The Insanity of Regulations and Crony Capitalism by the WH Administration all the While Promoting the Fear of the “Fiscal Cliff”



Witnessing the insanity coming from Washington, D.C. makes me wonder how many Leftie Loons reside within 50 miles of “the loop”.

Is it insanity OR a planned gradual influx of Progressivism/Marxism with the end result being STATISM?

Read this:

Marxism in America through Gradualism and Dialectic Process Ideology of Antonio Gramsci (Italian Communist). Saul Alinsky Tactics based on Gramsci.

Obama is tied to the Industrial Areas Foundation (founded by Alinsky) and currently tied to DEMOS.



Instead of the “Fiscal Cliff”, Americans SHOULD be worried about the affect the Obama enacted REGULATIONS on Businesses will have on the employment numbers as well as the shuttering of many small businesses that will be unable to meet the regulations to remain a viable business.

The Archaic 1947 Farm Bill that expires the end of this year.  Allowing it to expire will create a GOVERNMENT control over milk/dairy product prices.  Are YOU ready to pay $6.00/gallon of milk?

And then there is the increase in taxes due to Obamacare; think the wealthy are the only ones affected? THINK AGAIN.


So the Lefties will argue: IF the Rich would pay more; their fair share we all will be much better off. REALLY? IF we went back to the Clinton years of taxation at 39%, it should bring in about $80 BILLION dollars per year.

The cost of running our Federal Government is around $3.81 BILLION dollars per day. So, do the math: $80 BILLION divided by $3.81 BILLION = 21 days…….THEN WHAT?


Okay, let’s look at the Green Socialism push by the Marxists/Progressives as a way to “save the planet” and fight climate change thus saving money.  REALLY?

From the Mr. Green Wizard himself (Joel Rogers). Van Jones is in DEEP admiration of this man. Joel Rogers founded the New Party. The New Party hasn’t dissolved; it is now the Working Families Party.

Is Obama taking his Marching Orders from Joel Rogers?


Link to video


Joel Rogers: American Capitalism Is Monstrous

***National Chair of the New Party in 1996**

Link to video

**Listen to Joel Rogers talking about Unions and DOUBLING minimum wage, Healthcare, etc…..***


Obama believes the most important issue of second term is ‘climate change’. Crony Capitalism Continues. What About the American People, Jobs and the Economy?


obama sen. debt problems





With the “Fiscal Cliff” looming, the Regulations strangulating businesses, the renewed push for Climate Change……WHY would the Obama Administration be doing this?

Examiner Editorial: Obama’s labor board bails out big unions again

December 27, 2012

This was not a good year for organized labor. Despite expending massive resources, Big Labor could not oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a recall; Michigan, home of the United Auto Workers, became a right-to-work state; the Supreme Court ruled against unionists in the landmark case Knox v. SEIU, limiting their ability to extract dues from nonmembers; and union numbers continued to dwindle, falling to just 6.9 percent of the private sector.

But Big Labor may have won the battle that matters the most: the presidential election. In the last month, the White House has since been busy rewriting regulations in a way that favors unions at every turn.

Unions just don’t have the power to force their own agenda through anymore. But the next-best thing to having power is having friends with power, and they have a friend in President Obama.

For example, the Labor Department will introduce a new rule next year requiring employers to divulge all information on labor consultants they hire. This will drive many of these consultants — mostly small law firms — out of the business completely.

Meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board — which is nominally independent but whose majority has been appointed by President Obama — is working on a new rule requiring employers to turn over all employee contact information to unions during their organizing drives, something that will greatly help them identify prospective members. The workers themselves will have no say in this.

Just last week, the NLRB released a number of decisions that further rewrote the rules in Big Labor’s favor. In the case United Nurses and Allied Professionals v. Jeanette Geary, the NLRB effectively undermined the Supreme Court’s Knox ruling.

In Knox, the court affirmed that while unions can force nonmembers in most states to pay dues, the money can be used only for collective bargaining expenses. Unions cannot force those same workers to subsidize their political activity.

In Geary, however, the board’s Democratic majority ruled that nonunion workers do not have a right to demand an audit or other independent confirmation that the union is following the law. They literally have to take the union’s word for it.

Keep reading here……


If Obama deserves ANY recognition; it is that he is a SHREWD TACTICIAN.  He has been taught the Radicalism of the IAF (Alinsky), the Cloward Piven Strategy, the “thuggery” of Unions taught Cosa Nostra tactics, the support of the Communist Party, the support of Progressives like those found at the Center for American Progress, the tactics of STATISM with Mao Lovers like Ron Bloom and Anita Dunn.

Was Obama groomed for the Presidency the the Marixists/Progressives like Bill Ayers, Mike Klonsky,  Carl Davidson, Valerie Jarrett,  Marilyn Katz, Is Obama just the puppet orator for the “Marxist movement” to overtake the United States?

HOW does Obama get nearly 50% of Americans to follow/idolize him?

Using This: Public Allies, ABCD Institute and Marshall Ganz; the Ingredients to Obama’s “Storytelling    **Michelle Obama involved too** Remember Michelle Obama worked with Bernadine Dohrn (Bill Ayers) wife at a law firm before Michelle met Barack. Michelle Obama friends with Valerie Jarrett before Barack was introduced to Jarrett.



Is John Podesta of the Center for American Progress Inflicting the “Project Podesta” Ideology/Tactic on Obama? What Americans Should Know…..

***Notation added here by Romanticpoet: Does any of the following sound familiar America?****

Podesta’s most lasting contribution to the leftist cause came through his promotion of a strategy that White House aides dubbed “Project Podesta.” This was a system that enabled the Clintons to push through unpopular policies that neither Congress nor the American people wanted. Its implementation marked a dramatic tilt in the balance of power, giving the executive branch an unprecedented ability to force its will on the legislative branch.

Project Podesta enabled the President to bypass Congress through the use of executive orders, presidential decision directives, White-House-sponsored lawsuits, vacancy appointments to high federal office, selective regulatory actions against targeted corporations, and a host of other extra-constitutional tactics.

In short, Podesta showed the Clintons that they could gain by force what they might fail to achieve through legislation. “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kind of cool,” quipped White House aide Paul Begala to The New York Times on July 5, 1998, in response to questions about the Clintons’ growing disdain for the will of Congress.

Project Podesta’s most ambitious exercise was the war on Yugoslavia which Clinton launched by executive order on April 13, 1999, in defiance of the U.S. Congress and the United Nations.

When US News and World Report first revealed the existence of Project Podesta on November 1, 1999, two Congressional hearings convened to investigate the Clintons’ abuse of executive power. But the investigators issued no reports and took no action.

Keep reading here……….


**ANY of the above SOUND FAMILIAR America?**


From Discover The Networks:

A bit of History of Mao Zedong that you may not know:

His ambition was to found a dynasty by naked force, to be a new Emperor Qin Shihuang, to rule all of China’s traditional domains through the same kind of totalitarian institutions. To successfully establish the “Qin order” in the modern age, however, he needed a replacement for Confucianism, a new legitimating ideology that the people could be taught. He needed to reconfigure imperial rule for modern times.

With the victory of the Communist revolution in Russia, Mao found an unlikely companion for his totalitarian ambitions: an imported Marxist ideology that was every bit as statist and elitist as traditional Chinese political culture, while at the same time claiming to be even more “modern” and “progressive” than its chief ideological opponent, liberal democracy.[9]

Democracy, after all, would be the nemesis of Mao’s ambitions, dispersing power among elected representatives instead of concentrating it in his hands, weakening instead of strengthening the state, empowering rather than subjugating the people. The principle of the self-determination of peoples, in particular, threatened to undermine hegemony by opening the possibility that border regions where minorities were numerically dominant, such as Tibet and Xinjiang, would go their own way.  He detested the Christianity underlying Western values and feared that the weakening, even the dissolution, of China would result from the widespread propagation of such altruistic views.

While formally acknowledging civil rights and the equality of man, Marxist-Leninism was an enabler for Mao.  It defended the monopoly of power by an educated elite (and in practice by one “Great Hero”), and defined a relationship between state and society very much in keeping with China’s autocratic tradition. It was a much more effective tool of indoctrination than Confucianism and, with its pseudoscientific terminology, provided a stronger defense for autocratic rule. As a bonus, it even commanded a respectful audience in the very heart of Western society.

Mao saw Communism as an allegory for hegemony, showing how the revolution that had come to China was predestined to spread to neighboring countries. Meanwhile, China could keep a tight grip on border regions; it would only be a matter of time until a common proletarian identity unified China’s diverse ethnic nationalities.  Mao, already a leftwing radical, decided for very practical reasons to become a Communist.


Mao was mightily assisted in his conquests by Western journalists.

Chief among these was socialist Edgar Snow, whose Red Star Over China (1938) airbrushed the Chinese Communist into an austere patriot dedicated to agrarian reform.  Later journalistic visitors to Yenan, well-fed and pampered, isolated from the dark side of Mao’s rule, likewise fell under the same spell.  Guenther Stein of the Christian Science Monitor declared ecstatically that “the men and women pioneers of Yenan are truly new humans in spirit, thought and action,” and that Yenan itself constituted “a brand new well integrated society, that has never been seen before anywhere.”[15]  Most agreed with A. T. Steele of the New York Herald Tribune, who thought that a Communist victory would “open the way to a new day in China.”[16]


But what really distinguishes Mao as a leftwing monster is his use of terror to systematically destroy entire classes of people who might prove obstacles to his rule, deliberately striking fear—and instilling blind obedience–into the remainder of the population.  Mao had written in the early twenties that China “must be destroyed and then re-formed.” Once in power, he began applying the Leninist principle of class struggle to the Chinese people under his control.

Read entire article here……..



The Radicalization of America Through Progressivism and Socialist Ideology. Liberty and Freedom Dealt a Blow November 6, 2012


Institutionalist and Collectivist Societies: Institutionalist Societies believe that Bigger is Better, that the Individual is Wrong and the Rule Book is Right, and that a Difference is a Danger.


Teaching Social Justice and Shared Abundance (Socialism) Through Faith: Obama’s Community Organizing Faith Initiative Supporters


National Labor Racket: Obama LABOR BOARD Pick has Ties TO MOB


Obama’s Politics Are More Insidious Than Socialism. Obama Wants to Control the Economy.


Utopian Slavery Through Infantalizing via Progressivism/Socialism. Obama and the Progressives Know Exactly what They are Doing to Americans.


The Communist Slogan “Forward” now Adopted by Obama



The ONLY group to viably go against the Marxist/Progressive march to “Change” America is the Tea Party Patriots.

They understand the Marxists/Progressives trying to undermine our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

That is WHY there are AGGRESSIVE ATTACKS against the Tea Party by the likes of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Roseanne Barr, Matt Damon, Toure’, the Progressive Democrat Caucus (Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Reid,

Will there be another March on Washington, D.C. the likes of 2009?

Link to video

**”Watching a jackass chase a dumb Pachyderm** “There are more of us than there are of them***

**”We’re all to blame”**




Eagle sharpening talons

Eagle Patriots stand yur ground



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