedom to make choices for your own individual needs and wants; what would you face if the government has strict control over you?


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