George Soros and Euthanasia: Obama’s Boss Gets Permanent Death Panels


Joy Tiz at Canada’s Free Press writes that Puppetmaster George Soros will get his dream.

As republican senators at last get a chance to read the health crimes bill being rammed through by the politburo, Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazi collaborator, George Soros is poised to celebrate a major triumph in the advancement of his euthanasia agenda.

“The bill changes some Senate rules to say we can’t vote in a future Congress to repeal the IMAB (death panels). A senate rules change would require 67 votes for cloture on the bill, but the parliamentarian decided it’s a ‚Äòprocedural change’ not a ‚Äòrules change’ so they only need 60… Makes no sense. Anyway, it’s¬†likely we could still find a way to kill the death panels even though the bill changes the rules to say we can’t (maybe deny them funding would work, we could change the senate rule it creates in a later Congress with a 67 senator vote), but it’s clear the health bill changes Senate rules and needs 67 votes for cloture, but Frumin seems to be in Reid’s back pocket and is making stuff up to save the bill.”

“It also shows that this provision in particular is very important to Dems. They chose this section out of all others to give the highest possible protection against change or repeal showing how insatiable their desire is to allow Washington bureaucrats to control our lives.”

As the left forces nationalized health care on us, we may want to consider the George Soros funded Project on Death in America. Soros is a leading promoter of the assisted suicide movement. He papers over it with tripe about compassion; in reality, the project is a push for palliative care rather than treatment for gravely ill patients:

“Can we afford to care for the dying properly? The number of people dying in the United States currently stands at 2.2 million annually. Increases in cancer and AIDS and the aging of the baby boomers will cause this figure to climb faster than the population . . . [But] [a]ggressive, life-prolonging interventions, which may at times go against the patient’s wishes, are much more expensive than proper care for the dying.”

That was George Soros in a 1994 speech.  What precisely did he mean by “proper care” for the dying? The unrepentant Nazi collaborator is a euthanasia enthusiast.

The same George Soros who told Steve Kroft on 60 minutes in 1992 that he had no remorse for his role in sending Jews to death camps now presents himself as the very soul of beneficence as he crusades to exterminate seriously ill patients.

The stated agenda of Soros’ Open Society Institute is:

“to understand and transform the culture and experience of dying and bereavement through funding initiatives in research, scholarship, the humanities, and the arts, and to foster

innovations in the provision of care, public education, professional education, and public policy.”

Mr. Compassion wants us to believe that his interest in caring for the dying was sparked by the death of his own father. Soros was irked at his father’s obstinate refusal to just die already: “…unfortunately [he ]wanted to live… I was kind of disappointed in him … I wrote him off.” Another inescapable consequence of socialized medicine will be that medical decisions will be made not by doctors and patients, but by apathetic government bureaucrats.

Soros’ depraved attitude toward his father’s will to live was not the only catalyst for his Death Project. It was also stoked by the abject failure of Hillarycare; another odious and ill conceived program that was fortunately derailed as soon as the public found out what it was. Soros, determined not to let that happen again, set about bankrolling the inglorious McCain-Feingold bill, a campaign finance “reform” law that nobody but Soros wanted. Using phony research polls, Soros was able to sell the hoax that the American people were desperate for campaign finance reform. The creation of 527 organizations essentially allowed George Soros to purchase the Democrat Party, albeit somewhat stealthily. David Horowitz and Richard Poe correctly refer to Soros as head of the Shadow Party, a party within the Democrat Party. The Shadow Party is now unmistakably ruling the country.

Liberals have been priming us for socialized medicine for years. The left loathes drug companies with a fervor normally reserved for beauty queens and executives. Liberals never bother to point out the long and expensive process it is to get a new medicine through the FDA approval process.

The sine qua non of communism is the diminution in value of individual human life. The collective is all; the state replaces God as the state must be completely separate from any notion of a power greater than itself. This lack of value on life is prominent in the liberal pro choice platform.

 In a socialist society, humans become expendable; oppressed humans don’t value their own lives or the lives of others the way a free population does.


To George Soros ADD Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel’s brother)

August 18, 2009

Ezekiel Emanuel: Obama’s Dr. Death

My how times have changed!

Dr. Jack Kevorkian went to prison for aiding the terminally ill and elderly to commit suicide, as humanely as possible, in such a circumstance.

Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, gets a big salary and numerous accolades for dealing in death penalties for the imperfect, the seriously ill and the elderly who just have the dubious distinction of living longer than Dr. “Zeke” deems economically feasible. That is really a change! He just tanked the sacrosanct Hippocratic Oath all doctors are required to abide by and respect, all in the name of thrift in economics.

Hitler had doctors who believed much the same as Dr. “Zeke.” One was immersed in building a super race while Dr. Mengele also experimented on those he considered impure, imperfect and helpless.

We must demand that Obama stop his flagrant disregard for the truths in every facet of what his administration really stands for – and against.

There is ample proof that Dr. “Zeke” stands for a Medical Rationing of an ideology that was conceived by the dark side of humanity. A sinister practice so evil that we rejected it years ago and promised to never go there again.

Yet here it is now! We face population control by indirectly ending the lives of the elderly, disabled, infants unwanted or afflicted by birth defects (physical or mental). Arranging the end of days or withholding medical treatment and or medicine to ease their pain and possibly extend their life is still what it is – euthanasia!

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has spent 12 years, maybe more, investigating managed care, doctor-patient relationship, euthanasia and end-of-life issues – publishing these items in most of the country’s top medical journals. He trained people in the ethics of medical research using human test subjects. He focused on ethics of limited medical resources – in other words, rationing.

There appears to be a definite conflict between Dr. “Zeke’s” medical training, internship and teachings which contain his extensive training in political philosophy. His doctoral dissertation has won him accolades. He could truly be considered over-educated and over-qualified. He has a BS in chemistry, MSc in biochemistry, specialized in breast cancer oncology. He is no stranger to his venue – having been a member of Hillary Clinton’s failed health care “clean sweep”. After leaving the Clinton administration, he returned to teaching but left again in 1997 for the position of Chair for of the National Institutes of Health’s new Department of Bioethics. This is eugenics. Even FOX News hasn’t summoned the courage to call it by its real name – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t eugenics – it is.

Glenn Beck used a very revealing chalk talk to prove what is happening but he couldn’t rise to calling it by its real name – eugenics.

Every course and every degree in the Ezekiel Emanuel arsenal was meant to culminate in eugenics for the new health care for America – survival of only the fit and fully participating citizens. The not so fit, the afflicted with the chance of inheritable imperfections, elderly or just unwanted will cease to be. One way or another, they will determine who gets treatment, first by obfuscation of meaning and intent by the expert “health advisors” to Obama, then by outright withholding of treatment even to the alleviation of excruciating pain.

 We must never waiver in our written and vocal rejection of this blatant grandiose scheme to genetically engineer future generations by the elimination of those with the misfortune of having been unwanted infants, elderly and all in between.


End note:

George Soros  + Ezekiel Emanuel = Rationed/Controlled healthcare.

Was Sarah Palin right when she stated there would be “death panels”?

Was/Is Obama being deceptive about “pulling the plug on Grannie”?