The HYPOCRISY of the Progressive Left: Focus on Koch Brothers, but HIDE their Connections to Liberal BILLIONAIRES….



America: The Progressive Left Democrats think we are all stupid and have “Homer Simpson” mentalities.

The Koch Brothers…..Evil, incarnate, men…..if you BELIEVE people like Harry Reid:

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Harry Reid Backgrounder and History in Senate


Yes, the Koch Brothers donate to Republican campaigns.

What you may not know is this:

Philanthropy: Koch gave $100 million to MIT in 2007 to create the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Other multi-million-dollar donations have gone to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Anderson Cancer Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery.


Koch family foundations and philanthropy are grounded in the belief that free societies are the greatest generators of social progress, sustainable prosperity and well-being.


That being said, let’s look at the Progressive Left and their financial ties….shall we?

Big Labor Taking Over Soros Piggybank 

May 8, 2014 by Matthew Vadum

An ultra-secretive left-wing money machine for super rich radicals is bringing more representatives of Big Labor into the fold in order to prevent the likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this November. Thanks to a Democracy Alliance member’s oversight, Americans are getting a sense of what the nation’s wealthy left-wingers have in store for the fall elections and beyond. As Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon reported, leftist billionaire George Soros’s son Jonathan left behind a partial membership list of the Democracy Alliance at a meeting in a fancy Chicago hotel last week. The names on the document suggest that organized labor is becoming increasingly influential within the left-wing plutocrats’ invitation-only club. New Democracy Alliance members from the labor movement include Noel Beasley, president of Workers United, a textile union affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and Keith Mestrich, president of the union-owned Amalgamated Bank. Other new members from Big Labor include Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. CWA senior director George Kohl and Michelle Ringuette, Weingarten’s assistant, also secured memberships in the Democracy Alliance. But not all new members are professional parasites. Business people joining the Democracy Alliance recently include Adam Abram (insurance and real estate), Rick Segal (financial services), and Paul Boskind (psychology, behavioral health). The Alliance has also added a slew of limousine liberals to its membership ranks. Heirs and heiresses to get the nod from the gold-plated leftist piggybank include Amy Goldman (real estate) and Henry van Ameringen (manufacturing). Trust fund baby and New School professor Philip Munger, son of Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charles Munger, became an Alliance member. The group’s leadership was not pleased. Former George Soros lieutenant Gara LaMarche, now president of the Democracy Alliance, whined that some members were “not wild about” their names being published. Those donors are “determined not to be distracted by sideshows,” and they “knew the Free Beacon was sniffing around at our conference, and they are under no illusions about what kind of ‘journalism’ they practice. It’s annoying, but unfortunately that’s the world we live in.” Meanwhile, there seems to be an effort underway to depict the scores of billionaires and multi-millionaires of the Democracy Alliance as underdogs struggling heroically against the Koch brothers, the billionaire siblings who fund conservative and libertarian causes. The Washington Post misleadingly observes:

“The [Democracy Alliance] has pumped an estimated $500 million into an array of organizations on the left over the past nine years, according to the alliance. The group’s leaders had originally hoped the sums would be larger by now. By comparison, a network of politically active nonprofits backed by the Kochs and other conservative donors raised $400 million just in the 2012 elections.”

The problem is we have no way of knowing if the $500 million figure, which sounds low — the Democracy Alliance has been batting that number around for years — is accurate or meaningful. It (probably) does not include its members’ personal contributions to candidates and causes. So much money may not appear in the final tally because it wasn’t the subject of a formal giving recommendation from the Alliance. Shouldn’t it count as well? When George Soros gave $1 million Media Matters for America, was that sum included in Democracy Alliance totals? Nobody outside the group knows because the Alliance is not transparent. We have no idea what the numbers they provide actually mean. And then there’s the weaselly wording of the Washington Post article that suggests that the comparison between the Kochs and the Democracy Alliance is apples and oranges. There is no entity comparable to the Democracy Alliance on the Right, yet the article speaks of “a network of politically active nonprofits backed by the Kochs and other conservative donors” that raised $400 million for the 2012 elections. The Democracy Alliance is a consortium of donors. This phantom conservative “network” that is referenced is apparently a group of grant recipients. You can’t compare the two sets of actors — unless you’re a political propagandist. Besides, it is well established that the Right is severely outgunned on the philanthropic battlefield. The collective assets of liberal-progressive grant-making foundations are in fact 10 times the size of the assets of conservative foundations. Left-wing nonprofit groups vastly outspend conservative groups, which tend to rely more on grassroots donations. Leftist organizations operate with almost complete impunity nowadays, unimpeded as they influence and pervert American politics in an effort to fundamentally transform our republic. The Left is Goliath; the Right, David. The Democracy Alliance itself is a collection of more than 100 socialist venture capitalists, spoiled brat rich kids, heirs and heiresses, Hollywood moguls, and unethical bankers that funds left-wing groups that aspire to smash the American system. It was created following the 2004 elections, which brought stinging defeats to the Left in battles for the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives — long before most in the media had even heard of the Koch brothers. Leftist blogger Markos Moulitsas has called the Alliance “a vast, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to rival” the conservative movement. George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left in the United States, was a huge player in the formation of the Democracy Alliance. His financial contributions to left-wing groups dwarf what the Kochs have given to right-leaning groups. Quite appropriately, “Saturday Night Live” has mocked the octogenarian Gordon Gekko as the “owner” of the Democratic Party. Soros openly favors American decline and has said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” The radical philanthropist praises Communist China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”

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George Soros Using Political Connections to Benefit His Foreign Policy Goals

Secretary of State John Kerry to introduce George Soros at State Department open forum Tuesday


by Daniel Wiser

May 13, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will introduce liberal megadonor George Soros at an open forum on Tuesday, the latest evidence of the billionaire using his political connections to benefit his investments and foreign policy goals, critics say.

Kerry will introduce Soros at the 1:30 p.m. forum on May 13 at the George C. Marshall Center, the Germany-based security and defense studies institute jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry, according to a State Department event notice.

Soros will discuss “strengthening civil society, democracy and the world economy” with Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Douglas Frantz following Kerry’s introduction.

Soros, a New York City hedge fund manager who amassed great wealth through his company Soros Fund Management, has used his foundation network—known as the Open Society Foundations (OSF)—to dispense more than $11 billion to groups abroad as well as numerous left-leaning U.S. groups in the last three decades.

He is perhaps the Democratic Party’s most famous donor, contributing almost $24 million to advocacy groups that supported Kerry’s failed presidential bid in 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He also donated $1 million to the Priorities USA Action Super PAC that helped reelect President Barack Obama in 2012.

Critics say Soros leverages his political connections to increase the returns on his investments.

While Soros has increased his multi-million dollar investments in both U.S. and foreign companies that extract shale oil and gas, the Obama administration has championed natural gas as a less carbon-intensive bridge fuel toward a “clean-energy future.” The administration’s proposal to offer incentives to companies that use trucks powered by natural gas would benefit Westport Innovations, a company that converts diesel engines for natural gas use and is partially owned by Soros’ hedge fund.

Soros’ political advocacy also tends to blend with his investments. He proposed in 2009 that developed countries create a “green fund” to combat climate change in developing countries by directing billions from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) toward forestry, land-use, and agricultural projects. Soros’ fund controls more than a $200 million stake in Adecoagro, a Luxembourg-based company that owns hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in South America and would benefit from the IMF cash infusion.

Soros told the New Yorker in a 2004 interview that “there are occasionally symbiotic moments between political and business interests” that occur during his efforts to influence American policy.

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Read the Confidential Document Left Behind at the Democracy Alliance Meeting

A list of new members of the Democracy Alliance offers a revealing look into the secret group of liberal billionaires

**Includes list of donors and new participants. Click on link above**


It lists new Democracy Alliance “partners,” individuals who every year must pay $30,000 in dues and contribute at least $200,000 to the groups that DA supports. It also reveals names of DA “advisers,” foundation participants, and individuals getting a “sneak peek” at the group’s activities. Among its new partners are top labor union bosses, financial and business leaders, and heirs to billion-dollar fortunes who have made names for themselves as high-dollar Democratic donors.  [Emphasis added]




The Democracy Alliance does not actually accept donations. Instead, it solicits contributions from left-wing millionaires and billionaires, and serves as a “pass through” between those donors and top liberal advocacy groups, including the Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America, and Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA. [Emphasis added] The group emphasizes secrecy in all of its operations, even as its members and the DA “favored organizations” to which they donate decry the role of “dark money” in American politics. DA does not disclose details of any of the transactions it facilitates, and its members and donation recipients are prohibited from speaking publicly about the organization and its operations.



 Even Nancy Pelosi HYPROCRISY:

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 ***Note at  1:00 to 1:40  min., Pelosi, in 2012 mentions… the President’s PAC… Priorities USA…..WHO is mentioned as part of recipients of funds from the Democracy Alliance.




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Eagle I will fight socialism




Not ONE More Cent To The United Nations Until FULL AUDIT and Management Investigation is Done!


Has the United Nations been fully taken over by Progressives with their One World wealth redistribution ideology?

Courruption is being revealed over and over in  the past decade, yet the United States keeps pouring MILLIONS into this ineffectual and corrupt entity.

U.S. Ignored U.N. Aid Agency’s Fraud and Mismanagement


Between 2004 and 2008, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) showered more than $330 million on an obscure United Nations agency known as UNOPS — United Nations Office for Project Services — to carry out development aid projects in Afghanistan. What happened next wasn’t pretty.

Among other things, USAID apparently overlooked a growing stack of U.N. audits and investigations that pointed to fraud, mismanagement and lack of internal financial controls by UNOPS in Afghanistan, even as the U.S. agency continued to shovel money in UNOPS’s direction. So did other branches of the U.S. government, to the tune of an additional $100 million.

In a stunning number of cases, however, USAID also ignored its own oversight procedures and did not even insist that contracts with UNOPS enshrine the agency’s uncontested right to access financial records that would tell how the U.S. government money was spent. Consequently those records were never examined.

In other cases, it looked like legal loopholes were created to make sure UNOPS got to keep its financial records out of USAID’s reach.

Worse, the oversight disaster may still not be fixed—even as UNOPS, claiming that it has changed its ways, may get a bigger role in Afghanistan, financed with dollops of U.S. money, in the months and years ahead.

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A HISTORY of United Nations Corruption:

May 5, 2008

United Nations Facing More Corruption Allegations

The controversy surrounding the United Nations and claims of corruption within the body, continues today with allegations that members of the UN have engaged in a cover up stemming from allegations they have been trafficking in gold and arms.

The most recent allegations which are denied by the United Nations follow a pattern of what at best has been called incompetence and at worse, corruption within the United Nations body. The BBC alleges that the UN ignored or suppressed evidence that its troops in DR Congo gave arms to militias, and smuggled gold and ivory.



Over a decade ago, in 2004, the Washington Post obtained a copy of a 34 page report in which there were accusations of at least 68 cases of alleged rape, prostitution and pedophilia, leveled against UN Peacekeepers in Pakistan, Uruguay, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and Nepal, with more than 150 allegations of sexual misconduct.

In 2005, the UN was facing even more allegations about their peacekeepers in Burundi, Haiti, Liberia and elsewhere, which led to Jane Holl Lute, a senior U.N. peacekeeping official who heads a U.N. task force on sexual exploitation, telling a congressional committee, “The blue helmet has become black and blue through self-inflicted wounds. We will not sit still until the luster of that blue helmet is restored.” Report after report showed levels of abuse that were seen as a pattern, one that the UN seemed incapable of getting a handle on. In November of 2006, the BBC published the findings of an investigation showing that children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia.

In November of 2006, the BBC published the findings of an investigation showing that children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia.

Girls have told of regular encounters with soldiers where sex is demanded in return for food or money. A senior official with the organisation has accepted the claims are credible. The UN has faced several scandals involving its troops in recent years, including a DR Congo pedophile ring and prostitute trafficking in Kosovo.

Lute also commented for that report saying, “We’ve had a problem probably since the inception of peacekeeping – problems of this kind of exploitation of vulnerable populations. My operating presumption is that this is either a problem or a potential problem in every single one of our missions.” That is but one example of confirmed corruption that runs rampant throughout the UN and their missions.


The Oil-for-Food initiative was established by the United Nations in 1995 (under UN Security Council Resolution 986) and terminated in late 2003, was intended to allow Iraq to sell oil on the world market in exchange for food, medicine, and other humanitarian needs for ordinary Iraqi citizens without allowing Iraq to rebuild its military. As the program ended, there were revelations of corruption involving the funds.

Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship was able to siphon off an approximate $10 billion from the Oil-for-Food program through oil smuggling and thievery, by demanding illegal payments from companies buying Iraqi oil, and through kickbacks from those selling goods to Iraq–all under the noses of U.N. officials The members of the U.N. staff administering the program were accused of gross incompetence, mismanagement, and possible complicity with the Iraqi regime in perpetrating the biggest scandal in U.N. history.

On Monday August 8th, 2005, an independent commission has found that Benon Sevan, the former head of the UN’s oil-for-food program in Iraq, “corruptly benefited” from kickbacks while he was in charge. Another UN official, from the procurement office, is accused of soliciting bribes.

It bears noting that the son of the secretary general of the United Nation Nations, Kofi Annan, turned out to have been receiving payments as recently as early this year from a key contractor in the oil-for-food program.

UNITED NATIONS AND RWANDA GENOCIDE-1994. The Rwandan Genocide was the systematic murder of the country’s Tutsi minority and the moderates of its Hutu majority, in 1994. This was both the bloodiest period of the Rwandan Civil War and one of the worst genocides of the 1990s. In 1999, an international panel of experts issued a report which held the United Nations as well as other member countries, including and primarily, the United States, responsible for not preventing nor ending the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

But the leader of the investigation, Ingvar Carlsson, a former Swedish prime minister, did not place all the blame on the United Nations. At a news conference today he said it would ”always be difficult to explain” why the Security Council — managed by the world’s major powers and not the United Nations bureaucracy — drastically cut the peacekeeping force in Rwanda, reducing it to a few hundred from 2,500 when the genocide began, and then increasing it to 5,500 when the weeks of massacres were over.

In 2004, a decade later, Kofi Annan, who at the time was the secretary-general for the United Nations, admitted their failings and said,

“The international community failed Rwanda and that must leave us always with a sense of bitter regret and abiding sorrow. If the international community had acted promptly and with determination, it could have stopped most of the killing but the political will was not there, and nor were the troops.

Worse than that though was testimony given before the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, by General Romeo Dallaire, revealed that the UN was warned three months before genocide about the stockpiling of arms and that they refused “his request to raid the arms caches later used in the massacre of some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus.”

Taking his stand in the witness box for the second day, the former commander said he requested authorisation to raid arms caches in January 1994. But General Dallaire said UN headquarters informed him this was outside the mandate of his mission. Three months later, a wave of killing swept Rwanda.

These scandals, allegations and investigations is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems that have plagued the United Nations since it was created in 1945 to replace the League of Nations. Other claims and convictions include bribery scandals, accusations of bias in the Arab-Israeli conflict and anti-Semitism, a UN ambulance was videotaped transporting Palestinian armed forces in 2004 as well as what has been listed above.


At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong

February 8, 2007

NEW YORK —  Before the United Nations can save the planet, it needs to clean up its own house. And as scandal after scandal has unfolded over the past decade, from Oil for Food to procurement fraud to peacekeeper rape, the size of that job has become stunningly clear.

But any understanding of the real efforts that job entails should begin with a look at the long and murky career of Maurice Strong, the man who may have had the most to do with what the U.N. has become today, and still sparks controversy even after he claims to have cut his ties to the world organization.

From Oil for Food to the latest scandals involving U.N. funding in North Korea, Maurice Strong appears as a shadowy and often critically important figure.

Strong, now 77, is best known as the godfather of the environmental movement, who served from 1973-1975 as the founding director of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) in Nairobi. UNEP is now a globe-girdling organization with a yearly budget of $136 million, which claims to act as the world’s environmental conscience. Strong consolidated his eco-credentials as the organizer of the U.N.’s 1992 environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro, which in turn paved the way for the controversial 1997 Kyoto Treaty on controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

But his green credentials scarcely begin to do justice to Strong’s complicated back-room career. He has spent decades migrating through a long list of high-level U.N. posts, standing behind the shoulder of every U.N. secretary-general since U Thant . Without ever holding elected office, he has had a hand in some of the world’s most important bureaucratic appointments, both at the U.N. and at the World Bank. A Canadian wheeler-dealer with an apple face and pencil mustache, Strong has parlayed his personal enthusiasms and connections into a variety of huge U.N. projects, while punctuating his public service with private business deals.

Along the way, Strong has also been caught up in a series of U.N. scandals and conflicts of interest. These extend from the notorious Oil-for-Food program to the latest furor over cash funneled via U.N. agencies to the rogue regime of North Korea, which involves, among other things, Strong’s creative use of a little-known, U.N.-chartered educational institution called the University for Peace. Above all, the tale of Maurice Strong illustrates the way in which the U.N., with its bureaucratic culture of secrecy, its diplomatic immunities, and its global reach, lends itself to manipulation by a small circle of those who best know its back corridors.

Officially, Strong cut his ties to the U.N. Secretariat almost two years ago, as federal investigators homed in on the discovery that back in 1997, while serving as a top adviser to then-Secretary-General Kofi Annan, he took a check for almost $1 million that was bankrolled by Saddam Hussein’s U.N.-sanctioned regime. The check was delivered by a South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park, who was convicted last summer in New York Federal Court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials on behalf of Baghdad. Strong denied any wrongdoing and said he would step aside from his U.N. envoy post until the matter was cleared up.

Since then, Strong has receded, as he often does, into the shadows. He is currently spending most of his time in China.

Read the entire article HERE.


The Obama/Soros/Strong Connection:

The story of the economic meltdown of 2008 begins and ends with the United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order.

Behind the curtain of this dark chapter in human misery are ogres Maurice Strong and George Soros.

It is both power lust and an all-consuming hatred of the United States of America that elevated this deadly duo to ogre status.

Fortunately for all of those searching for answers, much of their plan for the world, post November 4, 2008 is already mapped out in writing. 

Leading economic experts and Strong agree that in 2012 people will be going hungry.

“Strong has worked diligently and effectively to bring his ideas to fruition, He is now in a position to implement them.” (Henry Lamb, The Rise of Global Governance, available at  “His speeches and writings provide a clear picture of what to expect.  In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword).  Strong said this:

“This interlocking…is the new reality of the century, with profound implications for the shape of our institutions of governance, national and international.  By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life.”

These chilling words are in line with ones he used for the opening session of the Rio Conference (Earth Summit II) in 1992, that industrialized countries have:

“Developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma.  It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class—involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing—are not sustainable.  A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”

The only change that has happened since 1992 is that Strong and Soros now have their Agent of Change coming to the White House. 

In other words, the world according to Maurice Strong, is unfolding as it should.

In an era ridden by bankruptcies and job loss, Zombie-like cultists will swarm Washington, D.C. for the January 20, 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama.  

Voluntary acceptance of global governance is the preferred means of achieving a takeover of America without a single shot having been fired.

“Education programs to teach the “global ethic” have been underway by UNESCO and by UNEP for more than twenty years.” (Page 90, The Rise of Global Governance). “That the U.S. government, through its representatives to the various U.N. agencies, has not already crushed this global governance agenda is s testament to the effectiveness of the U.N.’s education program.”

Back to how to how ogres Strong and Soros, along with others, were able to hijack a world economy.

“A new Economic Security Council (ESC) would replace the existing Economic and Social Council.  The new ESC would consist of no more than 23 members who would have responsibility for all international financial and development activities.  The IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO—virtually all finance and development activities—would be under the authority of this body.  There would be no veto power by any nation. (Italics CFP’s).  Nor would there be permanent member status for any nation.”

Bloggers and website owners may recall how the Obama campaign team seemed to have thousands of volunteers available with G-Mail accounts to send out a barrage of nasty letters any time a blog or website asked too many questions or dared to criticize “The Messiah”.

In a post January 20 world, it seems that Obama will develop his activist base from within the White House. [Called Organizing for America: Emphasis and words added here]

But in Maurice Strong’s New World, NGOs will flag the new order about truth tellers: “The Commission (on Global Governance) believes that the U.N. should protect the “security of the people” inside the borders of sovereign nations, with or without the invitation of the national government.  It proposes the expansion of an NGO “early warning” network to function through the Petitions Council to alert the U.N. to possible action.” (Italics CFP’s).

Maurice Strong has had a longtime influence with the major Foundations, which provide the funding for NGOs, and he has influence with the major international NGOs that coordinate the activities of the thousands of smaller NGOs around the world. 

Small wonder that Strong spends his time far away in Communist China these days.

But there is a silver lining to be found even with the darkest of storm clouds over America and something for Americans to contemplate over the upcoming holidays.

In spite of the hype coming out of the Office of the President-elect, Obama is merely a fop for the global elite.  He is their, and not the people’s true agent of change.

The January 20 inauguration with its promise of 5 million observers in Washington, D.C. will be the extravaganza of a lifetime, deepening recession notwithstanding.

It is Obama’s job to demoralize the 58 million people who did not buy into his campaign and for all of those who do not want One World Order.

Read the entire entry HERE.



Then add Obama’s attempt at a Global Poverty Tax when he was U.S. Senator:

On December 7, 2007, Obama introduced the Senate version of the Global Poverty Act of 2007 (S.2433).  On February 13, the bill cleared the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, on which Obama and 6 (Biden, Dodd, Feingold, Hagel, Lugar, Menendez) of the bill’s 9 co-sponsors serve. The House version of the bill (H.R.1302) passed by a unanimous voice vote last September 25.  


Here’s an abstract  of the proposed legislation:


“To require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the [U.N.] Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.”


If enacted, how much of a financial commitment would that represent to taxpayers?


One estimate  is 0.7% of gross national product, or an additional $845 billion over 13 years in addition to existing foreign aid expenditures.  So far, this proposal is barely on the MSM radar, but we’re likely hear more about it as a full Senate vote approaches. 
Here’s how Senator Obama’s website frames the bill:


“With billions of people living on just dollars a day around the world, global poverty remains one of the greatest challenges and tragedies the international community faces,” said Senator Obama. “It must be a priority of American foreign policy to commit to eliminating extreme poverty and ensuring every child has food, shelter, and clean drinking water. As we strive to rebuild America’s standing in the world, this important bill will demonstrate our promise and commitment to those in the developing world. Our commitment to the global economy must extend beyond trade agreements that are more about increasing corporate profits than about helping workers and small farmers everywhere.”  (emphasis added)


In other words, other nations will like us better if we give them our money. And, our trade agreements should not be about business profit, but benevolent social action.


Add to this the Climategate scandal of the United Nations in recent months.


WHY would ANY NATION continue to pour funds into a corrupt, unaccountable and seemingly teflon coated entity like the United Nations?


Another Possible Obama/Soros Connection? Christopher Hill…Obama’s Pick for US Ambassador To Iraq

Is George Soros running the “show”? Seems like some of Obama’s selections for Ambassador positions are connected to George Soros. Soros probably jumped with glee when Hillary Clinton was selected as Secretary of State; after all she is his “buddy” in the Shadow Party.

Read this:

WASHINGTON — At least three Republican senators have said that President Obama should reconsider his pick to become the next U.S. ambassador to Iraq, dimming the chances that Christopher Hill could be confirmed.

Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas said this week that they were disappointed with Hill’s appointment, which was announced Wednesday by Obama.

During the Bush administration, Hill led nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea. While considered a seasoned negotiator, Hill was regarded by many Republicans as too willing to make concessions to try to prod Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

If confirmed Hill would replace Ryan Crocker as America’s top diplomat in Baghdad.

The swift negative reaction from Congress does not bode well for Hill’s appointment. He would have to be confirmed by the Senate, where Democrats hold a narrow majority and procedural rules require 60 votes to cut off debate.

All three senators cited a lack of experience in the Middle East to explain their opposition to Hill.

Brownback also referred to his “evasive and unprofessional” past dealings with Congress, while McCain and Graham referred to his “controversial legacy” in a joint statement released late Thursday.

“The U.S. embassy in Baghdad is the world’s largest, and our next ambassador will take the helm at a particularly critical time in our efforts in Iraq,” Graham and McCain wrote. “The next ambassador should have experience in the Middle East and in working closely with the U.S. military in counterinsurgency or counterterrorism operations. Mr. Hill has neither.”


BUT WAIT….Will Christopher Hill reveal this to Congress during his confirmation hearings as “experience”?

June 24, 1999

Experts Meet in Europe to Discuss the Next Steps in Kosovo

An unprecedented gathering of experts on Kosovo and the surrounding regions met last week in Liechtenstein for a colloquium titled “Peace and the Future of South-Eastern Europe.” The 60 experts discussed the next steps necessary for bringing lasting peace and prosperity to the region.

Organized and chaired by Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, director of Princeton University’s Liechtenstein Research Program on Self-Determination, the conference attendees included H.S.H. Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein; H.S.H. Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein; His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia; Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Kosovo; former Prime Minster of Sweden Carl Bildt; Christopher Hill, U.S. ambassador to Macedonia; philanthropist George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundation in New York City; German State Secretary Wolfgang Ischinger; the state secretaries from Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland, and officials from Albania, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.

The conference coincided with the end of NATO’s bombing of Kosovo.

Although their discussions during the conference were off the record, the participants released the following preliminary recommendations:

• Prioritize the establishment of internal security throughout Yugoslavia, Albania, and Macedonia, including the confiscation of all firearms and arresting all dangerous criminals immediately, especially those recently released from prison.

• Forge an agreement about comprehensive disarmament of the region and impose it consistently on all concerned parties.

• Cut Slobodan Milosevic out of the negotiation process and eliminate the role of his government whenever possible. Demonstrate to the population that the region can be pacified and reconstructed without his authorization.

• Involve military engineers in building bridges and urgent infrastructure projects to save costs and reduce the necessity of negotiating with Milosevic and his party. Pontoon bridges, which can be quickly and inexpensively constructed and would have the added benefit of being under military control, were suggested.

Hold the leadership responsible for breaches of law, for unconstitutional laws, and for all those infractions which can be clearly determined by the outside. Enforce travel and other restrictions against members of the Milosevic group.

Don’t push for elections in Kosovo for the time being. Premature elections might consolidate the division of political allegiances along ethnic lines and result in renewed victory for the nationalists.

Encourage the development of civil society by bringing young leaders (the generation under the age of 30, which has not had extensive involvement in communist politics and the region’s past controversies) into the decision-making process.

• Support the formation of an independent media in the region by providing the population — especially opposition groups — with radio receivers and other means of accessing and distributing information.

• Distribute humanitarian assistance equally, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation.

• Support the formation of new legal and financial institutions and begin forming a new “social contract.”

• Adopt a hands-on approach to the reconstruction of the region, involving the local populations, especially young people, in objective needs assessments, then give them the tools and materials to start reconstruction projects.

Create a customs union in South-Eastern Europe to allow for greater interregional interaction and the possibility of interregional currency arrangements in conjunction with the European Union. This has the added benefit of combating organized crime and corruption.

• Encourage bilateral cooperation among neighboring states such as Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria, especially in areas such as education, industrialization, trade, and infrastructure.

• Start the process of disarmament, pacification, and reconstruction immediately. The time frame is limited by the oncoming winter, the upcoming elections in the U.S.A, the increasing resentment of refugees in host countries, and growing donor fatigue in the European Union.

The Colloquium was sponsored by the Liechtenstein Research Program in Self-Determination, a research center located in the University’s Center of International Studies, a division of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and by the royal House of Liechtenstein.

My notes: My thoughts in brackets [ ] about quotes

1.  Why is it whenever anything relating to disarming, and reconstructing always is connected to George Soros and the United Nations?  I guess it is because George Soros dreams of an “Open Society”……World Governance……does he dream of becoming the “King of the World”..???

2.  Do any of these words/quotes sound FAMILIAR?:

a.involving the local populations, especially young people, in objective needs assessments, then give them the tools and materials to start reconstruction projects”

b.  ……begin forming a new “social contract.” [Rahm Emanuel’s book “The Plan” mentions these words]

c.  Support the formation of an independent media in the region by providing the populationespecially opposition groups  [Sounds like the left leaning media and its love-fest with Obama]

d.  Encourage the development of civil society by bringing young leaders (the generation under the age of 30, which has not had extensive involvement in communist politics and the region’s past controversies) into the decision-making process.   [This has been a focus group for Obama and his campaign…..]

e.  Demonstrate to the population that the region can be pacified and reconstructed without his authorization.   [ The words “Change”….”Change we can believe in”….” I will    save     or     create     2 million new jobs……new infrastructure jobs…..roads….bridges…..”]

f.  “confiscation of all firearms”………

Then read this:

Open Thread: Think Tankism, Comprehensive Energy Policy and Cuba

Thursday, Oct 19 2006, 1:13PM

When I left Japan on Tuesday, I had breakfast in the Orchid Room at the Okura Hotel, still the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge equivalent for power breakfasts in Japan.

I saw Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Christopher Hill dining with quite a group of Americans and Japanese — no doubt laying the groundwork for further coordination with Japan on our collective response to North Korea’s nuclear tests and for Condi Rice’s arrival.

She arrived a day later than I thought she had originally planned, and I joked with George Soros that it might be that it was because he didn’t check out of the hotel until Tuesday.

Soros then went off to Seoul.

In any case, Chris Hill knows what he is doing. At the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan speech I gave, I encouraged reporters to query Hill on why it has been so hard to get a Bush administration consensus behind his views of what needs to be done. It probably won’t make him happy to point out that there are serious divisions inside the Bush administration about how to proceed with North Korea — and that Chris Hill heads the more enlightened faction — but these are just the facts.

— Steve Clemons

About Steve and The Washington Note

Greetings, and welcome to my website. During the days, I serve as Senior Fellow & Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation and, in my spare time, serve as Director of the Japan Policy Research Institute. I’ve also been encouraged by my great friend, Joshua Micah Marshall of to start my own blog. So, connected here you will soon find, where I will more regularly comment on public policy debates that deserve attention.


Was it just coincidence that Soros happened to be at the same hotel as Christopher Hill prior to Condalezza Rice’s arrival?  Could Christopher Hill possibly be an information officer for Soros?

Why does it seem that Soros is one step ahead of our State Department in negotiations?

Just pondering and wondering…….



The Shadow Party Part Deux With George Soros At The Helm and TIES to Hillary Clinton



This article talks about the Shadow Party that operates within the Democratic Party that was started by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes.  This article is from 2004, but has information that most Americans do not know.


The Shadow Party: Part II

By David Horowitz and Richard Poe | Thursday, October 07, 2004

George Soros is an exacting  taskmaster. In return for his money, he demands productivity. What he requires of employees and business associates in the investment world, Soros also demands from the political operatives he funds. “Mr. Soros isn’t just writing checks and watching,” notes Wall Street Journal reporter Jeanne Cummings. “He is also imposing a business model on the notoriously unruly world of politics. He demands objective evidence of progress, and assigned an aide to monitor the groups he supports. He studies private polls to track the impact of an anti-Bush advertising campaign, and he is delivering his money in installments, giving him leverage if performance falters.”
By early 2004, the Shadow Party’s infrastructure had assumed a coherent shape, under Soros’ guidance. At its heart lay seven ostensibly “independent” non-profit groups which constitute the network’s administrative core. Let us call them the Seven Sisters. In chronological order, based upon their launch dates, they are:

Launched September 22, 1998


2.      Center for American Progress (CAP)

Launched July 7, 2003


3.      America Votes

Launched July 15, 2003


4.      America Coming Together (ACT)

Launched July 17, 2003


5.      The Media Fund

Launched November 5, 2003


6.      Joint Victory Campaign 2004

Launched November 5, 2003


7.      The Thunder Road Group LLC

Launched early 2004

 With the exception of – based in Berkeley, California – all Seven Sisters maintain headquarters in Washington DC. Testifying to the close links between these groups are their interlocking finances, Boards of Directors and corporate officers. In some cases, they even share office space.


For example, two of the Seven Sisters – The Media Fund and Joint Victory Campaign 2004 – share an office in Suite #1100 at 1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Three other groups – America Coming Together (ACT), America Votes and The Thunder Road Group – lease offices in the Motion Picture Association Building at 888 16th Street, NW.

It is tempting to consider that the clustering of these three groups in a building owned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) may not be coincidental. The MPAA has long enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Democratic  Party; many high-ranking Democrats have slipped comfortably from government jobs into glamorous posts in the MPAA’s upper management.

 In March 2004, for instance, Dan Glickman succeeded Jack Valenti as MPAA president. Valenti was a Democrat lobbyist and former aide to President Lyndon Johnson. Glickman was formerly a Democratic  Congressman from Kansas, who later served as Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton White House. Now, as MPAA president, Glickman holds what is arguably the most powerful position in Hollywood.


The Shadow Party draws much of its funding from the entertainment world. According to the Center for Public Integrity, Jane Fonda is the fourth largest donor to Democrat 527 groups and Hollywood producer Stephen L. Bing takes third place. The top four Shadow Party donors are as follows: 

Contributions to Democrat 527s

 Top Four Shadow PartyContributors                     (August 2000 – August 2004)



George and Susan W. Soros                   $24,170,000.00


Peter B. Lewis (Progressive [“Flo] Ins)  $23,147,220.00


Stephen L. Bing                                     $15,382,555.00


Jane Fonda  <<<<<====                      $13,085,750.00

                       Courtesy The Center for Public Integrity


The last “Sister” to join the group is the Thunder Group LLC:

Thunder Road Group

From SourceWatch

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The Thunder Road Group is a consulting firm that serves several of the pro-Democrat 527 committees engaged in supporting a Democratic candidate in U.S. presidential election, 2004. The Group “will concentrate on research and rapid response.” [1]

“Democratic groups have created an operation that combines close coordination with a division of labor designed to avoid duplication of effort and maximize resources.” The other four allied groups are Media Fund, “the principal vehicle for pro-Democratic television commercials by the coalition”; America Coming Together, “which is responsible for get-out-the-vote efforts”; America Votes, “the umbrella organization that will stitch together the activities of various progressive organizations”; and Joint Victory Campaign 2004, “a combined fundraising committee.” [2]

Jim Jordan, formerly John Forbes Kerry‘s campaign manager, … heads the Thunder Road Group.”

The Thunder Road Group

Launched early 2004


Launched in early 2004, The Thunder Road Group was the last of the Seven Sisters to appear, but arguably the most vital of the lot. The Boston Globe called Thunder Road the “nerve  center” of the Shadow Party – its unofficial headquarters. “[The Thunder Road Group] is an operation unlike any other in politics, devising strategy, message, and public relations services for the 527s,” writes Brian C. Mooney of The Globe.[11]


A soup-to-nuts political consultancy, Thunder Road combines the roles of strategic planning, polling, opposition research (dirt-digging), covert operations (dirty tricks) and public relations. It coordinates strategy for The Media Fund, America Coming Together and America Votes. Its founder Jim Jordan is frequently quoted in the press as a spokesman for other Seven Sister groups.


Jordan is an attorney long active in Washington as a Democrat spin doctor. Among other high-profile assignments, Jordan handled press relations for the Senate committee investigating DNC fundraising in 1997 and for the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton impeachment. Riding the whirlwind of Clinton-era scandals charged Jordan with a zest for what he calls “intense political, hand-to-hand combat.” [12]


Jordan attained his highest public profile when he served for nearly a year as John Kerry’s campaign manager, from December 2002 to November 2003. But, as Kerry’s poll numbers sank, so did Jordan’s power in the campaign. Kerry fired Jordan suddenly on the night of November 9, accepting  resignations the following day from other top staffers loyal to Jordan.

It was a full-fledged purge. As Jordan’s team left, Kennedy loyalists moved in. Mary Beth Cahill, Stephanie Cutter, Bob Shrum and other well-known operatives of Senator Ted Kennedy quickly siezed control of the campaign.

 New York Times pundit William Safire credits Jeanne Shaheen, national chairwoman of Kerry’s campaign, with masterminding the putsch.

On November 12, 2003, Safire wrote:

“The Kennedyization  of the Kerry campaign was carried out by Jeanne Shaheen, the former New Hampshire governor. She prevailed on the candidate to fire his longtime manager, Jim Jordan, and replace him with Mary Beth Cahill, Ted Kennedy’s chief of staff. Cahill has impeccable far-left credentials, from Emily’s List fund-raising to Representative  Barney Frank’s staff. She is an ideological soulmate of the superb writer and Kennedy Boston braintruster Robert Shrum…”[13]


Jordan did not remain long out of work. Less than a month passed before Harold Ickes and Ellen R. Malcolm recruited Jordan to handle publicity and strategy for the Shadow Party – in particular, for The Media Fund, ACT and America Votes. In order to handle the growing volume of work pouring in from his newfound friends, Jordan launched his own company in early 2004. He named it Thunder Road after a Bruce Springsteen song whose lyrics declare, “It’s a town full of losers, and I’m pulling out of here to win.”


A July 27, 2004 article in The Hill  reports that Jordan had collected about $1.7 million in consulting fees and was drawing an $85,000 salary at that time. But what exactly was Jordan doing for that money? He is no mere press secretary.

Jordan freely acknowledges that his group engages in “opposition research” – the favored euphemism for dirt-digging among political strategists.  Some reports indicate that Jordan’s covert operations go beyond the garden variety of Washington smear-mongering.

For instance, the American Spectator reported on April 9, 2004 that Jordan may have helped stage-manage the media circus that disrupted the work of the 9-11 Commission, nearly bringing the investigation to a standstill.[15]


Even before Condoleeza Rice made her opening statement to the Commission, Thunder Road operatives began bombarding reporters with e-mails attempting to discredit her.

The e-mails continued for three hours straight, while Rice testified.

More seriously, the American Spectator reports that a staffer for America Coming Together said, “We’d heard that [former National Counterterrorism Coordinator Richard] Clarke had some help with writing his testimony and in prepping for the questioning. … The rumor is that he ended up getting some help from Kerry’s people, but indirectly through Thunder Road.”


Richard Clarke’s testimony to the Commission later turned out to be rife with contradictions and misinformation, as the Commission’s final report makes clear.

If indeed the Thunder Road Group helped prepare that testimony, then it helped obstruct an investigation of grave importance to America’s national security.

 Since Jordan’s firing, a new shake-up at Kerry headquarters appears to have put Clinton operatives back in the driver’s seat.

Mike McCurry, Joe Lockhart, James Carville, Paul Begala,  and other Clinton loyalists now seem to be calling the shots at Team Kerry. What this portends for the Shadow Party is hard to discern. Some commentators have questioned whether Kerry’s new handlers necessarily have the Massachusetts senator’s best interests at heart.

Given the Shadow Party’s evident commitment to running Hillary for president – quite possibly in 2008 – a Kerry administration would only get in the way. Certainly, the Shadow Party has a wide range of options at its disposal for subtly undermining Kerry, even while pretending to help him. Only time will tell whether it chooses to exercise those options.

Now add this:

New Democrat Network

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The New Democrat Network or NDN is led by founder and President Simon Rosenberg, “with advice from NDN’s Advisory Board, a group of leading New Democratic thinkers and strategists.” [1][2]

  • “NDN has offices in DC, New York, San Francisco, and Miami.” [3][4]

From New Democratic Network to NDN

The New Democratic Network officially became NDN in 2005. In August 2005, a study of the current NDN website,, to which now redirects, did not reveal the words behind the acronym. A search of the website for “Democrat” yielded only:

  • many members of the Advisory Board are long-time Democratic Party political operatives [9]. Whether this operation serves as a front or other affiliate of the Democratic Party coopting independents and “the progressive community”, or demonstrates a non-partisan independence from the existing bi-partisan duopoly, remains to be demonstrated. The whois database record names “New Directions for News as the registrant. See this topic’s Talk section.

Mission in 2008

A visit to the NDN website in February, 2008 finds this mission: “NDN is a progressive think tank and advocacy organization.

NDN’s work is organized around a powerful idea – that for progressives to succeed in the 21st century as they did in the 20th, they will have to do three things: offer a new governing agenda that speaks to the challenges of our day; master the new media and technology tools that are changing the way we all communicate and advocate; and understand and speak to the radically new demographic make-up of today’s America.

NDN’s staff, Fellows and collaborators offer fresh and original thinking in these three main areas of focus: new governing agenda, new media and technology and new demography. … You may also want to learn more about our affiliate the New Politics Institute, our think tank for politics, and review our recent article, “The 50 Year Strategy”, that lays out a big vision for progressive success in the years ahead.” [10]

NDN Founders Senior Staff

Advisory Board

The Coalition

The NDN, “a coalition member, plans a separate $5 million television campaign aimed at Latino voters in four states.” [11]

The “coalition” is comprised of five allied Democrat groups: Media Fund, “the principal vehicle for pro-Democratic television commercials by the coalition”; America Coming Together, “which is responsible for get-out-the-vote efforts”; America Votes, “the umbrella organization that will stitch together the activities of various progressive organizations”; Joint Victory Campaign 2004, “a combined fundraising committee”; and the Thunder Road Group.”

George Soros and the NDN: An interactive map of connections to George Soros