Why Is Obama’s OIC Representative Participating in a Conference With Terrorist Organizations?

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The goals of the MSA are much more nefarious than matzo balls and matchmaking. Since its founding in 1963, the purpose of the MSA has been to turn the Muslim population of America into a radical Islamo-fascist population.

So what is it Mr. President? Are you concerned about domestic terror or are you just going to continue to stick your head in the sand?  After all, you do say we can absorb a terrorist attack.


STOP the Islamization of America.






Did I Hear Obama Right? “They died at our will?”


Listen carefully from 2:30 to end of video.

“Renew our sense of common purpose…..”

“Small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves”…….

“They died at our will”…..


As a anti-Islamatization of America:


Media pretends these people don’t exist. It’s criminal.

We will be heard.

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples.


Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white …….. politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.

But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York’s proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.

Ambassador John Bolton spoke bluntly and unequivocally via video link about the affront to American values that this mosque would constitute.

Other powerful voices included Joseph Nasralla, who was the unwilling media darling of our June 6th rally, when a misunderstanding was blown out of proportion by the mainstream media as a racist incident. Joseph Nasralla was the Arab who was supposedly in a confrontation at that rally. At this rally we were proud to feature him, and he was so passionate and rousing in his love for America and fierce denunciation of the thousand-year-old Islamic oppression of the Coptic Christians in Egypt that the crowd went wild as Joseph led them in cheers of God Bless America!

But his warning was clear. The Ground Zero mosque would be the beginning of the end and Egypt shows where the presence of Islam leads in a free nation.



Is Obama that out of touch with Americans that he purposely paused and then expressed this message…

“They died at our will”……. to the 9/11 families at the Pentagon today (September 11, 2010)?

Or was there a purpose/message in his speech?








Another Obama White House Lie About Islam


By Warner Todd Huston

September 2, 2010

Jefferson’s mythical iftar dinner

Remember that iftar dinner the president sponsored? The dinner that got him in trouble because he came out in strong support of the mega-mosque at Ground Zero, support from which he backed away the very next day? Well, it turns out he delivered another blatant lie at that dinner, one that slipped under the radar because his support of the Ground Zero Mosque was so controversial.

In his remarks at the iftar observance, Obama claimed that the “first” iftar dinner in the White House was hosted by Thomas Jefferson.

Tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity. And Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan—making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.

Naturally, the left-wing Old Media took Obama’s blatant misconstruction of historical events and went even farther down the road of untruths and lies. The New York Times published a story the next day referencing Jefferson’s mythical iftar dinner and made of it a “White House tradition”!

In hosting the iftar, Mr. Obama was following a White House tradition that, while sporadic, dates to Thomas Jefferson, who held a sunset dinner for the first Muslim ambassador to the United States. President George W. Bush hosted iftars annually.

What tosh. There has never been a tradition of iftar dinners at the White House, sporadic or otherwise, until after the year 1992. Jefferson’s dinner was no iftar dinner and no other president until Bill Clinton even hosted one. We have a “tradition” of exactly three presidents holding iftar dinners, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Obama. Not much of a tradition that.

So what of this claim of Jefferson’s iftar dinner? As Jihad Watch informs us, there never really was one. The truth is that in 1805 Jefferson invited to a dinner at the White House one Sidi Soliman Melli Melli, the diplomatic envoy that the Bey of Tunis sent to Washington. The time set for this dinner was 3:30 PM, the normal time that everyone then ate dinner in those days. Since it was Ramadan, however, the envoy informed Jefferson that he could not attend until the sun went down because he was observing his fasting ritual.

Jefferson then offered to push his dinner hour until the sun went down as a courtesy to his invited guest. It was as simple as that. There was no mention of any iftar anything. President Jefferson simply moved the hour of dinner to suit the envoy. There was no change to what was served in order to suit Muslim needs, there was no acknowledgment of the Muslim faith, and no observance of any “iftar” dinner. Jefferson was just being a nice guy.

And of this historical incident, Obama and his cohorts in the left-wing, Old Media have created a mythical “sporadic tradition.” But for Obama and the New York Times to mislead the American people into imagining that the White House has celebrated iftar all the way back to 1805 is simply a straight out lie.


Don’t YOU love the plausible deniability words from The NY Times of: “White House tradition that, while sporadic…”?

Did anyone at the Times actually research this before publishing the article?




Obama Sides with Terrorists Against Families of Murdered Marines



First Obama tells America not to “jump to conclusions” about the “terrible tragedy” at Ft. Hood.  U.S Army personnel  13 murdered, 30+ wounded at the hands of an Islamic terrorist are viewed by Obama  as a “terrible tragedy.”

Then, AG Eric Holder announces that the murderers of the 9-11 victims (over 2,000) will be brought to the United States for trial, just blocks from the “pit” where the World Trade Towers once stood, and is giving these murderers the rights of a US Citizen on trial.


Now this:


Obama Justice Department seeks to block enforcement of judgment against Iran for murder of 241 United States Marines

by Bill Levinson


November 22, 2009

In 1983, 241 United States Marines were murdered by a suicide bombing in which a Bush-era Federal court ruled that Iran was complicit. The court ordered Iran to pay the families of the murdered service members $2.65 billion. The Boston Globe reports that the Obama Justice Department has, in an effort to appease Iran, intervened to quash the judgment; in other words, Barack Obama has sided openly with terrorists who murder U.S. Marines.

We reported previously that the Obama State Department (Hillary Clinton) has cut off funding for Freedom House and other organizations that report on human rights violations in Iran and other countries. Now the President of the United States and his Justice Department (Eric Holder) have made themselves, at least morally if not legally, willful accessories after the fact to terroristic violence against the Armed Forces of the United States.

As reported by the Boston Globe

    After a federal judge ruled in 2007 that Iran was liable for $2.65 billion in damages to be shared by 150 families seeking restitution, they believed they were on the cusp of victory.But now, the Obama administration is going to court to try to block payments from Iranian assets that the families’ lawyers want seized, contending that it would jeopardize sensitive negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program and establish a potentially damaging precedent.In a little-noticed filing in federal court, the Justice Department is arguing that giving the money to the victims “can have significant, detrimental impact on our foreign relations, as well as the reciprocal treatment of the United States and its extensive overseas property holdings.’’…the US District Court in Washington found that Iran’s Ministry of Information and Security helped plan and facilitate the Oct. 23, 1983, attack.


What about rule of law, Eric Holder? Didn’t you swear to uphold the law when you took office? That is what you tell us all the time when you say your duty requires you to prosecute CIA personnel for alleged mistreatment of terrorists, although your duty apparently does not require you to investigate Barack Obama for illegal Internet gambling. The truth, Eric Holder, is that your “duty” seems to consist of selective enforcement of laws to meet the needs of Barack Obama. Eric Holder is the same individual who was involved in the pardon of alleged tax evader and Clinton donor Marc Rich.

The law, as interpreted by a Federal court, says that Iran is liable for its role in the murder of 241 United States Marines. Eric Holder and Barack Obama, however, wish to deny justice to the Marines’ families so they can appease the butchers of Tehran.

Read the entire article HERE.


End note:

Does Obama really despise America? 


The Man Who Despises America


November 11, 2009



Or does Obama truly believe the Islamic faith has power (favor) over our Christian nation?


WHO Is Advising Obama In Islamic Policy?

From Amerisrael blog:


Look Who’s Advising Obama

The Obama Administration announced it was officially abandoning use of the phrase “global war on terror”, as well as references to “jihadists”. In fact, the only terminology now accepted by the Obama Administration is a reference to fighting Al-qaeda. As if no other “jihadist” terror organizations exist.

Wonder why?

Last February Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s “Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, [CMCU], held a panel discussion on the Middle East.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D., reported on this panel discussion in an article posted to his minaret blog entitled “Advising Obama on the Middle East”

A few excerpts:

”The panelists were Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson Center, Hisham Melhem of Al-Arabiyya (who scored the first official interview with President Obama), Prof. Paula Newberg, expert on Afghanistan and Pakistan, newly arrived to the Georgetown campus, and Prof. John Esposito, the founder of CMCU.”

”Hisham Melhem spoke on “Redefining the War on Terrorism and the Freedom Agenda”. He argued that the Middle East is more fragmented than it was eight years ago, weaker,and, except for a few islands of prosperity, more economically depressed. It is mainly without political leadership,, weakened by two wars that have reduced America’s influence. Hope for change lies in the fact that the new president has deep roots in Africa, has lived in Indonesia, and has Muslim family members.”

”Melham explained that terrorism is a tactic, not an ideology nor a well-defined enemy. He asked why borrow terminology with deep European roots to foist a phrase like Islamo-fascism on Muslims?”

[be sure to read the whole thing]

The first announcement by Clinton that team Obama was dropping the “war on terror” phrase occured in March. About a month after the CMCU panel discussion.

Now, more on CMCU:

In 2005 the CMCU received a $20 million donation from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. The Arab prince is one of the most wealthy Arabs in the world. According to a report by Forbes, he ranks 2nd behind Warren Buffet in terms of wealth.

Douglass Farah writes on how the Muslim Brotherhood is making inroads of influence in the Obama Administration:

”The architect is Dr. John Esposito, a long time defender of the MB and the head of the Saudi-financed Georgetown University Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Walsh School of Foreign Service.”

”The same Dr. Esposito who maintained prior to 9/11 that radical Islam was essentially a myth and certainly no danger. It is hard to imagine any academic being so consistently wrong in their professed field of expertise maintaining much influence, but there he is, deeply enmeshed with all the major MB legacy groups in the country.”

Asaph Rowmirowsky wrote in the MEF:

”Even more problematic is the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, named for the Saudi prince whose $20 million donation in 2005 gave the Center’s leader, John Esposito, a much louder voice in the Middle East studies community. Since then, the Alwaleed Center has become the locus of academic apologetics for Wahhabism in America. Along with his colleagues Yvonne Haddad, John Voll, and others, Esposito and the newly rejuvenated center are now in a position to proliferate a glossy vision of Wahhabi Islam to Americans.”

Why is this important?

The wealthy Saudi business man has stated that if “Arabs unite economically” they can influence U.S. policy.

A report at memri on a Saudi newspaper details the extent to which the Saudis have invested $billions to spread wahabbist Islam in the U.S. and around the world:

“The Kingdom has established more than 1,359 mosques abroad at a cost of SR 820million. Other mosques partially financed by the Kingdom included mosques in Zagreb, Lisbon, Vienna, New York, Washington, Chicago, Ohio, Virginia, and 12 mosques in a number of countries in South America.”

An article in the Washington Times two years ago on Saudi Interest in America, noted the purchase of shares in News Corp. by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal:

“The Saudis’ potential influence on U.S. and international media was recently illustrated by the prince’s purchase of 5.6 percent of voting shares in News Corp., the world’s largest publisher of English newspapers.”

The same article noted that government sources estimated Saudi holdings in America to be between $400 to $800 billion dollars.

Citizen Warrior reports the following:

“The Saudis have funded more than 80 percent of the Wahhabi-influenced mosques built in the United States within the last 20 years. Moreover, the majority of Muslim Student Associations at U.S. colleges are dominated by Islamic and anti-American agendas, as are most of the numerous Islamic Centers and schools financed by the Saudis.”

From Paul Revere: Experts Warn of Yale University Saudi Ties

“Yale University has named a man tied to terrorism-sponsoring Saudi prince and Muslim Brotherhood as a “Yale World Fellow,” writes Martin Kramer of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy on the Hudson New York web site.”

“Muna Abu Sulyaman, the individual who received the title from Yale, serves as a liaison between universities and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who has donated to fundraisers for the families of Palestinian “martyrs,” a term often used to describe suicide bombers as well as casualties of the conflict with Israel, according to Militant Islam Monitor. ”

“Alwaleed has given millions of dollars to controversial Muslim organizations in the U.S. that claim to be “moderate” but have been tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood group, and has provided universities such as Harvard with tens of millions of dollars. For example, he donated $20 million to Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin-Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which is directed by John Esposito, a prominent defender of Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s blog.”

“Sulayman is also the daughter of a “Muslim Brotherhood kingpin,” according to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report.”

“Can you imagine a better way to set the stage for a major Alwaleed gift? Hosting for a semester the very person who structured the Harvard and Georgetown gifts, and who now directs Alwaleed’s charitable foundation? A stroke of genius,” Kramer writes in his article.”

More from Accuracy In Media

End note:

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is tied to Khalid Al-Mansour.

Pay attention from 2:30 on in this video!

Is Obama trying to promote Islamic Socialism?  His Kenyan father was a Socialist.


From an article at Politico.com   Written April 15, 2008  


Now, a long-forgotten essay written 43 years ago by Obama’s father has surfaced, and its contents reveal much — not only about the senior Obama’s grasp of economic theory but also about the iconoclastic politics that, his son would later write, sent him into the spiral of career disappointment that concluded with his death in 1982 in his native Kenya.

Parts of the article, titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism,” have been making the rounds on several small blogs over the past week, but Politico.com is now, for the first time, reproducing the entire piece in its original form.

Obama senior’s journal article repeatedly asks what the Kenyan government means by “African Socialism,” as distinct from Soviet-style communism, and concludes that the new phrase doesn’t mean much.

“The question is how are we going to remove the disparities in our country, such as the concentration of economic power in Asian and European hands, while not destroying what has already been achieved and at the same time assimilating these groups to build one country,” Obama senior wrote.

The scholarly eight-page paper, credited to “Barak H. Obama,” is never mentioned in “Dreams From My Father,” nor has the candidate discussed it in any of his many public speeches. (Politico brought the article to his campaign’s attention late last week, but aides did not respond to a request for comment from Obama.)


What ARE Obama’s plans for America?