Obama’s America….Paternalism and Restrictions vs. Liberty and Freedom to Choose. Which one do YOU pick?







Many in the beginning called him the “One”, the “Messiah” bringing the message of “Hope” and “Change”

Has this POTUS made your life better in the past 5 years?  Do YOU see it improving over the next year?

Has your food bill decreased?

Your electric bill?

Your gas bill?

The POTUS lauds the fact he has created jobs? Where? Only Federal Jobs have been created. The greatest housing boom has been in the “Beltway” of Washington, D.C.

Failed Green Jobs and BILLIONS of dollars wasted in promoting this policy.

Does this POTUS worry about jobs, the economy, our debt, our security? Seems his only concerns are Climate Change and Gun Control.

Currently there are ILLEGAL aliens flooding our Southern Border. Granted some are children, however a majority of them are young adults and what are classified as “Other Than Mexicans” (Hamas, Hexbollah). Drug cartels and Gang members from Mexico view our current situation as a “green light”.  And what is our  POTUS doing? Pairing up the illegals with LAWYERS and requesting BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to fund care for these invaders. This past week while border over-run, our POTUS is fund-raising.  Fund-raising? Really?


Mexico’s own immigration Laws:

Mexico immigration laws w2

Mexico’s own Voter I.D. laws

Mexican voter ID requirements



Our POTUS threatens to veto the Keystone Pipeline if approved in Congress.  The one LARGE job creator for MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS.

No matter what you may believe, the Republicans are NOT the Obstructionists about creating jobs in our Legislative Branch.  The only TRUE obstructionist is Senator Harry Reid.  Over THIRTY PLUS jobs bills have been passed by the House only to be “tabled” to collect dust in the Senate.  Senator Harry Reid WILL NOT even bring the bills to the floor for discussion.


Progressive Socialists/Communists have been issuing propaganda trying to make what they call “Homer  Simpsons” (they THINK you are too stupid to think for yourself aka Individualism)  just understand that are the paternalist group over the infantilized masses.  Are YOU thinking that way?



Progressives push “Political Correctness” via WORDS.

For instance: Sally Kohn, An avowed Progressives made the statement that the “I” word (ILLEGAL) is comparable to the “N” word….

Is the ‘I-Word’ the New ‘N-Word’?



The Tea Party is NOT a political party; it is a grassroots movement consisting of different chapters nationwide that consists of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They believe in SMALL government and a government that doesn’t restrict your freedom to create/own a business without strangulating government regulations.

Yet Progressives and yet our own POTUS and VP use “tea baggers” as a slur for Tea Party Conservatives. AND THAT is acceptable?


For the past 95 years the Communist Party USA has been promoting and pushing their Socialist/Communist mantra through our POTUS, Unions, Democrat Party leaders et.al

Should HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) Be Re-Instated?



The following is a MUST READ:

The enemy within, known as Socialism/Communism  eats at American values, her morals and her virtues. Progressive Democrats believe that America is unjust.

The 45 Steps to Communism that was read into Congressional Record in 1963.  How many are already completed?


 So YOUR choice heading into 2014 and 2016. Is NOT Democrat vs. Republican….

YOUR choice is liberty and freedom to CHOOSE vs. the Paternalism of the Progressive Democrats.

Harry Reid, the Progressives and their cohorts love to mention the Koch Brothers,  yet fail to admit their cause is funded by George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Rockefellers, R$obert McKay (Taco Bell),  Bill and Melinda Gates, etc.

Democrats rich ppl telling poor ppl


charles barkley poor ppl still vote democrat






allen west obama clear & present danger to U.S.


Reagan protecting freedom




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