The all-Obama channel: FCC considers emergency system that gives president universal access to broadcast nationwide




The all-Obama channel: FCC considers emergency system that gives president universal access to broadcast nationwide

By Allen B. West

July 15, 2014

Orwellian 1984 Obama FCC


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering upgrading the Emergency Alert System so the president can speak to the entire country at the flip of a switch.

I do not if you’ve read George Orwell’s 1984 or saw the movie starring Richard Burton and John Hurt — truly a classic. I remember the “big voice” system that allowed the president to address the public at any time to promulgate any propaganda. It appears Orwell was about 30 years early in his prediction, but right on target nonetheless.

As The Hill reports, “The national Emergency Alert System broadcasts television alert messages to warn people about immediate dangers. The system is often used at the local level to warn people about weather conditions such as tornadoes or flash floods.”

So why does the president need a special code which will give him the immediate ability to “address” the American people? And who in the president’s administration will determine what is an emergency?

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The president can just flip a switch and all TV channels go to him speaking? And what is the intent? Is it to tell Americans we’re dispersing illegal immigrants all across the country? Is the purpose to allow the president to issue whatever ideological propaganda message he desires?

The Hill reports “the current system is not capable of reaching the entire country all at once should the president need to warn the public of something like a terrorist attack or an act of war against the country. Instead, to reach the entire country, each local jurisdiction would have to broadcast the same message — a tedious process that could leave room for gaps if one station misses the broadcast. So the FCC is proposing a national location code that would give the president the ability to broadcast to the entire country with a single message in the event of a nationwide emergency. The proposal will be published in Tuesday’s edition of the Federal Register. The FCC says the update will help with “saving human lives, reducing injuries, mitigating property damage, and minimizing the disruption of the national economy.”

I always love how we mask nefarious intents under the guise of helping, warning, protecting, and preparing the American people. We have 24-hour news and weather channels that inform the American people. And a terrorist attack? Here we go with fear-mongering in order to expand government control. Didn’t we just hear the same about the NSA surveillance program of Americans?

And once again, something is being added to the Federal Registry under the ever-expanding bureaucratic regulatory state — and not by legislative process. So much for protecting, warning and informing the American people.

The FCC estimates the new technology and testing would cost the industry between $7 million and $13.6 million in compliance costs. So whom do you think will actually have to pay for these update costs? Yep, you and me, Joe and Jane Doe American consumer.
The last thing anyone in America should want is a president with the ability to flip a switch and broadcast directly into your home.

We, the public have 30 days to comment on the proposed rules — go to the Federal Registry and review the document. Hey, there you go. Why do we need an update to the system? I just warned you of an eminent danger — more government intrusion — and it didn’t cost you anything.

**Article attributed to Allen B. West in its entirety**

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Allen West GUARDIAN of tghe Republic



Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom


Personal note:

 **ALLEN B. WEST for President 2016……**

Allen West American Eagle







Help Turn Trevor Loudon’s Book, “The Enemies Within:” Into a “Game Changing” Movie




Help Turn Trevor Loudon’s Book Into a “Game Changing” Movie

by Trevor Loudon

July 10, 2014

Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress is to be turned into a “game changing” movie.

Timed for release in August 2015, “The Enemies Within” will be like no other film ever released in America.

Production standards will be Hollywood quality.

Guiding values however, will be 100% American.

The Enemies Within will name names and go where no one has gone in modern times in its quest to awaken Americans to the enemies within their own government.

Help restore America by exposing its internal enemies.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 minimum, partially from investors and partially from our grassroots support base through crowd sourcing.

Go here to help us to fund and make this movie.



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Marxism in America: Researcher Trevor Loudon Connects Obama,Van Jones, Valerie Jarret,







Obama’s America….Paternalism and Restrictions vs. Liberty and Freedom to Choose. Which one do YOU pick?







Many in the beginning called him the “One”, the “Messiah” bringing the message of “Hope” and “Change”

Has this POTUS made your life better in the past 5 years?  Do YOU see it improving over the next year?

Has your food bill decreased?

Your electric bill?

Your gas bill?

The POTUS lauds the fact he has created jobs? Where? Only Federal Jobs have been created. The greatest housing boom has been in the “Beltway” of Washington, D.C.

Failed Green Jobs and BILLIONS of dollars wasted in promoting this policy.

Does this POTUS worry about jobs, the economy, our debt, our security? Seems his only concerns are Climate Change and Gun Control.

Currently there are ILLEGAL aliens flooding our Southern Border. Granted some are children, however a majority of them are young adults and what are classified as “Other Than Mexicans” (Hamas, Hexbollah). Drug cartels and Gang members from Mexico view our current situation as a “green light”.  And what is our  POTUS doing? Pairing up the illegals with LAWYERS and requesting BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to fund care for these invaders. This past week while border over-run, our POTUS is fund-raising.  Fund-raising? Really?


Mexico’s own immigration Laws:

Mexico immigration laws w2

Mexico’s own Voter I.D. laws

Mexican voter ID requirements



Our POTUS threatens to veto the Keystone Pipeline if approved in Congress.  The one LARGE job creator for MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS.

No matter what you may believe, the Republicans are NOT the Obstructionists about creating jobs in our Legislative Branch.  The only TRUE obstructionist is Senator Harry Reid.  Over THIRTY PLUS jobs bills have been passed by the House only to be “tabled” to collect dust in the Senate.  Senator Harry Reid WILL NOT even bring the bills to the floor for discussion.


Progressive Socialists/Communists have been issuing propaganda trying to make what they call “Homer  Simpsons” (they THINK you are too stupid to think for yourself aka Individualism)  just understand that are the paternalist group over the infantilized masses.  Are YOU thinking that way?



Progressives push “Political Correctness” via WORDS.

For instance: Sally Kohn, An avowed Progressives made the statement that the “I” word (ILLEGAL) is comparable to the “N” word….

Is the ‘I-Word’ the New ‘N-Word’?



The Tea Party is NOT a political party; it is a grassroots movement consisting of different chapters nationwide that consists of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They believe in SMALL government and a government that doesn’t restrict your freedom to create/own a business without strangulating government regulations.

Yet Progressives and yet our own POTUS and VP use “tea baggers” as a slur for Tea Party Conservatives. AND THAT is acceptable?


For the past 95 years the Communist Party USA has been promoting and pushing their Socialist/Communist mantra through our POTUS, Unions, Democrat Party leaders

Should HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) Be Re-Instated?



The following is a MUST READ:

The enemy within, known as Socialism/Communism  eats at American values, her morals and her virtues. Progressive Democrats believe that America is unjust.

The 45 Steps to Communism that was read into Congressional Record in 1963.  How many are already completed?


 So YOUR choice heading into 2014 and 2016. Is NOT Democrat vs. Republican….

YOUR choice is liberty and freedom to CHOOSE vs. the Paternalism of the Progressive Democrats.

Harry Reid, the Progressives and their cohorts love to mention the Koch Brothers,  yet fail to admit their cause is funded by George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Rockefellers, R$obert McKay (Taco Bell),  Bill and Melinda Gates, etc.

Democrats rich ppl telling poor ppl


charles barkley poor ppl still vote democrat






allen west obama clear & present danger to U.S.


Reagan protecting freedom




Democrats MUST have Something to HIDE about Benghazi……






May 11, 2014


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Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes For Trey Gowdy To Shame An Entire Room Of Journalists Into Silence


Link to video


H/T Western Journalism





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America: IF the Obama Administration was Gun/Munitions Running from Libya and During 9/11 Attack the Benghazi Heroes Told to “Stand Down”…Thinks Four Americans were “Expendable”…How Does Obama View YOU? **UPDATES October 28, 2012**



Was Obama and His Administration Involved in Arming al Qaeda in Libya? Why Did Amb. Stevens Leave Fortress in Tripoli to Go to Benghazi?


Developing, Disturbing: Syrian Rebels (Who May Be Al Qaeda) Have Been Given U.S. Stinger Missiles


New Executive Order signed – why now? Benghazi…election?




Red lines Obama chose to ignore





These men lost their lives in the Benghazi terrorist attacks in service to our Country……





God and country







The HYPOCRISY of the Progressive Left: Focus on Koch Brothers, but HIDE their Connections to Liberal BILLIONAIRES….



America: The Progressive Left Democrats think we are all stupid and have “Homer Simpson” mentalities.

The Koch Brothers…..Evil, incarnate, men…..if you BELIEVE people like Harry Reid:

Link to video



Harry Reid Backgrounder and History in Senate


Yes, the Koch Brothers donate to Republican campaigns.

What you may not know is this:

Philanthropy: Koch gave $100 million to MIT in 2007 to create the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Other multi-million-dollar donations have gone to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Anderson Cancer Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery.


Koch family foundations and philanthropy are grounded in the belief that free societies are the greatest generators of social progress, sustainable prosperity and well-being.


That being said, let’s look at the Progressive Left and their financial ties….shall we?

Big Labor Taking Over Soros Piggybank 

May 8, 2014 by Matthew Vadum

An ultra-secretive left-wing money machine for super rich radicals is bringing more representatives of Big Labor into the fold in order to prevent the likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this November. Thanks to a Democracy Alliance member’s oversight, Americans are getting a sense of what the nation’s wealthy left-wingers have in store for the fall elections and beyond. As Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon reported, leftist billionaire George Soros’s son Jonathan left behind a partial membership list of the Democracy Alliance at a meeting in a fancy Chicago hotel last week. The names on the document suggest that organized labor is becoming increasingly influential within the left-wing plutocrats’ invitation-only club. New Democracy Alliance members from the labor movement include Noel Beasley, president of Workers United, a textile union affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and Keith Mestrich, president of the union-owned Amalgamated Bank. Other new members from Big Labor include Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. CWA senior director George Kohl and Michelle Ringuette, Weingarten’s assistant, also secured memberships in the Democracy Alliance. But not all new members are professional parasites. Business people joining the Democracy Alliance recently include Adam Abram (insurance and real estate), Rick Segal (financial services), and Paul Boskind (psychology, behavioral health). The Alliance has also added a slew of limousine liberals to its membership ranks. Heirs and heiresses to get the nod from the gold-plated leftist piggybank include Amy Goldman (real estate) and Henry van Ameringen (manufacturing). Trust fund baby and New School professor Philip Munger, son of Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charles Munger, became an Alliance member. The group’s leadership was not pleased. Former George Soros lieutenant Gara LaMarche, now president of the Democracy Alliance, whined that some members were “not wild about” their names being published. Those donors are “determined not to be distracted by sideshows,” and they “knew the Free Beacon was sniffing around at our conference, and they are under no illusions about what kind of ‘journalism’ they practice. It’s annoying, but unfortunately that’s the world we live in.” Meanwhile, there seems to be an effort underway to depict the scores of billionaires and multi-millionaires of the Democracy Alliance as underdogs struggling heroically against the Koch brothers, the billionaire siblings who fund conservative and libertarian causes. The Washington Post misleadingly observes:

“The [Democracy Alliance] has pumped an estimated $500 million into an array of organizations on the left over the past nine years, according to the alliance. The group’s leaders had originally hoped the sums would be larger by now. By comparison, a network of politically active nonprofits backed by the Kochs and other conservative donors raised $400 million just in the 2012 elections.”

The problem is we have no way of knowing if the $500 million figure, which sounds low — the Democracy Alliance has been batting that number around for years — is accurate or meaningful. It (probably) does not include its members’ personal contributions to candidates and causes. So much money may not appear in the final tally because it wasn’t the subject of a formal giving recommendation from the Alliance. Shouldn’t it count as well? When George Soros gave $1 million Media Matters for America, was that sum included in Democracy Alliance totals? Nobody outside the group knows because the Alliance is not transparent. We have no idea what the numbers they provide actually mean. And then there’s the weaselly wording of the Washington Post article that suggests that the comparison between the Kochs and the Democracy Alliance is apples and oranges. There is no entity comparable to the Democracy Alliance on the Right, yet the article speaks of “a network of politically active nonprofits backed by the Kochs and other conservative donors” that raised $400 million for the 2012 elections. The Democracy Alliance is a consortium of donors. This phantom conservative “network” that is referenced is apparently a group of grant recipients. You can’t compare the two sets of actors — unless you’re a political propagandist. Besides, it is well established that the Right is severely outgunned on the philanthropic battlefield. The collective assets of liberal-progressive grant-making foundations are in fact 10 times the size of the assets of conservative foundations. Left-wing nonprofit groups vastly outspend conservative groups, which tend to rely more on grassroots donations. Leftist organizations operate with almost complete impunity nowadays, unimpeded as they influence and pervert American politics in an effort to fundamentally transform our republic. The Left is Goliath; the Right, David. The Democracy Alliance itself is a collection of more than 100 socialist venture capitalists, spoiled brat rich kids, heirs and heiresses, Hollywood moguls, and unethical bankers that funds left-wing groups that aspire to smash the American system. It was created following the 2004 elections, which brought stinging defeats to the Left in battles for the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives — long before most in the media had even heard of the Koch brothers. Leftist blogger Markos Moulitsas has called the Alliance “a vast, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to rival” the conservative movement. George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left in the United States, was a huge player in the formation of the Democracy Alliance. His financial contributions to left-wing groups dwarf what the Kochs have given to right-leaning groups. Quite appropriately, “Saturday Night Live” has mocked the octogenarian Gordon Gekko as the “owner” of the Democratic Party. Soros openly favors American decline and has said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” The radical philanthropist praises Communist China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”

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Warren Buffett has given $1.2 billion to abortion groups



George Soros Using Political Connections to Benefit His Foreign Policy Goals

Secretary of State John Kerry to introduce George Soros at State Department open forum Tuesday


by Daniel Wiser

May 13, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will introduce liberal megadonor George Soros at an open forum on Tuesday, the latest evidence of the billionaire using his political connections to benefit his investments and foreign policy goals, critics say.

Kerry will introduce Soros at the 1:30 p.m. forum on May 13 at the George C. Marshall Center, the Germany-based security and defense studies institute jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry, according to a State Department event notice.

Soros will discuss “strengthening civil society, democracy and the world economy” with Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Douglas Frantz following Kerry’s introduction.

Soros, a New York City hedge fund manager who amassed great wealth through his company Soros Fund Management, has used his foundation network—known as the Open Society Foundations (OSF)—to dispense more than $11 billion to groups abroad as well as numerous left-leaning U.S. groups in the last three decades.

He is perhaps the Democratic Party’s most famous donor, contributing almost $24 million to advocacy groups that supported Kerry’s failed presidential bid in 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He also donated $1 million to the Priorities USA Action Super PAC that helped reelect President Barack Obama in 2012.

Critics say Soros leverages his political connections to increase the returns on his investments.

While Soros has increased his multi-million dollar investments in both U.S. and foreign companies that extract shale oil and gas, the Obama administration has championed natural gas as a less carbon-intensive bridge fuel toward a “clean-energy future.” The administration’s proposal to offer incentives to companies that use trucks powered by natural gas would benefit Westport Innovations, a company that converts diesel engines for natural gas use and is partially owned by Soros’ hedge fund.

Soros’ political advocacy also tends to blend with his investments. He proposed in 2009 that developed countries create a “green fund” to combat climate change in developing countries by directing billions from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) toward forestry, land-use, and agricultural projects. Soros’ fund controls more than a $200 million stake in Adecoagro, a Luxembourg-based company that owns hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in South America and would benefit from the IMF cash infusion.

Soros told the New Yorker in a 2004 interview that “there are occasionally symbiotic moments between political and business interests” that occur during his efforts to influence American policy.

More here…



Read the Confidential Document Left Behind at the Democracy Alliance Meeting

A list of new members of the Democracy Alliance offers a revealing look into the secret group of liberal billionaires

**Includes list of donors and new participants. Click on link above**


It lists new Democracy Alliance “partners,” individuals who every year must pay $30,000 in dues and contribute at least $200,000 to the groups that DA supports. It also reveals names of DA “advisers,” foundation participants, and individuals getting a “sneak peek” at the group’s activities. Among its new partners are top labor union bosses, financial and business leaders, and heirs to billion-dollar fortunes who have made names for themselves as high-dollar Democratic donors.  [Emphasis added]




The Democracy Alliance does not actually accept donations. Instead, it solicits contributions from left-wing millionaires and billionaires, and serves as a “pass through” between those donors and top liberal advocacy groups, including the Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America, and Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA. [Emphasis added] The group emphasizes secrecy in all of its operations, even as its members and the DA “favored organizations” to which they donate decry the role of “dark money” in American politics. DA does not disclose details of any of the transactions it facilitates, and its members and donation recipients are prohibited from speaking publicly about the organization and its operations.



 Even Nancy Pelosi HYPROCRISY:

Link to video

 ***Note at  1:00 to 1:40  min., Pelosi, in 2012 mentions… the President’s PAC… Priorities USA…..WHO is mentioned as part of recipients of funds from the Democracy Alliance.




Additional Links:

 Congressional Progressive Caucus

Nancy Pelosi Backgrounder and history in Congress


Eagle I will fight socialism




Opinions, Personal thoughts, & Whispers of War


Soulful thoughts. Words worth listening to.

Originally posted on Keli has a Blog:

lady in gauzeImage from Indulgy – Artist not listed


Whispers of War

Hear the silent music

secluded and forlorn.

The Faithless masks have fallen

Reality now scorned.

Shrouded in Conviction

the bloodied Hope defies,

with swords and courage raging

they fight on in sunset skies.

The veil of Tears is tainted

and thus blinded by Death’s gore.

Ruthless and destructive

the warriors fight for more.

Truth dispels the Silence

as Hollow prophets shout,

and Death reveals the Imminent,

dressed, in robes of Doubt.

Created understanding

illuminates the Past.

The Truth is often painful

but the knowledge there is vast.

Cruelty lies in Silence

for all the Innocent Souls.

Their vanished Dreams lie dormant

and their memories grow cold.

Their lives methodically taken,

 Their families ripped apart.

Can you not hear the voices

as they whisper in your Heart?

Revenge is thus awaiting

like a beast you feed unknown.

Turn your back, devoured…

View original 811 more words

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“So God Made a Patriot”. Those willing to STAND for Liberty and Freedom…..







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Eagle American by birth; patriot by choice



God and country





American Citizens vs. Our Supressive Government. No American Should Support Suppression of our Liberties.



**LISTEN carefully to her testimony**


Catherine Engelbrecht’s Testimony at House of Representatives Hearing on IRS Targeting non profit organizations.


Link to video






Elijah Cummings caught LYING about IRS SCANDAL


Congressional Black Caucus member and ranking House Oversight Committee race-baiting Democrat Elijah Cumming flatly LIED about his role in the IRS scandal.

Cummings argued that there was no evidence linking the IRS tax document to the Democrats, when in fact his staff (by way of him) requested this information.


More here……



In other news……



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Morningland Dairy – The Final Solution



On August 26th, 2010 the destruction of Morningland Dairy began. Having lost a two and half year battle with cancer of the State, the interment will take place on January 25th, 2013.

People involved in all aspects of food production, be it growing, processing or distributing, should read through all the documentation and understand that Morningland’s saga is the model for all independent food production under the FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act. Critical to this destruction are “science-based standards” as opposed to scientifically accurate controls and concerns. The Global Food Safety Initiative combined with “Good Agricultural Practices” and the “Guide to Good Farming” will ensure that an inability to feed the population will occur. Morningland Dairy is an early casualty of these “science based standards”.

Visions and Hopes-The Birth

Joseph and Denise Dixon took over Morningland Dairy after Denise completed a two year internship with the founders of Morningland, Jim and Margie Reiner. The Dixons finalized the purchase and began improvements on the Missouri Milk Board inspected and approved raw milk cheese plant in October of 2008. The entire family was tremendously pleased because this would allow Joseph to be home with the family instead of on the road working as an electrician in the eastern half of the United States. The Dixons wanted to expand the varieties of cheese made by the company and ventured into a broader array of production.

Their desire was to help other families in the historically poverty stricken Missouri Ozarks to make an actual living on the farm and allow families to stay together. They consulted with the Missouri Milk Board and arranged for two families to begin providing goat milk to Morningland and launched a popular goat milk cheese line shortly after taking over the company.



While Joseph and Denise were at a cheese making conference in Washington State, the plant manager received a call from the Missouri Milk Board stating that there was an issue of potential contamination found by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in Morningland cheese.

The cooler of $250,000 worth of cheese was immediately put under embargo, more accurately understood as house arrest, by the Missouri Milk Board. Don Falls, an inspector for the Milk Board, told the plant manager, “You should be back up and running by early next week.” Obviously, that wasn’t true. As a matter of fact, the very next morning, presumably after he spoke with the FDA, Falls’ entire attitude changed.

Over the weekend, the FDA leaked a nation wide recall on all of Morningland’s cheese produced in 2010. Not just the two batches that California indicated might be “suspect” for contamination, but their entire year’s production. Most of the cheese implicated as “suspect” by California had already been consumed. No complaints or ill effects were reported by any of the consumers of any of Morningland’s cheese. Nonetheless, the FDA required all of their products to be recalled.

Death by Bureaucracy

Very few people realize the FDA has an armed and very military aspect. They showed up at Morningland in camouflage and made a lovely impression on those able to be at the unveiling of the future of food safety “FDA style”.

The FDA and Milk Board worked hand in hand to ensure that this little cheese plant in the midst of the Missouri Ozarks, that hadn’t made anyone sick in 30 years, would never make another batch of cheese for their loyal customers. Yet the FDA, who admit to killing 100,000 people a year, are allowed to gain ever more control over everything we take into our bodies. So the tally on deaths over the 30 year history of Morningland Dairy versus the FDA is: Morningland “Zero”, FDA “3 Million”…or somewhere near that.

Despite significant effort, the FDA found no contamination in any cracks or drains in the cheese plant or even on the legs of the milk talk in the dairy barn. This evidence was not allowed to be introduced as part of Morningland’s defense because the Missouri Attorney General’s office contended that the FDA “was a separate issue.”

When pointedly asked what the specific process for getting the cheese plant back into production was, the Milk Board representative said it would involve a panel and consultation with the FDA to determine if that were a possibility. The members of the panel, other than the Milk Board and the FDA, and the specific requirements and processes were never delineated and no effort to achieve anything other than the destruction of the plant was ever evidenced by any official arm of the State of Missouri.

Keep reading here……..



An aside:



Obama program aims to reduce ‘births’ among blacks, Latinos



The language on the CDC’s website makes clear that the program seeks to reduce the rate of both pregnancies and “births” among minorities.

Specifically, the CDC says the “purpose of this program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative, multicomponent, communitywide initiatives in reducing rates of teen pregnancy and births in communities with the highest rates, with a focus on reaching African American and Latino/Hispanic youth aged 15–19 years.”

[embolding added]


The CDC says the distinction is one without a difference.

“On the website for the initiative there is no distinction between the two,” CDC spokeswoman Renee Brown-Bryant wrote in an email to TheDC.






Thomas Jefferson on tyranny




Obama’s EPA Conducts Dangerous Human Experiments. Dr. Joseph Mengele Revisited?





For those unfamiliar with Dr. Joseph Mengele: Go HERE and read….


Excerpt from above link:

Dr Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, was a Nazi German SS officer and a physician in Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. He gained notoriety chiefly for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving transports of prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced laborer, and for performing human experiments of dubious scientific value on camp inmates including attempts to change eye color by injecting chemicals into children’s eyes, various amputations of limbs, and shock treatments. Most of those Mengele experimented on died, either due to the experiments or later infections. On several occasions, he killed subjects simply to be able to dissect them afterwards.



 Now THIS from the Obama Administration and the EPA:

 From IBD Editorials

Obama’s EPA Conducts Dangerous Human Experiments

 April 4, 2014

Mad Science: The Environmental Protection Agency has been deliberately exposing people — including children — with asthma and other health issues to pollution to justify ever-more-stringent air quality standards.

‘Improvements to EPA Policies and Guidance Could Enhance Protection of Human Study Subjects,” released by the EPA’s Office of Inspector General on March 31, confirms that the agency “exposed 81 human study subjects to concentrated airborne particles or diesel exhaust emissions in five EPA studies conducted during 2010 and 2011.”

According to the report, obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the human subjects, said to have given their “informed consent,” were exposed to levels of pollutants up to 50 times greater than the EPA itself says is safe for humans. And there are questions as to how informed that consent was.

The Daily Caller said the inspector general’s report revealed that “only one of five studies’ consent forms provided the subject with information on the upper range of the pollutant” to which the people would be exposed.

Even more alarming, said the Daily Caller, a new and opinion website, “is the fact that only ‘two of five alerted study subjects to the risk of death for older individuals with cardiovascular disease.’ “

From the Daily Caller we also learn that “three of the studies exposed human subjects to high levels of particulate matter while two of the studies exposed people to high levels of diesel exhaust and ozone. Diesel exhaust contains 40 toxic air contaminants, including 19 that are known carcinogens and particulate matter.”

There’s also the issue of tests involving children and the EPA’s efforts to cover this up. The agency also exposed children to pollution as part of an experiment at the University of Southern California. In February 2013,, run by Steve Milloy, a Johns Hopkins-trained biostatistician, reported the EPA giving USC grant money to study how particulate matter affects “asthma in susceptible children.”

A Dec. 4, 2012, document in the EPA extramural research grants database showed diesel exposure to children. The original document has since been replaced by a strongly edited version, and, reports, has “made a Freedom of Information Act request to the EPA to explain the deletion and alteration of its database of the documentation regarding diesel experiments on children.”

In 2012, the American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center filed a lawsuit charging that the “EPA failed to adequately inform project participants that the pollution they will inhale imposes a risk to their health and there is no benefit whatever.”

David Schnare, a former EPA scientist, policy analyst and enforcement attorney who now heads the ATI, said:

“EPA parked a truck’s exhaust pipe directly beneath an intake pipe on the side of a building. The exhaust was sucked into the pipe, mixed with some additional air and then piped directly into the lungs of the human subjects. EPA actually has pictures of this gas chamber, a clear plastic pipe stuck into the mouth of a subject, his lips sealing it to his face, diesel fumes inhaled straight into his lungs.”

Read More HERE




Article Published in Newsweek on America’s Obsession with Income Inequality…from 1952



Article in Newsweek on America’s obsession with income inequality…from 1952

March 13, 2014

By Benjamin Weingarten

The below article entitled “The Age of Envy” was published in Newsweek on December 29, 1952 on the pervasive feeling of envy that lay at the core of numerous policies being put forth under the guise of “inequality of income and wealth.”

It was written by free-market journalist Henry Hazlitt, best known for his classic “Economics in One Lesson,” and excerpted from a collection of his Newsweek articles from 1946 to 1966. All emphasis is ours.

(AP File Photo)

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…Envy has been an attribute of human nature from the dawn of history. But it has always hitherto been regarded as a sin. Ovid thought it “the meanest of the vices.” The Bible calls it a “rottenness of the bones.” “From envy, hatred, and malice, and all uncharitableness,” says the Book of Common Prayer, “Good Lord deliver us.” Yet today envy is glorified as a virtue. Politicians advocate measures, not because they will bring any material benefit to anyone, but on the ground that they may assuage the public envy which they themselves have helped to inflame. Hitler promised that nobody would be permitted to have an income of more than 1,000 marks a month or be allowed to live on the income from investments. Franklin D. Roosevelt once proposed a limit of $25,000 a year on incomes.

People sometimes become Socialists or Communists through a desire to abolish poverty, but when their ill-conceived schemes fail to bring this result, their feeling too often degenerates into mere hatred and envy of the rich. The success of Marx sprang from his contemptuous dismissal as “utopianism” of all peaceable or constructive attempts to relieve poverty, and from his naked appeal to hatred, envy, and class warfare against the well-to-do and successful.The prevailing ideology today is a diluted form of Marxism, even on the part of many of those who think themselves anti-Marxist or anti-Communist. The emphasis of most “welfare state” proposals today is on hurting or impoverishing the rich rather than on helping or enriching the poor. Most of these measures surely accomplish the former, and usually the opposite of the latter. They level down, not up.Envy is the main drive behind the present fantastic tax rates on the upper-income brackets. “It should be remembered,” writes David McCord Wright, “that these high progressive rates have almost no revenue significance. They yield only a pittance compared with other taxes and the size of the government budgets. They are merely the reflection of ‘ethical’ prejudice.” It may be added that these rates, by choking incentives and draining savings, do incalculable harm to workers and to the poor. They retard the very growth of capital upon which the growth of productivity and real wages depends.All this is even truer of the present rates of death and inheritance taxes. Even belligerently New Deal economists admit that such taxes “are unimportant as revenue producers, having as justification only our desire for less inequality of income and wealth”—in other words, the present passion for leveling down.The main drive behind the so-called excess-profits tax is also to appease envy. The tax ignores the vital function of profits as the chief incentive to efficiency and economy and the regulator of production. It promotes waste and reduces war output. It is defended by such high-sounding slogans as: “No one must be allowed to profit from war.” It would be just as logical to say that no one must be allowed to profit from sickness, or from death, or from arson, or from crime, and for that reason to refuse to pay doctors or undertakers or firemen or policemen. This is envy masquerading as a passion for justice. The general rule of free enterprise is not unjust. It is “to each in accordance with what he contributes; to each what he creates.” The way to achieve maximum output for war is to reward each in proportion to the value of his output.

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“Never allow anyone to rain on your parade and thus cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. Remember that no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character, are required to set up in the fault-finding business. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it. Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy. Guard your fragile life carefully. Only God can shape a flower, but any foolish child can pull it to pieces.”

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