Think Government Without Corruption Is Impossible? Don’t Be Too Sure



From Canada Free Press:

By Jerry McConnell

January 28, 2012

**Eliminate the possibility for reelection and you eliminate all of the bad that accompanies it**

On Thursday, January 26, 2012, the wise, intelligent and extremely talented wordsmith, Thomas Sowell authored an article in the GOPUSA Eagle titled, “Sowell: Is Anybody Serious?” accusing the Republican candidates of being in a “circular firing squad” mode and in a particular damaging one using machine guns.

Sowell warned that “Whoever the eventual ‘last man standing’ turns out to be, he may not be standing very tall or very steadily on his feet—and he may be a pushover for Barack Obama in the general election, thanks to fellow Republicans.”

Is that what America, regardless of party affiliations, wants to see happen? I think not.  Four more years of Obama and his ‘way beneath the norm’ in matters of decency, loyalty to the country, and helpfulness to his fellow Americans would without question destroy any last vestiges or similarities to the once strong and fearless bastion of freedom that our Founding Forefathers envisioned and initiated back in the late seventeen hundreds.

After a short period of time into Obama’s second term we would more likely be prisoners without chains and shackles but with oppressive debt and poverty, groveling to his Administration and ministers of darkness under the oppressive overall yoke of United Nations One World Autocratic dictatorship.

That “last man standing” that Sowell envisioned after the constant suicide commentaries of, in particular, the two most acknowledged leaders, Gingrich and Romney or Romney and Gingrich as even the polls do declare that the only thing constant is the constant change in who has the lead and in what polls. Either of those two combatants will be in no condition to carry on and wage a knock-down, drag-out battle with the well rested and overflowing money chests of Obama and company.

Sitting back and observing the daily, and with the heavy number of prime time televised debates, demagoguery and accusations by both of those now recognized ‘last standers’, one has to wonder if this loss of human-ness, brotherly love and familial common decency is worth the expected prize of facing one of this country’s largest anti-American ideals and disparagement purveyors for the title of leader of a country that is on the edge of annihilation of its own accord.

What has changed our principles and morals and the values that holding public office once brought pride in accomplishing?  Greed and power lusts are certainly two prime responses to that question.  But greed for one just doesn’t seem to be a prime factor given the ample financial status of both candidates.  More money is always a magnet but my belief is that the given power that accompanies ascension to the lofty POTUS title and its world-wide notability and weightiness is the key premise of most presidential office seekers.

There is no doubt that many office seekers, especially in the area of ruling governance such as either house of Congress, know of the almost instant access to personal monetary accrual and the steady accumulation of such wealth as the length of service increases over the years.

The congressional office holders are among the wealthiest of Americans even if they didn’t start off that way and as their personal portfolios grow their effectiveness as legislators for all Americans dwindles while they reward the others most responsible for the size of their riches.  This is why cumulative reelections are mandatory for many, if not most, of our elected solons.

This seemingly ever cumulative and additional years entrenchment in the legislative offices of the federal government becomes the primary reason for deteriorative conduct such as outright theft, to multiple practices of deception and deceit and blatant corruption.

To guarantee prevalent status as a continuing congressperson or senator is the prime reason for “anything goes” from direct criminal activities, to lying, cheating and yes even stealing and coercion of anything with a possibility of helping to insure continuing reelection.

For proof or verification of what I say here ask if the politicians will make their financial records available for inspection of growth of income since taking office.  Or just ask if their accumulated wealth has substantially increased since they were first elected.  I think you’ll find that the answers are ‘yes’ to both question.

This country desperately needs TERM LIMITS on all elective offices, including the Presidency and Vice President.  The title should be changed to SERVICE LIMITS and the U. S. Constitution should be amended to provide for a SINGLE period of service not to exceed FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS.  The person elected to the office of the Vice President or any other federal elective office shall not be permitted to seek election to the higher office of president until a period of four consecutive years out of federal elective service has passed.

The single word “REELECTION” is the basis for all that is criminal and nefarious within the halls of elected government.  Eliminate the possibility for reelection and you eliminate all of the bad that accompanies it.




Throw Them All Out

by Peter Schweizer


One of the biggest scandals in American politics is waiting to explode: the full story of the inside game in Washington shows how the permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us. Insider trading is illegal on Wall Street, yet it is routine among members of Congress. Normal individuals cannot get in on IPOs at the asking price, but politicians do so routinely. The Obama administration has been able to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to its supporters, ensuring yet more campaign donations. An entire class of investors now makes all of its profits based on influence and access in Washington. Peter Schweizer has doggedly researched through mountains of financial records, tracking complicated deals and stock trades back to the timing of briefings, votes on bills, and every other point of leverage for politicians in Washington. The result is a manifesto for revolution: the Permanent Political Class must go.




We have term limits for President; why not Congress?




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  1. While the author suggest one term only, he is forgetting some key issues that will make this idea impossible.
    1. If you were able to pass such a law, that would not stop the backdoor influences and conversation to keep the flow going in the SAME direction it already is going in. When reelection time comes back for any candidate that left for four year, he will reappear with business as usual.
    2. There is not a way the American citizen will be able to have a law made by any of the powers to be that would and/or will entertain such an idea, after all you cutting off their and loved ones livelihood. The people truly are powerless to make these changes and that is much of the issues everyone is viewing and taking place , that we the people are having to come to grips with…..OUR VOTES/VIEWS ACTUALLY MEAN NOTHING.
    3. There will always be a double standard of law. No truer statement made by a group of attorneys then when they said that the Supreme Court should not hear and judge laws on where the monies lay, but that is actually what occurs more times then not. So the Supreme Court is as corrupt as the rest.



    Your comment above sounds like YOU have given up? That is exactly the mentality the Progressives are breeding in the American public.

    The people are NOT powerless. Americans need to put Conservatives in office that will work WITH the people to change Washington, D.C. Some Democrats and some Republican Congressmen have been in office 1/2 of my life! Do you NOT think that they have been corrupted by Lobbyists or insider trading?

    If that isn’t a case for TERM LIMITS….what is?

    By putting in office Congressional leadership that is WILLING to take on the establishment like some of the Tea Party freshman and actually some Blue Dog Democrats (Reagan Democrats) is EXACTLY what Washington needs. Did you know that Progressives call Blue Dog Democrats the weak members and that they see Progressives as Better Democrats?

    I see it this way:

    The November elections WILL NOT be Democrat vs. Republican. It WILL BE Communism/Socialism/Marxism and tyranny vs. Individual Liberties and Freedoms.

    The CHOICE is yours to make……Choose wisely.



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