Obama’s Global Godfather dragged in with the CH2M Hill scandal tide?



From Canada Free Press:

by Judi McLeod

December 2, 2011

Rusty Weiss’s fully documented expose of CH2M Hill—the multinational that was awarded $2-billion in stimulus money—dragged something unexpected in with the tide: proof of President Barack Obama’s Global Godfather.

Obama’s Global Godfather is Canadian UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong—employed by CH2M Hill as chairman of its influential International Advisory Board. 

Followers of the global poohbah money track have known since his arrival in the Oval Office that Obama’s puppet strings were being pulled by George Soros.  Now they can officially add Soros’ one-time business partner in the failed Chinese Chery automobile project, Maurice Strong.

Taking in the scope of the combined power of Soros and Strong, it’s no wonder that the puppet dances and gyrates on puppeteer strings while the Fundamental Transformation of America is closer with each passing day.

With those in the know still reeling from the shock of discovering that CH2M Hill was awarded more than three times as much funding as the now bankrupt Solyndra, George and Maurice the puppet masters remain off the radar screen.

In Weiss’s The Case of CH2M Hill: $2 Billion in Crony Stimulation,  he warns that of the companies involved in the Solyndra scandal, CH2M Hill “should be next on the House GOP radar, having used nearly $10 million in stimulus funding to design the elaborate Solyndra facility in Fremont, California.”

Just for openers with their millions of dollars in pocket, “CH2M Hill clearly outdid themselves on the Solyndra project, building a facility the likes that had never been seen before in the heart of the Silicon Valley.  The facility covers 300,000 square feet, ran a price tag of $733 million, and was equated by some to the Taj Mahal.  Bloomberg News reported on some of the extravagant amenities..amenities which might surprise for a company using taxpayer funds to maintain operations.

“It wasn’t just any factory.  When it it was completed at an estimated cost of $733 million, including proceeds from a $535 million U.S. loan guarantee, it covered 300,000 square feet, the equivalent of five football fields.  It had robots that whistled Disney tunes, spa-like showers with liquid-crystal displays of the water temperature, and glass-walled conference rooms.

“All on your dime.”

“Why, having been awarded more than three times as much funding as Solyndra, has CH2M Hill escaped serious scrutiny,” Weiss asks in his exposé.  “Perhaps it is the significant donations and lobbying efforts they have doled out, targeting key Democrats in charge of the stimulus, or the revolving door of employees and White House administrative positions that have allowed them to continue their dominance in procuring government funding.”

Besides being a “consistent government favorite” for taxpayer money and the 60% of nearly $65,000 in campaign finances to Democrats,  what is CH2M Hill’s main claim to fame?

From Wikipedia: “CH2M Hill is an American-based global provider of engineering, construction, and operations services for corporations, nonprofits, and federal, state, and local governments. The firm is headquartered in Meridian, an unincorporated area of Douglas County, Colorado in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. The postal designation of nearby Englewood is commonly listed as the company’s location in corporate filings and local news accounts. As of December 2010 CH2M Hill had 23,000 employees, and 2010 revenues totaled approximately $6.3 billion.[2] The firm is employee-owned,[1] with an internal stock market that operates buy/sell events quarterly.”

These are the big boys of big business; big politics.

CH2M Hill was one of the prime contractors in Iraq, its job to oversee other on site contractors.  It was also the leading U.S. contractor in Sri Lanka after the tsunami.  In the aftermath of Katrina-devastated New Orleans, it was one of the companies that landed the contract to build trailer parks.

CH2M Hill has also shown up in the weirdest of places. For example, when the controversial Maurice Strong-led Earth Council took flight from the Costa Rican government which had been pursuing the Earth Council for payment of U.S. $1.65 million for the wrongful sale of land it imprudently donated to the Council, the Earth Council files and folders landed with no fanfare, in CH2M Hill’s Consumer Road Toronto office towers, where as far as is known, they remain to the present day.

The international political influence of CH2M Hill would have to be rated as monumental.

Strong, who hightailed it to China in the fall out from the United Nations Oil for Food scandal, and where he remains to this day, was described thus by Nicholas Sonntag, a Canadian who heads up the Beijing office of CH2M Hill: “They (China) are taking a big risk.  They’re determined to be the economic engine of the world.  This is why Maurice Strong is here—to help them think things through.”

Compared to Communist China, Barack Obama would be a piece of cake.

***Emphasis added***


***Written by Judi McLeod***



Maurice Strong’s unprecedented rise to power + Earth Charter and the Earth Council Alliance


Maurice Strong and George Soros: World Wizard and Financier Personified

From Canada Free Press: More information about Maurice Strong and financier George Soros.

All that President Barack Obama is doing to transform America, Free World over to One World Government begins and ends with one Maurice Strong. Soros is merely the financier

By Judi McLeod  Thursday, May 13, 2010

While the entire cable network world, thanks largely to The One Thing, now knows that Strong is on the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange board of directors, it gets worse, much worse.

It’s true that Strong explained that he had only fantasized the end of the world in his now famous interview with a Canadian reporter.  Unfortunately for the free world, the fantasy is Strong’s philosophy.

As recently as 2006, speaking from an air conditioned boardroom somewhere in Communist China, Maurice Strong—the same man who would deny air conditioning for you to save the environment—was hatching his latest anti-American initiative.

“Having cashed in his Kyoto credits and having launched his ManyOne Internet project from afar, Strong is back on the international scene, ready or not.  With his latest comeback, the elusive Strong is stepping back into the limelight after his alleged links to the UN Oil-forFood scandal took him off the radar screen for more than a year.  This comeback sees Strong teaming up in the biz world with George Soros.  The deadly duo aims to flood the American market with cheap Chinese-made cars. (Strong & Soros in Business: A Partnership from Hell, CFP, June 15, 2006).

“Strong’s public predictions that China would replace the United States, as world superpower is not happening fast enough.  So Strong and President George W. Bush malcontent George Soros are contemplating pouring hundreds of millions into a Communist China automaker that manufactures the “Chery”.”

So Strong and Soros were working on anti-American schemes as far back as 2006.

They had hoped to decimate Ford, Chrysler and GM by flooding the U.S. market with cheapo Cherys on a 2007 deadline.

Well, we now know what happened to the American auto industry in 2009.

But it doesn’t even begin or stop there.

Maurice Strong has almost as much impact on average Americans as the air that they breathe.

All that President Barack Obama is doing to transform America and the Free World over to One World Government begins and ends with one Maurice Strong. Soros is merely the financier.

Here, in his own words, is what Strong wants for the middle class: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class—involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing—are not sustainable.  A shift is necessary towards lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”  (1992 Rio Earth Summit 11).

Strong’s portrayal as a Wizard Oz in a fog of ether was helped along by Canada’s state-owned, liberal and largest television network, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)l

The CBC 2004 special, The Life and Times of Maurice Strong, features a visit by Strong to former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev who gives Strong a CBC-described “glass saber full of the same brandy Stalin used to send Winston Churchill every week.”




Crony Capitalism at its best.

Big boys of big business; big politics.


CH2M Hill



WHY aren’t the #OWS protestors doing so at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

Hey #OWS:  Banks aren’t the only thing “bailed out”

Ask Obama.



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  1. […] Obama’s Global Godfather dragged in with the CH2M Hill scandal tide? […]

  2. Thank you for all of this info. Do you know Ed Chiarini? His website is http://www.wellaware1.com If you want to see who is behind and working with this creep, go to this site. He reveals how Strong came over with a few other nazis after the war, and shows the families who are now in our news stories daily.

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