A Conservative Star? Dan Bongino Running against Ben Cardin (D) for Maryland US Senate Seat



A short, but POWERFUL message:

January 25, 2012

I believe I have seen the future of Maryland politics and his name is Dan Bongino. He is a former Secret Service agent and New York City police officer, husband to a wife who legally emigrated from Colombia, and he’s running for the United States Senate seat currently held by Ben Cardin.

My friend Jim is working with Bongino’s campaign and filmed a brief snippet of a speech he gave at a Tea Party rally this past October. The speech is short, but quite powerful. Take a look. I think you’re going to like him quite a lot.

U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Bongino speaking at the Tea Party Caucus rally in Annapolis Maryland on October 18, 2011

If you’re so inclined, he could use your help. Whether you kick him a few bucks or sign up to volunteer to help him beat Senator Cardin, I’m sure he’ll put what you give to very good use. He doesn’t seem like a man who wastes what he’s given.