Is Lady Liberty Still Worth Fighting For? Time to RING THE BELL of Freedom….



For those that believe the Leftist Rhetoric (Reid, Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc.) that the Tea Party are “terrorists”……..



Compare the Tea Party to what you witness today with the “Occupiers”promoting Leftist ideology.……

Curiously, the media has failed to connect this violence with the explicit endorsements of the movement by President Obama.



Tea Party:

May 6, 2010<<<Note Date……Will this apply to the 2012 Election cycle?

RISE UP (original song) – Jeremy Hoop [from the Tea Party Movie]


April 4, 2009<<Note date: Does it still apply today in the 2012 Election Year?

A Revolution’s Brewing – A TEA Party Rally Song

**Listen closely to the WORDS of the song**


Remember Who We Are


The 2012 Elections will be

Mandates, extreme regulations, executive order fiat and government controls


Liberties and Freedoms for individualism and prosperity.

The Choice is yours America……Choose wisely.




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