Discontent and Discourse Alinsky Style Part 2. Putting Fear….then “Hope” toward Hispanic Voters. Are Hispanic Voters Better Off Today than in 2008?


To Hispanic Voters:

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Is Obama Really for Hispanic voters?


The Big Fail: Hispanics Not Better Off Under Obama


Desperate for Sizzle, Obama Plays “Moats and Alligators” Card!


Discontent and Discourse Alisnky style:  Rub raw the sores of discontent, then galvanize them and utilize them against your enemy (Republicans)

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Rubbing Raw the Sores of Discontent Then Galvanize Them. Independent VOTERS: Educate Yourself to the Ideology Trying to Take Hold in America


Statism Needs Division and Discontent to Push Their Progressive Agenda


READ and look at the parts marked with emphasis:

Obama pledges to tackle immigration reform early in 2nd term if reelected

April 15, 2012

CARTAGENA, Colombia –  In his most specific pledge yet to U.S. Hispanics, President Obama said Saturday he would seek to tackle immigration policy in the first year of a second term. But he cautioned that he would need an amenable Congress to succeed.

“This is something I care deeply about,” he told Univision. “It’s personal to me.”

Obama said in the television interview that he would work on immigration this year, but said he can’t get support from Republicans in Congress. Obama also tried to paint his Republican presidential challenger, Mitt Romney, as an extremist on immigration, saying that Romney supports laws that would potentially allow for people to be stopped and asked for citizenship papers based on an assumption that they are illegal.

“So what we need is a change either of Congress or we need Republicans to change their mind, and I think this has to be an important debate during — throughout the country,” Obama said.

Romney aides have said that the former Massachusetts governor supports laws that would require employers to verify the legal status of workers they employ.

President Obama only talks about immigration reform when he’s seeking votes,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul. “Then-candidate Obama promised to tackle immigration reform in his first year. More than three years into his term, America is still waiting for his immigration plan.”



Are Republicans REALLY the obstructionists Obama makes them out to be?

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Listen carefully from 0:53 to 1:59


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Want to know where all the House-passed jobs bills are? Stuck in the Senate. Is Harry Reid Enabling Obama’s Power Grab?


Are Sen. Harry Reid’s Lips Tired From Puckering? Reid Uses Procedural Maneuver to Block Vote on Obama’s Jobs Bill. Yet Obama CLAIMS Republicans are the Obstructionists?


Someone from the Hispanic Community needs to ask Obama: WHY did the DHS and ICE do this? Read at link below:

Why Did The DHS, ICE Just Order 450 MILLION Rounds Of .40 Caliber Ammunition? WHO gave the Order To Do So? Obama? Holder? Napolitano?


The FIRST questions should be:  WHY has it taken him over 3 years to even contemplate tackling immigration?

Also WHY has there been an uptick in the amount of deportations recently?  WHO do the illegals believe gives the ORDERS to do so?

The DEMOCRAT Party had CONTROL of the House, the Senate and the White House from January 2009 until January 2011.  That is TWO years with basically “carte blanche” to pass any legislation they wanted.  WHY are the REPULICANS being blamed for “failed policies”?


America needs to focus on Obama’s agenda/policies:

JOBS and the Economy SHOULD BE at the top of the Obama Agenda. What has Obama’s FIRST term  done for America?

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“Green” Energy Firm Given $118.5 Million Taxpayer Loan From Obama Administration, Gives Executives $725K Bonuses, Promptly Goes Bankrupt…


Obama “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” Agenda? Five Pennsylvania Coal-Fueled Power Plants to Close due to Obama Administration Regulations. GM Laying Off 1,300 Workers, Suspending Production of Chevy Volt


Obama to Bankrupt Coal Plants, No Keystone Pipeline, No Drilling for US Deposits: Cuba to Start Drilling for Oil Just 62 Miles off FLORIDA Coast


Obama Gives Coal Miners the Shaft


Another Stimulus-Backed Solar Panel Maker (Abound Solar), one Obama Touted in a weekly Radio Address, Lays off Most of its Workers.


The Liberals/Dems Outraged in 2008 with High Gas Prices. Convenient Lapse of Memory? Or Hoping Americans Don’t Remember?


Another Stimulus-Backed Solar Panel Maker (Abound Solar), one Obama Touted in a weekly Radio Address, Lays off Most of its Workers.


Another Failed “Green” Company (A123 Systems) gets $390 MILLION in subsidies; Lays off 125 workers


Remember this in 2009?

Central Valley Farmers of California Water Rights

Trouble viewing video?  Click Here.

Tea Party of Washington State support for Central Valley Farmers of California over water rights Farmers are under assault from environmentalist and government including key Democrats from their own state.


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Obama Will Use Anti-Wall Street Anger Against GOP in ‘Central Tenet’ of 2012 Campaign




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