Obama Turns His Back on the Rule of Law in Georgia and the Media Insures Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case **UPDATED 2/5/12**


**UPDATE at end of this post***


Does Obama feel the State of Georgia doesn’t matter or count?

Obama shrugs over subpoena to appear in Eligibility Case to be placed on State Ballot for Presidential Elections of 2012 and the Media shrugs along with Obama.



From American Thinker:

Media Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case

By Cindy Simpson

January 30, 2012

Last week, I noted that Obama turned his back not just on Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer, but also on the laws of the State of Georgia.  I closed my column, “Georgia Ballot Challenge: Obama Walks on By,” with the observation: “And most of the media has followed along right behind him.”

At the time, I had just witnessed an historic hearing that actually discussed the eligibility of the sitting president of the United States to run for a second term.  The president had been subpoenaed to appear, and instead of his attorney respectfully following protocol to have that subpoena recalled, both Obama and his attorney, Michael Jablonski, simply failed to show up at all or offer any defense whatsoever.

Isn’t there a headline in there somewhere?

The hearing proceeded as planned, even though the table for the defense was empty.  Attorneys Van Irion and J. Mark Hatfield presented their cases first and offered compelling arguments — not regarding Obama’s birthplace, but rather that the non-U.S. citizenship of Obama’s father precluded Obama’s “natural born” eligibility under the Constitution and existing Supreme Court precedent.  Attorney Orly Taitz, however, did present interesting evidence that questioned the validity of Obama’s birth certificate and questions surrounding his Social Security number.

When the hearing ended, the media in attendance almost literally pounced on Taitz.  Irion and Hatfield and their clients had left the premises earlier, while Taitz was still presenting her case; however, Irion asserted to me that not one member of the press stopped them on their way out.  Doubtless the media did not want to discuss the law — they’d rather write their usual stories on the birth certificate and interview the one they’ve dubbed the “birther queen.”

Attorney Taitz handled herself well, even though the press taunted her with rudeness and leading questions she has doubtless experienced many times.  After the reporters finished letting Taitz feel the full extent of their contempt for both her and the entire morning’s event, they packed up to leave.

I walked up to one particular reporter from one of the prominent mainstream entities, noting that he seemed frustrated that he didn’t get a clear answer from Taitz to one of his questions, and I informed him that I did know the exact answer, if he’d like to hear more about it.  He said no, he didn’t.  I asked then, wasn’t he a reporter, and why did he ask the question if he didn’t want the answer?  And as I was speaking, he turned and walked away from me.

The same thing happened with another reporter from another major network.  He had asked Taitz why no one cared that there were past presidents who had fathers not born in the country.  I explained to him that it was not the place of birth of the presidents’ fathers that was the issue, but rather the status of their citizenship at the time of their sons’ births.  The reporter scoffed and told me that that was just my opinion, but when I attempted to inform him that it was also the opinion of the Supreme Court, he turned and walked away from me while I was in mid-sentence.

Does this behavior seem familiar?

Even though I saw reporters from every major network on the scene, the actual reporting of the event was scant — primarily only in blogs or local news.  Google “Georgia Ballot Challenge” and note the non-mainstream coverage of the event.

Rachel Maddow must not have gotten the memo, though, because she dedicated a full 8 minutes of her January 26 show to telling her viewers why they should “feel almost duty-bound as a patriot to ignore” the hearing and not to “dignify this nonsense or elevate it by paying it any attention.”  Not only were none of the legal points addressed in the hearings brought up by Maddow, but Maddow excused the extraordinary fact that Obama and his counsel, instead of respecting the law, had simply snubbed it, calling the case “ridiculous.”

As Sunny of Sunny TV points out in this hilarious but uncomfortably true video, “Tyranny is as Tyranny Does”; “[l]et’s just hope the next President is just as benevolent as Obama because they could really use that power for bad.”  At the end of the clip, as Sunny pretends she is Obama, issuing orders right and left, she points to her crown and says: “This makes me in charge.”  As Teri O’Brien noted in her interview discussing Obama’s penchant for walking away from those with whom he disagrees, “[g]ods don’t debate.  They issue decrees.”

Attorney Irion, in this follow-up letter from his Liberty Legal Foundation, pointed out: “Yesterday President Obama completely ignored a court subpoena, and the world shrugged.”

Yes, Obama shrugged, and the media has shrugged along.  Irion further noted:

Obama’s behavior yesterday is even more disturbing than Nixon’s. Nixon at least respected the judicial branch enough to have his attorneys show up in court and follow procedure[.] … Nixon acknowledged the authority of the judicial branch even while he fought it. Obama, on the other hand, essentially said yesterday that the judicial branch has no power over him. He ordered his attorneys to stay away from the hearing. He didn’t petition a higher court in a legitimate attempt to stay the hearing[.] … Rather than respecting the legal process, Obama went around the courts and tried to put political pressure directly on the Georgia Secretary of State. When that failed, he simply ignored the judicial branch completely.

It is disconcerting to see that the president, whose primary duty is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, has turned his back on the rule of law of one of those states.  Especially, as Sunny uncomfortably reminded us, since this is the same president who routinely sidesteps the law or places himself above it.

Even more troubling is the fact that the mainstream media not only seems to approve — but they fail to report it at all.


***Written by Cindy Simpson***

Emphasis added


It takes 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency.

Georgia only counts for 15.  LINK

Does Obama feel Georgia doesn’t matter?




Its Time for ALL of Us to Take Action on Obama’s Eligibility


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One person, One vote…..or the Chicago Way in Indiana?


U.S. Supreme Court (in 1875) Has Ruled on Obama’s Eligibility!! **Plus Pelosi and DNC Conspiracy in 2008?**


Marxism/Socialism and Tyranny vs. Liberty and Freedom November 6, 2012





February 3, 2012


Malihi’s decision came without any evidence being presented by Obama or his lawyer after they refused to participate in the required hearing under a state law that mandates all candidates qualify for the office they seek.

The law also allows any voter to raise a challenge, and several did. A hearing was held on their evidence on Jan. 26.

Malihi essentially tossed all of the information the plaintiffs and their attorneys presented.

“The court finds the testimony of the witnesses, as well as the exhibits tendered, to be of little, if any, probative value, and thus wholly insufficient to support plaintiffs’ allegations,” he said.

He was miffed at Obama but decided the case on the merits, as requested by the plaintiffs.

“Neither defendant nor his counsel, Michael Jablonski, appeared or answered. Ordinarily, the court would enter a default order against a party that fails to participate in any stage of a proceeding. … Nonetheless, despite the defendant’s failure to appear, plaintiffs asked this court to decide the case on the merits of their arguments and evidence. … By deciding this matter on the merits, the court in no way condones the conduct or legal scholarship of defendant’s attorney, Mr. Jablonski,” he said.

The judge ignored plaintiffs’ urging that a request for a contempt citation be issued against Obama for refusing to appear as subpoenaed.

The decision can be reviewed by Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who earlier warned Obama and his attorney that to snub the Georgia court system would be at Obama’s “peril.”

Mark Hatfield, one of the attorneys who, along with Van Irion, focused on the issue of the definition of “natural born citizen,” said the judge ignored the issue of burden of proof.

“If Obama has the burden of proof, and failed to show up, clearly he didn’t carry the burden,” he told WND. “The judge here completely ignores that.”

He also noted it was highly unusual for a judge to reach into another state’s repository of court rulings to support his decision when the U.S. Supreme Court itself has made a determination.

He said he’s hoping the Georgia secretary of state will evaluate the issue carefully, but he’s prepared to take the dispute to the appeals level.


Last week the judge was siding with the plantiffs; Obama and attorney’s basically in contempt of court.  Now within 2 days, he sides with the Obama team and refers to Indiana’s ruling in the Georgia case.

WHO got to the judge?  WHY the abrupt change in the judge’s thoughts?




Federal Court Case To Make Obama Prove Eligibility Marches On



From The Obama File: http://www.theobamafile.com



Federal Court Case To Make Obama Prove Eligibility Marches On


Panama Legal blog comments on the live case in US Federal Court with Judge David Carter to make Obama prove his eligibility to be President of the USA.  On Oct. 5th the Department of Justice attorneys went into court and did not produce any documents establishing Obama’s eligibility instead argued why the case should be dismissed. Absurd.

They say things like the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction over the President; only the legislature has power to do this under impeachment proceedings.  Wrong.  Poorly argued.  If Obama was not qualified then he is not President and also then he is guilty of crimes along with many co-conspirators.  Crimes like fraud, election fraud, frauds against a federal court, treason, perjury, and sedition.  Things one goes to jail for many years for.

Imagine seeing a CNN special with Obama in the same prison as the victims of the UBS bank fiasco.  May be coming to a station near you sooner than you think.  The Justice Department is also saying the citizens have no status as rightful plaintiffs to challenge the President’s eligibility.  This does not even deserve a comment it is so far fetched.  Goes to show these lawyers will do anything to keep their jobs.

The judge took Obama’s motion to dismiss under advisement and has not yet ruled on it for 10 days, which is not good but not that bad either.  If they survive the dismissal motion then they will seek orders for the production of documents such as his birth certificate.  Obama will object and file stall motions.  They will also file for the deposition of Obama.  Such a deposition he could not survive so I doubt he will ever show up.  If they lose the dismissal motion the plaintiffs will file appeals and keep beating the drum.  The best bet for the Obama lawyers is to fight everything and stall, stall, stall and hope it can go on until after he has finished his terms and then try to dismiss it as moot since he is no longer the President thus avoiding any criminal charges.

Obama getting reelected is absurd in that he would have to prove his eligibility to run again and that is not something he will chance.  Why should the US taxpayers have to pay for Obama’s defense when all he has to do is produce one document?  This one is bigger than 9/11 but they figured if they got away with 9/11 this is a no brainier.  Well they tripped on their own shoelaces again.  These people are maybe 20% as smart as people think they are and 500% more vicious and ruthless than people think they are.  Bad combination but do not overestimate them.

Implications — Well Obama is certainly upset by this.  If this goes wrong he stands to face a stiff jail sentence, will be bankrupt in legal fees defending himself in that he is not a Rockefeller or Kennedy.  If he is not president he is not able to use the Justice department to defend him personally against criminal charges filed by the justice department.  His handlers are whispering sweet reassurances to him but rest assured this is stressing him out big time.  He is facing riches to rags and could die in prison.  Since he knows secrets he would have to be put in a military secure prison in isolation and kept away from the media something like the way they kept Noriega.  He would not be eligible for secret service protection since he was not ever a real President.  His wife could also face conspiracy charges.

He is wondering if he was set up by his handlers.  How is it going to end?  How much do his handlers really care about him?  He will put on a good front like the president of Iran does but rest assured they are both gravely troubled by the circumstances as in anxiety, lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, etc.  I would watch for signs of Obama cracking up if this case moves forward.

If Obama was eligible he would have laughingly produced his birth certificate and blamed the whole affair on racism, his favorite scapegoat but of course also a racist one at that.  No he cannot produce what he needs to is the obvious conclusion. 




Keep educating friends and relatives about this and get as many people as possible aware of this.


Education alone causes damage in a case like this. Don’t let them get away with this.




End Note:

Emphasis and italics added are mine for effect and specific points.

Will Federal Judge David Carter STAND UP to protect the U.S. Constitution?


Is the Obama team already “working on”/intimidating/bullying Judge Carter?

See my post here: Is The Fix In? Barnett v. Obama 



Obama Eligibility Trial To Proceed…..



From: http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm


Eligibility Trial To Proceed



Alan Keyes just received a call from Orly Taitz, his attorney in the case seeking proof of Obama’s eligibility for the Office of President of the United States. Judge Carter has release a statement declaring that the dates he set for the hearing and trial on the eligibility issue are confirmed, and it will move forward as scheduled.  Apparently he was not swayed by the Obama lawyer’s arguments.

The Court Order resulting from the Oct. 5th hearing in Barnett vs. Obama, was issued today by federal judge, David O. Carter, in the Southern Division of California.

The order, reads as follows:

On September 8, 2009, the Court previously set tentative case management dates.  The Court now orders those dates be made final.

Case Management dates are as follows:

Motion for Summary Judgment Hearing — December 7, 2009, at 8:30 a.m.
File Motion for Summary Judgment — November 16, 2009
Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment — November 26, 2009
Reply to Motion for Summary Judgment — November 30, 2009
Final Pretrial Conference — January 11, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.
Jury Trial — January 26, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

The implication of the Court’s order finalizing the dates is obvious: you do not finalize dates unless there will be a trial.  And there would not be a trial, unless the Motion to Dismiss requested by the Defense (that’s Obama) was in whole or in part DENIED!

Stay tuned……..


Related: Meanwhile, Leo Donofrio contends that a COLB has been presented to the nation by Obama wherein his birth appears to have been filed by the DoH Registrar on August 8, 1961 could not be more public at this point.

And the DoH has given the appearance of authenticating this document. Such authentication has been relied upon by various courts and persons in the Senate and Congress.  Therefore, absolutely no privacy protection is available to Obama as to this information.

Should the requested records also contain information which has not been made public and to which a privacy interest still exists, that information can be redacted.

The law supports my request.  The law is rational in that way.  The strange behavior by the DoH is irrational.

If the DoH has such a record they must either grant access thereto or deny access.  On the other hand, if the DoH does not maintain such a record, then — according to the OIP administrative rules, as well as the multiple statements of OIP Staff Attorney Linden Joesting — the DoH must tell me if they do not maintain such a record.

If the DoH does not maintain such a record, then they do not maintain sufficient evidence that Barack Obama’s birth was genuinely filed by the DoH Registrar on August 8, 1961.  This would bring us back to square 1.



A MUST READ! Absolute Proof Of A Democratic Party Conspiracy!!




DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States!



From Canada Free Press:  This is part THREE of a conspiracy investigation into the DNC/Pelosi/Obama conspiracy.

DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States!

The Theory is Now a Conspiracy – III

By JB Williams  Friday, September 25, 2009


When I first became aware that the Democratic National Committee prepared, signed and notarized two slightly different Certification of Nomination documents for the Obama-Biden ticket in the 2008 election, I was shocked and after verifying both documents as real, I wrote about it in The Theory is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don’t Lie released on September 10, 2009.

The question was obvious – Why TWO different DNC Obama certification documents, and why did one have proper certification of constitutional eligibility in it, while the other had that certification deleted?

The Obama camp had been using the defense that the DNC had properly vetted and certified Obama’s eligibility for months. Judge after judge had used that claim and the fact that Obama’s COLB (Certification of Live Birth) had been “Snoped – FactChecked – blogged and twittered” as “legal proof” that Obama was eligible for office, despite the very real fact that Obama has never released any authenticated proof on the subject.

Then we find out that the DNC did NOT certify Obama as eligible under Article II – Section I of the Constitution, in 49 of 50 states. The DNC had only filed such certification in the state of Hawaii, Obama’s alleged birth place. The other 49 states received a Certification of Nomination which did NOT certify Obama as constitutionally eligible for office.

This story caused a firestorm of interest, comment and speculation across the web, leading Bob Unruh at World Net Daily to ask, What does Pelosi know about Obama’s eligibility?

On September 15, I released a follow up report, The Theory is Now a Conspiracy—II in which I was able to provide answers to many of the questions swirling around the TWO  DNC docs.

  • Both docs were real and both docs had been filed with Election Commission offices
  • Only the doc filed in Hawaii certified Obama as constitutionally eligible
  • Nancy Pelosi did in fact sign both documents, indicating awareness
  • Both documents had been used before by the DNC, in 2000 and 2004
  • Different states have different state statutes on the matter
  • But the Constitution is clear, and the DNC ignored it

More interesting however, is the news I got back from a document and handwriting expert, a graphologist, which asserted the following in a detailed analysis of both documents.


In short, the answer to Bob Unruh’s question at WND seems to be yes, Nancy Pelosi knew that she was signing a false statement on behalf of Obama. But she also knew that this false statement of eligibility would only be filed in Hawaii, which has a very specific state statute that requires that each party certify the constitutional eligibility of their candidates, using specific text.

It further appears that this Certification of Nomination which includes text concerning constitutional requirements is the basis for statements made by Hawaii officials, who have proclaimed that Obama is a “natural born citizen” on the basis that Nancy Pelosi said so in her false Certification of Nomination.

After all, NO actual birth certificate has ever been released by Obama. A COLB, which anyone born anywhere in the world could purchase from Hawaii in 1961, in fact at least two different COLB’s from Hawaii, are all that has been offered by Obama.

The Story Continues

After releasing Parts I and II of this ongoing investigative report, literally hundreds of American citizens have taken it upon themselves to call their state Election Commission office and request copies of what the DNC filed in their state. Many of those documents have since been faxed or emailed to me.

In all cases except Hawaii, the DNC form without certification of constitutional eligibility was filed by the DNC. Meanwhile, everywhere we look, the RNC used one universal certification document which included full certification of constitutional eligibility in every state, in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

The following explanations have been offered on the subject.

  • Only Hawaii has a state statute requiring such language
  • Other states don’t require certification of constitutional standing for office
  • The DNC certified Obama during the primary process
  • Certification is “implied”

Obviously, while Hawaii’s statute requires that such language be there in the certification of nomination, no state statue requires that such language not appear in the document. So, why didn’t the DNC use one universal doc like the RNC?

Upon further investigation, we did indeed learn that some state primary filings do include language of constitutional eligibility by each candidate. However, that is a statement made by each candidate, not a certification of compliance made by the Party which had vetted the candidate and certified.

And, I can’t believe that anyone needs me to explain the significant difference between “implied” and “certified?” A personal check “implies” that you have money in your account, which may or may not be true. But a “certified” check guarantees that you have that money in your account.

We are talking about the highest office in this land and the most powerful office in the world. “Implied” won’t cut it when the US Constitution itself has very specific requirements for this office, even if Snopes, FactCheck and Obama bloggers don’t care, the rest of America should.

NO DNC Certification in many States

Not only did the DNC NOT certify eligibility in their Certification of Nomination for 49 states, they didn’t certify during the primary process in many states either. In fact, in most states, it appears that the DNC never certified constitutional eligibility for Barack Hussein Obama, despite their many claims of proper vetting and certification, all of which we now know to be false.

While the RNC filed the same proper certifications in all states with 100% consistency, the DNC filed a variety of improper documents which essentially certified nothing. They certainly failed to certify that Barack Hussein Obama met all legal requirements for the office.

There is NO argument about it now.

Barack Hussein Obama fails to meet Article II – Section I requirements for the office of President because he is NOT a “natural born citizen” according to the foundation for that clause, the Law of Nations based upon Natural Law, which requires that one be the natural born child of TWO US citizens, born on US soil.

Whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, he is NOT the natural born citizen of TWO US citizens. He is the natural born son of a father who was at all times, a citizen of Kenya. Just as he adopted by natural law, his fathers name, he also adopted by natural law, his fathers citizenship. The efforts by Obama fans to use “anchor baby” arguments, claiming Hawaii as his birth place, fall short of the actual qualification.

But even more important, we now know that the DNC never certified to the contrary, except in Hawaii. The DNC never “certified” that Obama met all legal requirements for the office of president, like the RNC did for McCain.

Even in the primary filings, Obama filed documents like this one filed in Arkansas, which certifies absolutely nothing and isn’t even dated correctly at the signature line, also received from the Election Commission in Arkansas in November 2007, but allegedly signed by Obama in November 2008.

Arkansas Eligibility Filing Obama

Arkansas Eligibility Filing Obama


At no point in the string of documents filed by the DNC or Obama, did anyone certify to the state of Arkansas that Obama was eligible for the office he sought. This is true in many states… though not all 50 states have been reviewed as of this writing.

The US Senate never passed a resolution affirming that Barack Hussein Obama is a “natural born citizen” in accordance with the same definition the Senate used to make just such an affirmation on behalf of John McCain during the 2008 election.

Everyone in America knows who John McCain is, who his parents are, where he was born and that he is a true American war hero. Still, the Senate felt it necessary to pass a resolution affirming McCain’s “natural born citizen” status on the basis that he was the son of TWO US citizens, born on American soil at a US Navy base in Panama where his father was deployed at the time of John’s birth.

But nobody knows who Obama is or where he came from, as even his family in Kenya claim to have been present at his birth in Kenya, and no authenticated proof to the contrary has ever been presented.

Many Americans, at home, in congress and in the media, have assumed that Obama meets all qualifications because the DNC said he did. But in 49 states, they never said it, at least officially!

If you ask Nancy Pelosi, on what basis did she “certify” Obama as eligible under Article II, she would simply state that she never made any such certification, except in Hawaii… and she would be telling the truth!

The language necessary to certify Obama as eligible was omitted from the documents filed at 49 Election Commission offices, and in most of those cases, such certification was also missing in the primary filings.

Now, to be fair, the DNC had been omitting that language from their official filings for years. Refusing to certify their candidates as “constitutionally eligible” has been a practice of the DNC for at least a few election cycles now. Why?

The Final Questions

  1. Why did the DNC certify Obama’s eligibility only in Hawaii?
  2. Why did no state DNC office, DNC elector, or Election Commission office catch it?
  3. Since the DNC made no such certification, on what basis do we assume Obama to be eligible?
  4. Without any such certification, isn’t it more important than ever to see the actual birth certificate and ask the courts to make an official ruling on the definition of “natural born citizen?”
  5. Why did the DNC use TWO different docs, one incomplete, when the RNC used the same complete doc nationwide?
  6. On what basis will the media continue to claim that Obama is eligible?
  7. Why did Nancy Pelosi show signs of stress in her Hawaii certification of Obama?
  8. When will every American demand answers to these and many more questions?

After four weeks of investigation, we certainly know a lot more than we did four weeks ago. Still, this three part report raises more questions than answers.

At the end of the day, we clearly have a political Party currently in power which gained that power by ignoring or intentionally subverting the US Constitution. At a minimum, they were very sloppy and derelict in their duty. At worst, they are complicit in a crime of monumental proportions.

Article II requirements exist, they are quite clear, the parties are obligated to vet and certify their candidates, and yet the DNC failed miserably in all categories. Still, the nation assumes that all was above board. On what basis do we now make that assumption?

This is the last in this three part report. If any more answers are to be found, the American citizens will have to demand them, the courts will have to agree to allow discovery in the matter and Obama will have to become the transparent president he promised so many Americans he would be.



End note:

American citizens are filing FOIA papers in their State Elections Offices.  Some have found exactly what is stated above.

Information is being forwarded.

Time will tell……will this blow up into a conspiracy bigger than Watergate?

Hearings and Investigations Heating Up? Re: Obama’s Eligibility To Be POTUS




New Hampshire To Investigate Obama’s Eligibility 


New Hampshire State Representative, Lawrence M. Rappaport paid a visit to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State, on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

His stunning request: an investigation of Barack Hussein Obama’s presence on the NH 2008 Ballot.
Gardner’s stunning response:  “an investigation will commence.”
John Charlton interviewed Mr. Rappaport by email, and asked him, on what basis did he make his complaint; he responded, “The basis for all of this is possible fraud.  I don’t know what penalties will be assessed if fraud is proven.”
Rappaport’s action follows stunning revelations that Nancy Pelosi deliberately signed two different forms certifying Barack Hussein Obama was the Democratic National Party candidate for the presidency.  While these forms have been known to exist for some time, it was J.B. Williams, writing for the Canadian Free Press who brought them national notoriety, earlier this week.
It is unclear, if, in the eventuality that New Hampshire determines fraud was committed, on the grounds that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States, if the State will move, through its governor, to take some sort of action on the national scene, or who would be liable in law for the crime committed in-state.
****The above relates to a blog I posted:


Read my blog here to enlighten you about this case:


Captain Rhodes Hearing — Outrageous Update


The Count Us Out blog reports that a U.S. District Court hearing, scheduled for Friday in Georgia, has been rescheduled for Monday.

Capt. Connie Rhodes is fighting deployment to Afghanistan until Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of POTUS is established.  Dr. Orly Taitz  filed the complaint last week and Judge Clay Land granted an emergency hearing Friday afternoon in the Columbus federal courthouse.
Rhodes, a medical doctor who was with her unit in Fort Riley, Kan., did not attend the hearing because she was ordered by her commanding officer not to leave Kansas.  That prompted Land to reschedule it for noon Monday.  Rhodes was scheduled to arrive at Fort Benning today and deploy within seven days.
Rhodes’ attorney Orly Taitz was in Land’s court.
Dr. Orly Taitz, “We had a hearing on 11th.  Defendants (that’s Obama and others) were represented by 3 attorneys:  a US attorney, a Pentagon attorney and a Fort Benning attorney.  They claimed that my client, flight surgeon Cpt. Rhodes, MD, didn’t show up for no reason, she just didn’t feel like coming.”


“I presented to the judge a notarized statement, showing that Col. Jeffrey Johnson, her commander from Fort Riley, KS, has forbidden Connie from leaving Fort Riley a day early and she was threatened that if she does, she will be court-martialed and can be thrown into military prison.  In this fashion the government prevented Connie from being at her own hearing and 5 minutes before the hearing they served me with the motion to dismiss.”
“Judge Land did not appreciate this strong hand tactic of the government and he ordered the government to make sure Connie is able to leave the base to be at her hearing, which was scheduled for Monday at 12 noon.  This time it is their responsibility to do whatever is necessary for Connie to be in court.”

I still want to know why civil servants are doing representing the Usurper. What happened to his legion of civilian attorneys?  Isn’t he paying them?  Did they quit?

Captain Connie Rhodes, MD is challenging Obama’s eligibility and, thus, the validity of her orders to Iraq and the lawfulness of the orders going down the chain of command.

Will her orders be revoked like they did for Major Cook shortly before his hearing?

Will the government flinch again?

Or, will they claim — with audacity — that she does not have “standing” as an active member of the military going into harm’s way?

Stay tuned.

Hat tip to http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm



My End note: 

Will this make the Main MSM’s??……don’t hold your breath.

BEFORE Nancy Pelosi tries to make a mockery out of Rep. Joe Wilson, I suggest she answer the question as to WHY her own signature is on BOTH the DNC forms!

Did she knowingly conspire with the DNC?

Layers are being peeled away for all of America to see.

Sunshine is a wonderful disinfectant of corruption and deceit.

Shocker! Judge Orders Trial In Obama Eligibility Case. ***UPDATE!*** Robert Bauer Involved?




From: http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm


Citizen Wells blog reports that many concerned veterans and citizens attended the hearing today in Federal Court in Santa Ana in the lawsuit against Barack Obama to determine his eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief.  About 150 people showed up, almost all in support of the lawsuit to demand that Obama release his birth certificate and other records that he has hidden from the American people.

Judge David Carter refused to hear Obama’s request for dismissal today, instead setting a hearing date for Oct. 5, since Obama’s attorneys had just filed the motion on Friday.  He indicated there was almost no chance that this case would be dismissed.  Obama is arguing this lawsuit was filed in the wrong court if you can believe that.  I guess Obama would prefer a “kangaroo court” instead of a Federal court.  Assuming Judge Carter denies Obama’s motion for dismissal, he will likely then order expedited discovery which will force Obama to release his birth certificate in a timely manner.

The judge, who is a former U.S. Marine, repeated several times that this is a very serious case which must be resolved quickly so that the troops know that their Commander in Chief is eligible to hold that position and issue lawful orders to our military in this time of war.  He basically said Obama must prove his eligibility to the court.  He said Americans deserve to know the truth about Obama.

The two U.S. Attorneys representing Barack Obama tried everything they could to sway the judge that this case was frivolous, but Carter would have none of it and cut them off several times.  Obama’s attorneys left the courtroom after the 90 minute hearing looking defeated and nervous.

Lucas Smith was at the hearing.  He read his signed affidavit (at link) and presented what he says is Obama’s original Kenyan Certificate of Birth (at link).

Court records show that summonses were issued in the case of an Army captain seeking to stop her deployment by questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Capt. Connie Rhodes claims Obama is “an illegal usurper” and “an unlawful pretender” and that she cannot lawfully act under his authority. Defendants include Obama, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Thomas MacDonald, Fort Benning garrison commander. According to the summonses, the defendants have 20 days to answer the complaint once received; they have two months if they are an officer or employee of the federal government.

Great day in America for the U.S. Constitution.  The truth about Barack Obama’s eligibility will be known fairly soon — Judge Carter practically guaranteed it!

Video from the press conference after the hearing coming soon.  Congratulations to plaintiff’s attorney Dr. Orly Taitz.  She did a great job and won some huge victories today.  She was fearless.

The expedited trial has been set for Jan. 26, 2010, just 4 1/2 months from now.

Here’s Dr. Taitz’ video comments.

I have a real problem with Obama being represented by Department of Justice (DoJ) civil servants.  I asked one attorney, and here’s what she had to say:

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure how the Department of Justice attorneys don’t have a conflict of interest.

While I do not completely understand it’s authority, my assumption is that the DoJ is similar to the States’ District Attorney’s Office; established to defend the Constitution and prosecute those charged with crimes against the United States and/or its People.

Sooooooo, isn’t it the DoJ who should be charged with the responsibility for bringing the claims of Obama’s ineligibility on our behalf as opposed to defending him??????


Very concerning.





UPDATE #1:  

by John Charlton

(Oct. 17, 2009) — In a stunning blow to the impartiality of the American Judicial system, Federal Judge David O. Carter, who is hearing the case Barnett vs. Obama, in the Central District, Southern Division Court at Santa Ana, California, has just hired a lawyer who works for a law firm where Robert F. Bauer, one of Obama’s top lawyers is a partner. And that, just days before the Oct. 5, 2009 hearing on the Motion to Dismiss, in which his demeanor radically changed, according to Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel for the Plaintiffs.

Siddharth Velamoor is the lawyer chosen by Carter to serve as one of his two official clerks, from Oct. 1, 2009, till Sept. 30, 2010, according to Wikipedia. Velamoor is listed as an associate with Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Seattle, Washington. It is not clear if he has broken his relations with the firm. Perkins Coie, LLP did represent Obama in a previous case litigated by Dr. Orly Taitz last winter. Velamoor is also listed as a clerk for Judge Carter in an official court document.

Robert F. Bauer, is a partner of Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Washington, D.C.. His bio at the company identifies him as holding the Chair of the Political Law group at the firm; general counsel to Obama’s Campaign for America and general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Bauer’s wife is none other than Anita Dunn, the White House’s Communication’s Director.

Mr. Bauer, who represented Obama in a case challenging his eligibility in the spring, wrote a letter on April 3, threatening a citizen if he should continue to seek justice in the courts. You can read more about that case and letter here.

Since it appears that Siddharth Velamoor could be influenced by Perkins Coie, if the case did not go Obama’s way; his presence in Judge Carter’s chambers clearly impugns the integrity of the court, and will be the cause of dismay among the general public.  Indeed since Velamoor will in the near future need a job reference from Perkins Coie, he will always have to be careful not to offend them politically.






Carter Caves

“Therefore, for the reasons stated above, Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss is GRANTED. IT IS SO ORDERED. DATED: October 29, 2009”

It looks like the Judge has been had. He granted the motion to dismiss the suit against Obama, stating that over 69 million people wanted the Obamamessiah and he wouldn’t overthrow him. In saying so, he is also saying that The Constitution is no longer in effect — and he used a bogus Constitutional argument to do it.

“Plaintiffs request asking this Court to sweep away the votes of over sixty-nine million Americans with the stroke of a pen and order a new election during which the country would be in a state of turmoil, ignores the Constitution’s processes and separation of powers that were developed by the founders.”

What Carter said:

• It’s OK to ignore Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution.

• Votes trump the U. S. Constitution.

• The U. S. Constitution does not allow the judicial branch to interfere in a coup d’etats.



Did Robert Bauer get appointed by Obama after successfully suppressing this lawsuit?

The lawsuit was dismissed 10/29/09; Robert Bauer, connected to Perkins Coie (also represented Obama in birther lawsuits and the DNC) was selected as the new White House counsel 11/13/09.

Coincidence?  YOU decide.


Obama Is In Default — Eligibility Case Will Be Heard

From:   http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm

July 14, 2009


Obama Is In Default — Eligibility Case Will Be Heard

Yahoo is reporting that Obama is in default in Keyes v. Obama and the case will progress without hindrance this time?

In what ultimately could prove to be a turning point in the legal challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, a federal judge in California has planned a hearing on the merits of a federal court case raising those questions.

The hearing was for a default order against Obama, because although notified of the action, Obama’s attorneys did not make an appearance at the first hearing.

The judge, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, said, that as a former Marine, he recognizes the importance of having a constitutionally qualified president.

While no attorneys appeared on Obama’s behalf, several members of the U.S. Attorney’s office in California were in attendance, and sought to intervene on behalf of Obama over his actions before becoming president.  The judge ordered them to accept service of the lawsuit immediately and then continued the case to an unannounced date.

I had four copies of the following email in my Inbox this AM:

Please distribute everywhere.

Just got off the phone with Orly Taitz, the attorney in Keyes v. Obama.

At the hearing today at the Federal Court building in Santa Ana, Judge Carter said the following:

1. There will be a trial.
2. It will be heard on the merits.
3. Nothing will be dismissed on procedural issues.
4. The trial will be expeditious, and the judge pledged to give case priority.
5. Being a former Marine he realizes the importance of having a Constitutionally qualified POTUS/CINC.
6. Judge stated that if Obama isn’t Constitutionally qualified he needs to leave the White House.

The DOJ will be involved with the case also…. I wasn’t clear if they would be trying to get to the truth or they would just be blindly representing Obama.

Orly will be adding members of the military from California as plaintiffs also.

This is from what my interpretation of our conversation.

Orly, asked me to disseminate this information out for her, she will be doing a posting later after she gets some sleep.

Please say a prayer of protection for Orly, her family, and Judge Carter.  Please also pray that the truth will come to light regarding Obama and justice will be done. [bolding mine]


My end note:

**We should add prayers of protection for Alan Keyes too.** A man with enough guts to press forward to expose a possible Usurper in the White House.

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Will Chief Justice Roberts Read The Documents Presented To Him? Dr. Orly Taitz….A TRUE Patriot!

This is an article from the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation……


I suggest you read it in its entirety!  Emphasis in bold for thought…. mine!

I Did It. Justice Roberts Agreed to read all of my documents


Yesterday I traveled to Idaho. I was able to address Chief Justice Roberts during the question answer session after his lecture. There were numerous cameras recording this event and simultaneous feed broadcast to all the campuses of the University of Idaho. Roughly 5,000 people in all the campuses had an opportunity to hear what I had to say, it is in video archives and now everybody knows the truth and knows that leftist media thugs  such as Seattle Washington Observer shamelessly twist the truth to fit their Pro Obama blind idiot agenda.


It was a grueling day, I left home at 3 in the morning after sleeping only 3 hours and drove to San Diego, from there flew to Salt Lake City, from there to Tacoma, Washington, from there I drove for a couple of hours to be in Moscow Idaho, to address Chief Justice Roberts. After the lecture the audience was told, that they can ask questions, give their name and present a shot question. I was the first to run to the microphone and told Roberts. ” My name is Orly Taitz, I am an attorney from Southern California. I left home at three o’clock in the morning and flew and drove thousands of miles to talk to you and ask you a question”. Roberts seemed to be impressed by that and I continued. “Are you aware that there is criminal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States. I have submitted my case Lightfoot v Bowen to you. You agreed to hear it in the conference of all 9 Justices on January 23. Your clerk, Danny Bickle, on his own accord refused to forward to you an important supplemental brief, he has hidden it from you and refused to post it on the docket. Additionally, my case was erased from the docket, completely erased one day after the inauguration, only two days before it was supposed to be heard in the conference. Outraged citizens had to call and demand for it to be posted. On Monday I saw Justice Scalia and he had absolutely no knowledge of my case, that was supposedly heard in conference on January 23rd. It is inexplicable, particularly knowing that roughly half a million American citizens have written to him and to you Justice Roberts demanding that you hear this issue of eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro to be the President of the United States.” At that point I have shown to Roberts a stack of papers, that I held. Those were my pleadings and printouts that I got from WorldNetDaily. It contained your names, names of about 350,000 that signed the petition. (there were others that have written individual letters,) . Roberts stated  “I will read your documents, I will review them. Give them to my Secret Service Agent and I will review them”. His Secret Service Agent approached me and stated ” Give me all the documents, I promise you Justice Roberts will get them”. I had a full suitcase of documents. The agent went to look for a box, he found a large box to fit all the documents, he showed me his badge, and introduced himself as Gilbert Shaw, secret Service Agent assigned fto the security of Chief Justice Roberts. I gave him 


1.Motion fo reconsideration of Lightfoot v Bowen with all the supplemental briefs. 

2. Quo Warranto Easterling et al v Obama et al

3. 3300 pages of your names, people that signed WorldNetDaily petition, demanding that the Supreme Court hear Obama elligibility case.  

4. Copy of a 164 page dossier and all the other documents sent to Eric Holder, Attorney General, describing suspected criminal activity, associated with Obama and his supporters. It described a whole campaign of cyber crimes, intimidation, harassment, defamation and assassination of character, impersonation of US army officer Scott Easterling and impersonation of me, it showed screen shots of information being erased from the docket of the Supreme Court, it contained information of court cases being created, fabricated in order to commit voter fraud and sway public opinion, it contained a list of a 100 addresses for Barack Obama with numerous different social security numbers, issued all over the country and attached to those addresses.  It showed the address Obama used in Somerville Massachusetts, attached to the social security of a man who is 118 years old. It showed evidence of Obama committing perjury, lying under oath. It had his school registration from Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia, religion Muslim. Right after this page there was a page of Obama’s registration to become an attorney and officer of the court in Illinois, where he stated under oath that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he had no other prior names. It contained a report from a federal agent Steven Coffman, stating that there are numerous signs of forgery in his Selective Service Certificate. It contained a letter from a renown expert Sandra Line, stating that there are  signs of forgery in Obama’s short version Certification of Live Birth, and original birth certificate needs to be reviewed in order to ascertain his status. It contained 130 current job positions for  Barry Obama, Barack H. Obama and Michelle Obama, that were obtained from Intellius Jobs.com. None of them were reported on Obamas’ tax returns. All of these documents suggest possible massive tax fraud, corruption of a public official, bribery and massive campaign contributions fraud, whereby large campaign contributions, over allowed limits were reported as fictitious  positions with different companies, not surprisingly involving most mainstream media outlets. These need to be reviewed in light of a pattern, I’ve seen previously.  For example, as a State Senator Obama arranged for his friend Robert Blackwell from killerspin to get a grant of $320,000 of our taxpayers money for his ping-pong tournaments. In exchange Blackwell gave Obama back roughly a third, $100,000 in the form of a salary. Similarly Obama arranged for Chicago university hospital to get 1 million grant of our taxpayer money  and they gave him back roughly a third $357,000 in the form of a board salary for his wife Michelle for working 20 hours a week, even though Michelle was totally worthless as a board member since she had zero medical education and her law licence is on a mandatory inactive status (I wonder why).  I am writing this in a hurry, ready to leave my hotel room, finishing yesterday’s dinner leftovers and ready to board a plane for a grueling flight back home. I’ll add one more detail. As one of the announcers introduced Roberts, he stated that Roberts has his priorities straight. He described an event  when Roberts missed most of a reception because he wanted to be there for his young son, at the sports tournament where his son was participating. He described Roberts as a caring and loving father. At that point I was just about ready to cry. I have 3 sons, I love them too and I would love to be there, attending their events. I am a proud parent. My oldest son scored in top one percent in the Nation in PSATs and he is in an IVY league school studying to be a doctor. He is also a gifted comedian, who formed a stand up comedy improve group and I would love to see him perform. My wo younger sons are great students. My middle son has a beautiful low bass Elvis Presley voice, he sings opera and I would love to hear him perform. My youngest son is a top student taking 5AP classes in tenth grade, gifted mathematician and basketball player, I would love to see him get academic awards and play basketball. I missed time with my children, time that will never come back because a am criss crossing this country talking to Justices of the Supreme court, Representatives, Senators, FBI agents, Attorney Generals, US attorneys, telling all of them, what is wrong with you? Did some evil magician put a spell on the men in this country and they stopped being men? Why are you afraid to speak up, to stand up for you constitution? Why are you afraid to tell this arrogant jerk from Africa and Indonesia- You need to go home, you cannot be a president and commander in chief because you are not a Natural born Citizen. To be a Natural born Citizen you have to have both parents as citizens. Your father was never a US citizen and you don’t qualify and you also spit us in the face by refusing to unseal your vital records. There is no proof that you are even a citizen. For all we know, you need to go back to Kenya and wait for your green card, and that after we try you for all the crimes perpetrated upon American citizens. I hope Justice Roberts teaches his son that he is a descendant of people that were real men and fought in Alamo and at Valley Forge. Chief Justice Roberts has a right to issue a stay and appoint Joe Biden a president pro-tempore until Obama proves his qualifications or until a new president is chosen. I hope Roberts teaches his son by example and not by empty words.               


Posted by Dr. Orly Taitz at 3/14/2009


Will anything come of this? Will the Supreme Court actually discuss all aspects of the evidence and documentation relating to this?

Will the Supreme Court actually defend the Constitution and uphold the principles set forth by our founding fathers?

Time will tell…..

UPDATE!!!  March 21, 2009

From: http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm


Dr. Orly Taitz, a California attorney battling on a number of fronts to obtain documentation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president is asking the FBI and U.S. Secret Service to investigate suspected “tampering” at the U.S. Supreme Court.

She says the issue of Obama’s eligibility to meet the Constitution’s demand for a “natural born” president has been before the Supreme Court at least four times.

But she wonders whether the justices actually were given the pleadings to review.

“I believe … that there was tampering with documents and records by employees of the Supreme Court and the justices never saw those briefs,” she alleges in a letter to the FBI’s Robert Mueller, the Secret Service’s Mark Sullivan and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Taitz raises questions about “forgery of court records, tampering with court records, cyber crime, erasing of court records from the docket, fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and other related crimes.”

Specifically, she points to the handling of her own case, Lightfoot v. Bowen, which was submitted to the Supreme Court on an emergency basis.  Although it was scheduled for a conference, no hearing ever was held.

Taitz notes that references to the case were erased from the docket of the Supreme Court on Jan. 21, shortly after Obama, the defendant, met with eight of the nine justices behind closed doors.

It happened just two days before her case was scheduled to be reviewed in conference.

More . . .

Obama’s “Truth” and “Transparency” In Question

From:  http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm


The Russia Interview


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the oldest and largest broadcasting company in Great Britain just recorded an interview with Dr. Orly Taitz about the  Obama ineligibility cases.  It will be transmitted prime time in their Russian edition tomorrow, 7-8 PM, Moscow time (4-5 PM, London time).  They feel it is the case of the Century and were amazed, as to why U. S. media doesn’t report it.
Dr. Taitz explained, that in her opinion, most of U. .S media is in the hands of a few members of  U. S. oligarchy that find Obama convenient for their purposes and refuse to report on his total illegitimacy for presidency.  She explained to the interviewer, Seva Novgorodski, that U. S. President has to be a “natural born citizen,” meaning being a child of two US citizen parents and born in the country.  Obama does not qualify for several reasons:

1. His father was here on a student visa and was never a U. S. citizen.

2. Hawaii statue 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaii residents to obtain Hawaii Certification of Live Birth (COLB).  The short version COLB, that Obama posted on the Internet is a worthless piece of paper, since it does not show any corroborating evidence, such as name of the hospital and name and signature of a doctor, that should be on the actual birth certificate.  Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate from Hawaii and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys to file motions to keep them sealedHis attorneys have been threatening, harassing and intimidated petitioners with sanctions for mere requesting the records.  This behavior can be explained only by the fact that the original birth certificate shows him ineligible.

3. When Obama migrated to Indonesia, he lost his U. S. citizenship, while gaining Indonesian Citizenship, since Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship.  Obama reaffirmed his Indonesian citizenship and therefore relinquished his U. S. citizenship yet again (if he ever had it) as an adult, while studying at Occidental College and traveling to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport.

The interviewer asked if Dr. Taitz was afraid to go against such a mountain and so much money.  She stated that nothing can be achieved by virtue of fear and was more concerned about a prospect of Obama being allowed to continue to stay in the White House illegally, in that all the orders and bills and international treaties signed by him will be illegal.  She also stated, that in her opinion, this is a giant on legs of clay, since his rise was achieved by massive voter fraud during the primaries, the general election and U. S. media providing one sided reporting.

The BBC interviewers wished Dr. Taitz luck and stated that they are fascinated by the case and asked to come back on the program, when there are new developments.

Not one American journalist has ever asked the biggest question of the day

why is Obama fighting the release of his bona fides with such ferocity?

So where is the truth?  Where is the transparency President Obama promised America?

If President Obama IS telling the TRUTH and is TRANSPARENT……WHY is he spending thousands of dollars to keep his records secret?