WHY is There Such a Pushback Against the Vitter-Bennett Amendment About Immigration or Citizenship Status in 2010 Census?


Straight from the SEIU Blog:


Don’t Wreck the Census

By Joaquin Guerra

October 21, 2009

Last week, Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and Bob Bennett (R-UT) introduced an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (HR 2847) which would require that the 2010 Census include a question about immigration or citizenship status.

If passed, Vitter’s amendment would throw a monkey wrench into the U.S. Census, by stopping the 2010 Census dead in its tracks–preventing the questionnaire forms from being mailed next spring and wasting over $7 billion in research, planning, and preparation that has occurred for Census 2010. Lastly, it would completely render useless the one document that is supposed to paint an accurate picture of who we are as a nation.

And that’s why SEIU has joined with 11 other partners to launch Don’t Wreck the Census.


Click on the above link and take a look at the “partners.


  • AAJC
  • CAP  <<<John Podesta here too
  • Demos <<Van Jones on leave; Obama connection
  • HNBA
  • LCCR <<John Podesta on Board of Directors
  • LDF <<Henry L. Gates, Jr. (Cambridge Incident on Board), Caroline Kennedy, Charles Ogletree (Black Panthers)
  • NDN  <Simon Rosenberg President and Founder
  • PFAW
  • SEIU  <<Andy Stern, Anna Burger


$7 billion in research, planning, and preparation?  That is with a “B” folks for BILLION.


WHERE did the money come from for this research, planning and preparation?
George Soros? The Rockefellers? The United Nations coffers? The taxpayers? Or ALL OF THE ABOVE?

WHY is it such a PROBLEM for American to KNOW the immigration or citizenship status of the participants in the 2010 Census?

IS it because the Progressives want to build their coalition no matter HOW they do it?  ARE they afraid the Federal Funding money won’t “flow back” into their coffers?


We know ACORN was involved until it was discovered about its involvement in the CENSUS.

WHY don’t we, as American citizens, have the RIGHT to know WHO is here in America laying “claim” to government services that WE as the taxpayer pay into?