Liberal Biased Media Given Marching Orders from David Axelrod. Is Liberal Media Afraid of Obama? Or Just the Useful Idiots Obama Wants them to Be?


FIRST THIS: For those that don’t know David Axelrod

Security Implications? Obama’s Man Axelrod Was Mentored by Marxist Radicals

**Research by Trevor Loudon of David Axelrod and the Chicago Marxists**


From Breitbart/Big Journalism:


By John Nolte

July 5, 2012

We’ve got to make sure people fully appreciate Mitt Romney is not some safe alternative. –Obama Senior Advisor, David Plouffe

On Tuesday, no less than the Twitter account owned by the President of the United States tweeted out a link to an article written by Vanity Fair’s Nicholas Shaxsone. The article is nothing more than a smear-job laced with innuendo about Romney’s finances. It’s also meant as bait for a corrupt media eager to join in the Obama campaign’s mission as defined by Plouffe above.

Yesterday, the Obama campaign changed tactics just a bit. They probably didn’t expect Breitbart News to report the fact that Shaxson is a hard-hard-hardcore leftist and a cheerleader for the Occupy movement, so yesterday David Axelrod launched this series of tweets:

Astonishing story about Mitt’s Bermuda tax shelter and his efforts to keep it secret, apparently skirting MA law. 1/4

A Swiss bank account. A dozen funds in the Cayman Islands. And now, a Bermuda tax shelter he failed to report. 2/4

How many of these revelations will it take for the media to demand a full accounting of Mitt’s tax returns and finances? 3/4

Or will his campaign continue to stonewall and keep him secure within the MPP–the Mittness Protection Program? 4/4

If you click Axelrod’s link, he’s no longer linking to the pro-Occupier’s article. What he links to is an AP article published — and this is no coincidence– the morning after theVanity Fair article was released but based on the exact same reporting and subject, and filled with the same lack of facts and evidence. It’s all about innuendo. It’s all about “raising questions.” It’s all about distracting from the economy. It’s all about colluding with Obama to define Mitt Romney.

There’s no question that what Axelrod is doing here is ordering his lapdog media to engage in the art of “raising questions,” where with no evidence of any wrongdoing — just the journOlisting of an Occupy-supporter — the media can open a narrative that begins each broadcast with, “Questions are being raised about Mitt Romney’s finances…”

Which is no different from, “When did you stop beating Ann, Mitt…?”

Though Romney is in full compliance with any and all financial disclosure requirements, by using innuendo and suspicion, what the media intends to do here is to aid and abet Obama by tying Romney up in knots for as long as possible by making him prove a negative. Along the way, he will be smeared and tarred by the media as a shady rich guy — and it’s no coincidence that that’s exactly what Obama wants.

For as long as it can, the corrupt media also wants to distract voters from the faltering economy. This is why the media all but refuses to report that wages have fallen,manufacturing is contracting, the GDP plunged to 1.9%, and unemployment claims are creeping back up to the dreaded 400,000 mark.

These are not stories the media wants to tell because the truth of the Obama economy will destroy the president’s chance for reelection. So the Obama campaign keeps feeding the media distractions (War on Women, immigration, same-sex marriage, etc.) and the media EAGERLY runs with the White House talking points in order to avoid talking about an economy that might well be headed towards recession.

As you can see here, the pipe is already being laid by the Washington Post and Politico to launch this smear campaign, which is no surprise. We’ve caught both of these outlets coordinating with the Obama campaign before. Furthermore, since Breitbart News published that report, both the Post and Politico have doubled down.

Though the media would make damn sure Romney paid a price for launching a smear-campaign similar to the one Obama himself just has through his own Twitter account, the media will do just the opposite here. Today the President will give a speech that I’ve heard will discuss Romney’s finances. Tomorrow the June jobs report comes out, which is expected to be bad news for the Administration and America.

The timing the Vanity Fair article and the tweets is no coincidence.

This is all a set up to make sure that next week we are talking about everything but the economy, and if past is prologue, the lapdog media will gleefully, cheerfully, giddily comply.

And let’s always keep in mind that this is the very same media still refusing to report that…

…Obama purchased his million-dollar home with the help of  a man who’s now a convicted felon. Talk about “murky” finances.

…Obama lied about his relationship with a domestic terrorist.

…Obama told three dozen falsehoods in his autobiography.

…Obama lied about his socialist New Party membership.

…Obama is lying about Romney’s record as an outsourcer.

…Obama refused  to disclose who all of his donors were in 2008.

…hundreds of innocent Mexicans were gunned down by Fast and Furious guns.

…manufacturing is contracting.

…the GDP plunged to 1.9&.

…wages just fell for only the fifth time in 33 years.

…that the Administration hides its guest list in plain sight.

Naturally, the corrupt media’s reply to these charges will be the usual-usual: “We reported on this!”

Yes, dutifully.

But we all know that the difference between dutiful reporting and a full-blown narrative is the difference between CYA and Palace Guarding.


***Written by John Nolte***

***Emphasis added to the above for focal point**




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